Internet Moguls: Carving a niche in Digital Marketing for the Hospitality Sector

The rapid incremental digitalization of global businesses has brought in a necessary change in universal trading through Digital Marketing. The modern age of sales and services, has forced many traders to abandon the older ways in lieu of more efficient and faster means to promote their brands. The rise of e-commerce in online marketing and the growth in sales that have followed with it has made many companies insecure about their position in the industry. This has given a booming demand to digital marketing services.
The impact has also affected the tourism and hospitality sector. Major hotels and restaurants have resorted to online services to improve revenues and customer check-ins. Though there have been many digital and ad agencies helping hotels to market them, there were no one to control and consistently increase revenue generation for these hotels.
Internet Moguls is Asia’s largest tourism and hospitality agency focused on digital marketing and help clients boost revenues through digital storytelling. Internet Moguls works jointly with hotels to help drive revenues through strategic digital marketing tools, technology integration and various revenue channels instead of expanding their sales teams and advertising in print. The company imparts their expertise in revenue management to startups through its operational knowledge of running hotels and travel companies.The company has combined with some of the prominent names in the industry like Al Diar Hotels, Dunes Hotels, Howard Johnson Hotels, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Lemon Tree Hotels, Radisson Blu, Ramada, The Imperial, New Delhi, Sayaji Hotels, The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa, Abercrombie & Kent  to name a few.
Providing Expertise in Marketing Solutions
A B2B company, Internet Moguls provides hotels, travel companies and airlines access to an ideal and advanced technology integration into digital marketing. Internet moguls start working with the hotels from the beginning of the financial calendar and provide services, which include Website Designing & Development, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Online Reputation Management. They also provide “Digital Hospitality” training classes to convey digital marketing expertise to their clients to sustain growth and revenues overtime.
Internet Moguls’ recent version of Revenue Management 3.0 presents the clients with 24 hour trained revenue experts who carefully analyze consumer behavior at a micro level. With a team of digital marketing experts and an award-winning unit, the version creates effective digital campaigns and spawns visibility & likability. It also offers an integrated approach with a potent planning and consideration of various variables in the consumer market while providing guaranteed results with no-excuse solutions in revenue generation over a very short period of time. Internet Moguls has also introduced a Digital PR division to manage online reputation for its existing and potential clients.
A Pragmatic Leader driving forward
Avijit Arya, whom many in the media considered as “the poster boy of internet marketing”, founded internet Moguls in 2009. Avijit was a key representative at Trip Advisor where he spread awareness about digital marketing in hospitality industry. At the age of 21, Arya was made to let go of his dreams to handle the family hotel business. He brought an idea, from a Google conference in New York he attended, a never before heard of, Paid Promotion Campaigns (PPC). He took a risk and decided to put up ads for his hotel Ajanta, which became a masterstroke enabling a huge surge in enquiries. Soon the hotel became a hit among backpackers and international travellers.
Avijit is also an exemplary speaker and have attended several global social media and digital marketing conferences, as a speaker. He has won many accolades and recently won the ‘best speaker award’ at Canada’s largest Social Media Conference in Vancouver Canada – called the Social Media Mastery Conference. His favorite speech titled ‘A speaker screws up on stage’ and many others made him a sought after speaker at over 50 events worldwide.
A speaker, trainer, writer and an author on his own accord, Avijit has structured a company which is marketing-driven and specializes in fulfilling design, social and technology needs of several industries, including hotels, airlines, travel, fashion and real estate to name a few.
Shaping up an Industry from Scratch
With a portfolio of over 300 hospitality companies in 10 countries, Internet Moguls works on a retainer-based model, offering performance guarantees to hotels to generate additional revenues.
There were initial challenges faced by Internet Moguls, where it was much harder to convince hotels about digital channels rather than spending millions to decorate their lobbies to boost revenues. The company had to endure through a difficult period when people were hesitant to be associated with a B2B startup, when the term “Hotel Marketing” never existed. Working on traditional values of respect and integrity towards their employees, Internet Moguls have become swiftly a strong competitor in the digital marketing world.
Every year Internet Moguls gets offers from various companies, but they are looking for strategic partners who can help them open doors rather than investors who are fishing for the next big bust. The company’s focus has been in educating the industry and facilitating trainings under digital hospitality in India and the UAE.
In India, the startup is competing against independent consultants that work with hotels, while globally it is challenging giants like Travel click.
In the future Internet Moguls is looking forward to strengthening their presence in UAE and South East Asia while increasing partner network in Europe and North America to grow revenues in the regions.

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