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Dr. Kushant Uppal , Founder & MD , Intelizon Energy1 | Smart city solution | Business magazine

Dr. Kushant Uppal | Founder & MD | Intelizon Energy

With Global Warming on a rise and its effects now very evident, the switch to green and clean energy sources is becoming a necessity. Of all the renewable sources, Solar Power is being harnessed the most. With India geographically blessed with abundant sunshine, it becomes all the more logical and important. With a mission to harness solar energy and provide Reliable and Quality Electricity for All, Intelizon Energy has emerged as one of the top brands in the solar industry.
A world leader in energy based product innovation for the developing countries, it has set the standards for energy efficient products. It uses a combination of lithium-ion battery with solar, LED and advanced electronics technology to provide high quality and reliable solutions at affordable prices. It has also set the standards for reliability in indoor & outdoor lighting.
A Passionate Founder
Dr Kushant Uppal founded Intelizon in 2007. He has spent over 20 years developing industry-leading technology products and businesses in the hotbed of innovation – Silicon Valley, California. In 2006, he decided that energy efficient products are the key to enhancing productivity and presented a tremendous market opportunity for a new venture. The passion to create an enterprise has driven him to India to drive technology and business with a focus on India and Africa.
For a Cleaner Planet
Intelizon provides indoor, outdoor solar based & DC-based systems. Its products include:
Zonstreet platform – A solar LED street light (CCTV/Motion sensor/IOT/based).
Zonhome platform — A solar home system with DC loads like LED lamps, fans, tube lights, Fridge and TV all running on the solar, lithium-ion battery and with grid option.
The company also focuses on excellent after sales service which allows seamless support to their valued customers. It is the only company in the world who has inbuilt Li+ based streetlights operating in the field for more than six years. The company has a 3 tier value system-Customer Satisfaction, Innovation & Quality.
It has coined the term “SELF AUTONOMY” for an advanced technology combining the benefits of lithium-ion battery and auto dimming. Their smart controllers provide long backup hours of illumination even with extended cloudy days leaving behind the 1 or 2-day autonomy provided by lead-acid based as well other streetlight systems.
Backed by Technology
Technology has everything to do at Intelizon. Its inbuilt Lithium Ion battery based solar street lights solutions are much more reliable than the conventional lead-acid based streetlights. It provides a wireless lighting solution thereby cutting down the costs associated with cabling and maintenance. Intelizon has installed solar LED lighting power products for rural and urban markets globally. The company has the benchmark for innovation with their inbuilt CCTV based streetlights for security as well as IOT for remote management and health monitoring which are ideal for smart city deployments.
The Speed-breakers
The Smart City initiative aims at making cities technologically advanced, connected and ecologically sustainable. The company is of the view that the initiative is lacking technical clarity and expertise in terms of standardisation of products and technologies. Young companies spend a lot of time highlighting the technical aspects but the larger ones who may not have the technologies have a stronger influence on the authorities. This leads to delay in decision making and has resulted in a lack of concrete results on the ground. Intelizon had a few interactions with some state government agencies but large scale deployments through the smart city initiative are still pending.
Awareness and Opportunity
Creating a smart city starts with the people who care. Intelizon is doing its part to create awareness among citizens. Its products create a triple social impact (providing light especially in rural /remote areas changes people’s lives), environmental (low carbon footprint) and economic (savings on electricity). As of today, it has impacted 2.5million lives, saved 30mega tonnes of CO2 and reduced electricity consumption by over 20million units.
Solar is a wide field with multiple opportunities and many young companies are taking to it. Kushant’s general advise to them is as follows , “One can target power plants, rooftop or solar products like pumps, streetlights, home systems and lamps. Every segment is an opportunity and the new entrepreneur needs to be clear on their target as the challenges vary accordingly. The local work done in renewables has a global impact and everyone can feel proud of the impact.”
For an Efficient Future
Intelizon’s core belief is that energy should be reliable, affordable and clean; and the path to this is through innovative engineering using technologies like solar, LED and advanced electronics. With the strong channel partners, it is working together for a better tomorrow. Intelizon is making this possible by creating product and technology standards using industry-leading cost efficiency and service in its effort to become the world’s best clean energy company. It is scaling across India and is also planning to penetrate the African continent in FY20.

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