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Nikhil Nanda | Managing Director | JHS Svendgaard Laboratories Limited

Constantly driving innovations in its products is JHS Svendgaard Laboratories Limited, headquartered in New Delhi. Aiming to be most preferred Contract Manufacturer for National as well as Global Brands, JHS is a fourteen years old company with an experience of almost three decades in manufacturing of complete oral-care range. It’s expertise lies in catering to an extensive range of oral care products for different big brands in this segment.
“The time has come for home-grown brands to capture a large slice of the Indian market, leverage the prevailing economies of scale and emerge as successful global brands in their own right.                                                                                                                       – JHS Team
Initially, JHS was a small scale enterprise which was known as Sunehari Svendgaard Laboratories Limited started in August 1997. Later on 8 October 2004, it was incorporated with JHS title and moved at brisk pace. The company widened its scope from manufacturing only toothbrushes to toothpastes, mouth wash and denture tablets during its inception. Maintaining the pace, it reached new height by getting listed at BSE and NSE of India Limited on 21 October 2006.
Today, JHS is a large oral care product manufacturer and exporter. Besides this, JHS works on its own brands and one of the prominent brands manufactured under its banner is Dr. Gold. It was launched in April 2009 with economy, mid economy and premium palette of toothbrushes.
Nikhil Nanda – Managing Director, JHS Svendgaard Laboratories Limited is a first generation entrepreneur and owner of the leading oral care brand – ‘Aquawhite’, which comes under the wing of JHS. He holds a master’s degree in Management from Fore School of Management, New Delhi.  His philanthropic work and faith in the Hindu religion led him to construct the world’s tallest statue of Hanuman (108 feet). The statue is situated at the highest hilltop point (8860 feet) and made its mark to the Guinness Book of World Records. It broke the record of the Christ of Redeemer which is located at 98 feet on hilltop (2600 feet). Nikhil’s vision is to make ‘Aquawhite’ a leading brand in Kids oral care category. “I believe that the demand for oral care products in India will continue to remain robust considering the low penetration and shortening the time of replacing the brush with changing demographics of economy,” states Nikhil.
Brand at the Forefront – Aquawhite
From the house of JHS, brand Aquawhite is a twenty five year old company. The drive for product innovation and clever use of cartoon characters has led to the generation of impeccable portfolio as the brand’s main focus is on the kids. The company is all set to disrupt the market via making a long lasting impact on children and their personal care. Aquawhite is the only brand that has a huge kids characters in its portfolio like Chhota Bheem, Chutki, Pokemon, Shiva, SpongeBob – SquarePants, Shimmer & Shine, PAW Patrol, Angry Birds, Peppa Pig, Hello Kitty and The Jungle Book.
The toothbrushes are specially designed to help the children brush for the stipulated time in an efficient yet playful manner to aid the habit formation. The licensed usage of these characters are utilized in a manner that integrates them into the products very well. The toothpastes are formulated in such a way, that the products remain safe for children. They are fluoride free and the various flavors are aimed at making the brushing less tedious and more enjoyable for the children. “Our branded product under ‘Aquawhite’ is focusing on distribution channels to increase contribution from this segment, which is expected to grow in the coming quarters,” claims Nikhil.
Strength and Valour
There are two production facilities of JHS, one in Noida Special Economic Zone which is an Export Oriented Unit and another one is Kala Amb, Himachal Pradesh which is tax free area (till 2020). Both the institutions were established in July 2003 and April 2007 respectively. Also, the two plants has in-house maintenance division with inventory of key and critical spares which can change the settings of the machines in bare minimum time. Stringent hygienic conditions are followed and maintained in the plants without compromising the product’s quality and the whole production process, as the plants are fully automatic. “All the supporting infrastructure facilities are available round the clock to ensure smooth flow of production lines,” says Nikhil.
JHS has more than sixty highly qualified managers, engineers, officers and supervisors to manage and maintain the plants and its operations effectively. The JHS team is a perfect blend of seasoned experts and professionals from technical, commercial and other relevant fields. Their combined efforts with the company’s vision ensures production of high quality premium toothbrushes, while using the best raw materials and equipments from around the world. “JHS has grown at a rapid pace to become one of the top Indian exporters and a leading supplier to MNC’s in the Indian market,” adds Nikhil.
JHS’ well established research and development department strives for constant innovation and high quality oral care products. This assures that the company is well prepared for the future challenges of this vast and growing field. The company also has complete in house process facilities from injection moulding to bristling and packaging to ensure strict quality control.

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