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Satyam Bheemarasetti, CEO & Co-founder , Ravi Prasad Patruni , CTO & Co-founder , Neosilica1 | Smart city | Business magazine

Satyam Bheemarasetti | CEO & Co-founder | Ravi Prasad Patruni | CTO & Co-Founder | Neosilica

Historically speaking, India has been a land of many firsts. Ancient India’s contribution to science and technology are undeniably precious. And even now, many old scriptures are being decoded to uncover the knowledge that our ancestors held. But modern India is a developing nation, with a fast expanding population with a youth majority. It still is looking up to other developed nations which have, over time, become pioneers and wield power.
On top of that India has missed out on key sectors such as – telecom, semiconductors, mobile, and electronics and software products. Smart technology and Industry 4.0 for OT and IT is even more critical for India – and it is a matter of National Security to groom and support indigenous full stack IP and entrepreneurs. As these technologies are into a new 4th generation with AI and IoT, all major countries have a national agenda and investment to support new age entrepreneurs for their countries.
Drawing inspiration from India’s need for National Security in 4.0, and aspiring to build a “bottom-up innovative product – from India” in critical sectors such as energy, water, buildings, and Smart City, Satyam Bheemarasetti and Ravi Prasad Patruni founded NeoSilica. They believe that it is critical for India to build and own Indian IP for sustainability and infra for Smart Cities. They are passionate about scaling the venture for Indian and global markets.
Both the technocrats hold decades of international experience in advanced technologies at AT&T Bell Labs, Analog Devices, Deloitte & Touche, Mentor Graphics, CMC, and PECO Energy – in the US, India, Europe and Asia. They have lead and built innovative and market-leading technology products and businesses in AI, cybersecurity, and enterprise and distributed systems across a range of verticals at MNCs.
The Emerging Power
NeoSilica has built an enviable record of deploying their indigenous technology as

  • World’s largest Industrial IoT system for solar in 500MW (AC) across 2,800 acres
  • India’s first and only MDMS to integrate 9 different Smart Meters coming from mesh wireless, GPRS, and PLCC
  • India’s first IIoT for multiple water projects with central management
  • World’s largest IIoT for Canal top solar

It holds the distinction of being the only Indian Technology Company managing 2GW of large scale solar plants, using its IIoT and Central Analytics & AI System, collecting over a billion data points per day. It has products and systems for energy, water, buildings and industrial specialized for upcoming Smart Cities in India and across the world. They include–

  1. a) Meter Data Management (MDM) and Utility Analytics SW, Demand Response, Distribution Management and Acquisition Systems for Smart Grid applications for Electrical, Water and Gas grids in Smart Cities
  2. b) Plant SCADA, EMS, and Central Asset Management for Renewables, eMobility, Storage and Microgrids,
  3. c) SCADA, Operational and Energy Efficiency Systems for all water applications (WTP, distribution and irrigation)
  4. d) Energy management and BMS for building and industrial customers.

Technology as an Ally
When it comes to Smart City technology, there is an integration of highly efficient and secure network communications, cloud software systems and AI driven intelligence. NeoSilica has an extensive record of intelligent Industrial IoT systems proven in harshest of renewable plants, reliable and secure network and systems, integrated with enterprise systems with AI.
It is probably the only Indian ground up the technology to have strong track record across Smart Grid, eMobility, Microgrids, Smart Buildings and renewables – all considered building blocks for Smart Cities. Its systems are highly scalable and open standards-based that they are most suitable for any global Smart City applications.
Building a Smart Society
The Smart City initiative by the Government came as a relief for NeoSilica. It now finds many related initiatives under one umbrella, falling under the SPV created for a city, with a clear initiative to address all critical topics in a phased manner. The expectations are high and capabilities are still building up. With no prior investment in technology and innovation over the past decades, the complexities of such a massively integrated system are posing major challenges.
NeoSilica works and bids on multiple projects, bringing innovation even in traditional architectures, and laying down the foundation for true expansion and integration. Its extensive international experience brings every aspect of technology – field to Cloud to AI; every aspect of energy –generation, distribution (city grids) to demand; and every aspect of water –reservoirs, distribution, irrigation and city grids.
NeoSilica also finds it essential to engage the key stakeholders – the citizen and related government and private agencies – in every stage of Smart City development. Multiple modes of marketing, including social media campaigns, have to be utilized in order to justify the end use and a clear outcome of each project. The company participates in multiple energy and water conservation campaigns and conferences, initiated by different agencies, wherever it can contribute.
Every Opinion Matters
The founders feel that every country needs to develop full-stack entrepreneurs of their own for the purpose of building Smart Cities. Entrepreneurs should consider solutions based on extensive field research with feedback from real-world case studies. They add, “It is matter of National Security and job growth for India to invest in local entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs should focus on the longer term and go through the iterative development of various projects. It pays for entrepreneurs and cities to invest in own IP for the simple reason – across the world, these smart technologies are in their first generation of evolution. There is ample room for smaller companies to work closely in partnership with a few Smart Cities, and accelerate to reach its fullest potential and sustainability outcome.”
A Scalable Future
NeoSilica is uniquely positioned to take advantage of 360° track record in

  • Technology,
  • Customer installations on all aspects of energy, water and buildings for Smart Cities
  • The passion to build world-class solutions – Just Right – for Smart Cities, at highly cost-effective rates.

NeoSilica evolves as a partner with the customer and deploys future proof technology and solutions that continue to address future and expanding needs. Utilizing its vast experience, it ensures rapid deployment, customization as a single enterprise solution for present and future needs. This is a very important mindset and value system that customers will highly gain from NeoSilica for years to come.

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