Kundan Singh Rajput: Connecting Students to Their Dream Future by MyTAG APP

Kundan Singh Rajput
Kundan Singh Rajput

On the steps of the ladder to everyone’s educational journey, the landing to the admission process means an examination in itself. All they want is to be enrolled at the best schools, colleges, universities, and institutions. For parents, and especially for students themselves, the entire scenario is nothing short of a battlefield, where one wrong decision might ruin the whole life ahead.

Oh, the nightmare! To find out each school and college’s rankings, availability of favorite yet affordable courses, duration, the kinds of teachers, and facilities, scholarship, etcetera, etcetera. All it looks like an entangled web of roads to the nowhere-land. All you wish, if only there would be a digital guide in the form of an app that would help you navigate these stormy waters, then how wonderful it would have been.

Fortunately, Kundan Singh Rajput also thought along similar lines and created just the application you wanted–MyTAG APP. Kundan reveals, “Through MyTAG APP, we are bringing complete transparency to each and every step of a student’s admission.” Hence, the process of admission status will be witnessed by both the institution and the students.

All You Need is MyTAG

MyTAG, the 1st EdTech Unified Admission Platform

Portal, founded by visionary entrepreneur Kundan, is India’s first educational platform that connects all stakeholders, including students, schools, colleges, and parents, on a single platform.

For students in kindergarten through higher education who want to attend prestigious Indian and international institutions, My TAG App is also the first school and college website. “We created and launched My TAG App to connect students from schools/colleges and colleges with parents on a single portal,” divulges Kundan. My TAG App not only helps college-bound students choose colleges but also helps parents who are frequently faced with the predicament of choosing the best school for their kindergarten or school children. So far, MyTAG has partnered with over a thousand colleges and 100+ schools.

MyTAG is based in Bengaluru and has a regional office in Bihar. Kundan says they offer students 360-degree career guidance and counseling.

MyTAG App also offers a ‘Common Application form’ to all the colleges and schools, making the admission process easier and less stressful. One of the best aspects of the MyTAG App that distinguishes it from the other existing players in this ever-changing and competitive arena is that it assists students in the career guidance and admission process and in the process of paying fees.

The One-Stop-APP 

Sharing many of MyTAG’s immersive benefits, Kundan says they include

Top College Discoverer: Students can discover top colleges based on the latest NIRF rankings, student reviews, and more.

Rank Predictor: will predict the expected rank for the expected marks. The range of ranks is provided to the students as per the marks entered by the students. It gives a fair share of an idea to the students about how well they have performed in their respective examinations and what colleges fall under their rank scores by them. MyTAG Rank Predictor tool is feasible. It gives information about tentative colleges they may get in their probable position. Students can use the answer key of their particular exam under the MyTAG exam section and match their answers with our answer key to calculate their approximate score. The tool takes the previous year’s submitted data by the students and analyses the ranks based on that, considering the difficulty level of the current exam. However, it is to be noted that students should not consider this as their actual rank; it is just an analysis of the rank drawn from the last year’s statistics and should view it only as a means of reference.

Why use TAG Rank Predictor Tool?  

Students can enquire about their admission based on the rank analyzed by the tool. It gives students an idea of how well they have performed in that particular exam, helping them in their next career step. No last-minute rush after getting their actual exam results. Students in prior can think and check about the seat availability in the colleges in accordance with their rank.

Get Admission: Students can find their dream college in their nearby location based on ranking with course fees.

Popular Courses: “Our strategically designed courses segment will help you to make the decision,” says Kundan.

Top Schools: Students can discover nearby top schools with fees, rankings, reviews, facilities, curriculum, and more.

College Comparison: Students and parents can compare colleges based on fees, placements, cut-off scores, reviews, and more.

College Predictor: Students can know their admission chances in top colleges based on their rank or predicted rank.

Placement Trend Reports: They can also get insight into details of the placement record of different colleges for different positions.

Results: Students can get their board and competitive examination results on the MyTAG portal.

The Ever-Glittering Pure Gold

Kundan has experience of over eight years in counseling over 20000 students and parents from India and around the world. He started MyTAG in 2014. After honing his expertise in the education field, Kundan developed the initial concept in 2017, worked on the idea till 2018, and launched it in 2021. Since he also believed many students, rather than conducting proper research and analyzing the field’s prospects, chose their career paths based on the suggestion of friends and family. That is why he created a classification termed ‘Don’t be a Ghanshyam’ by recognizing students’ and parents’ desire for appropriate career guidance. He states, “This field necessitates a high level of knowledge and responsibility.”

According to Kundan, the MyTAG App further aid students in making career decisions that they will feel grateful for in the future. He adds, “With more than 500+ features on the app along with one-to-one interaction with the counselors, one can easily categorize and understand the pros and cons of the decisions they make.”

Students can easily talk to counselors about any issue, such as academic performance, personal life problems, financial issues, or anything else impeding their educational productivity.

Our goal is to build the world’s largest education system, with solutions ranging from play schools to higher education. We intend to meet the complete needs of educational institutions and students through events, co-curricular activities, and competitions,” says Kundan. “Currently, we are looking for the right investors.”

Along with Indian students, My TAG App will also work on its accessibility to international students. “Hence, in the future, we aim to expand our international exposure and presence,” he concludes.

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