Vishal Rajubhai Bhavsar: Serving Timeless Beloved Snacks at Ronak Papad

Vishal Rajubhai Bhavsar
Vishal Bhavsar

World’s greatest ventures began with an incredibly invincible spirited small idea of an entrepreneurial mind. The story resonates in Vishal Rajubhai Bhavsar’s Ronak Papad venture, which today is sprawled over a ten thousand square feet empire, including a new state-of-the-art factory acquired in 2021. After looking at this modern company, you might find it amazing to hear that initially Radhaben (mother of Vishal) used to make One Kg Ronak Papad at a time. Now the venture makes 700kg of Papads and 200kg of Spices daily.

Vishal, the CEO, regales that Papad is a staple item at every meal in many Indian homes, even breakfast. Papad is a timeless dish that is beloved by all ages. Everyone loves their Papad to taste the best. While there are many papad manufacturers in India, one that has been pleasing the palates of many Indians for the past 27 years is Ronak Papad and Spices.

The Saga of an Inspirational Legacy

In the beginning, Vishal’s father and mentor Rajubhai Chagganlal Bhavsar, the Founder, used to do his day job in the morning and then sold pure homemade Ronak Papads home to home on his bicycle. Rajubhai’s dedication inspired his son Vishal to do restless work. Continuing Rajubhai’s legacy from a small venture, Vishal worked harder to make Ronak Papad a renowned name in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh.

Thus established in 1995 in Ahmedabad by Rajubhai with the ideology to serve the purest product to the customers, Ronak Papad today is scaling new heights of success with each passing day.

Vishal joined his father’s establishment in 2015 after graduating as an Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Vishal found himself in a socially challenging situation that even after graduating, he left his job and became involved in the family business. However, he was always fascinated by doing business. So first, he dealt with the social challenge effectively. He then dedicated himself to the company, which was facing every obstacle to growth. Vishal changed the packaging, implemented different strategies for marketing, and approached D2C concepts. These were the key modifications that he embraced to ensure constant growth momentum.

Success Ingredients

According to Vishal, Dedication and Discipline are the most required ingredients for any business development to become successful in the long run. A team with enthusiasm, innovation, and creativity is the beautifully essential aroma for any business to grow holistically. “These are our professional values and qualities visible to our clients, employees, distributors, and stakeholders. And they greatly respect us for sticking to our principled core ethics,” he states.

Sharing Ronak Papad’s USPs, Vishal humbly says that Ronak Papad is a small venture with bigger quality products of Udad (Black Gram), Punjabi, Moong (Green Gram), Chana (Chickpeas), and Gralic Papads. All type of blended spices is also manufactured and sold.

Ronak Papad’s uniqueness is that it provides papad masala inside every pack for extra taste. Papad is an anytime traditional Indian snack and starter. Papad should complete the desire for taste and work as an appetizer. Ronak Papads are made with finely selected pulses and natural spices. Using quality ingredients and a perfectly blended manufacturing recipe, Ronak Papad has been satiating the cravings of food lovers across the states, including Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP, and Maharashtra.

Maintaining Generational Purity

“Kalyug Mein Satyug Jaisi Shuudhdhta (Purity of Truth Gen in the current generation of Kali; a Hindu mythological deity)” is the slogan followed by each and every member of the Ronak Family. Vishal adds, “Our products are available in many packing variants. So that every class of customer can enjoy it. Our small packing has made us reach a huge market area.”

Currently, Rajubhai and Vishal serve Ronak Papad in many cities of Gujarat, like Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Himmatnagar, and Bhavnagar. Many more cities in Maharashtra, like Akola, Nashik, and Buldana, and in MP, like Ujjain, Indore, and Burhanpur, are now catered to. Vishal promises, “We also guarantee that if you dislike our Papads, you get your money back.”

He furthers that retailers/dealers enjoy the best profit margins as they are also confident in Ronak Papad and Spices, the best product at the best price, full replacement guarantee, and huge markets, including Horeca and modern needs.

True to Trusted Principles

On embracing advancing technologies, Vishal believes in asking science for the best answers. Before anything else is the best idea to adopt technologies in any business. It eases doing tasks, is less time-consuming, and makes it more productive. Machinery with new tech helps in improving qualities too. He informs, “We have also adopted new technologies in production and marketing for easy reach to the customers.”

When probed about considering the current industry scenario, what kind of challenges they face, and how they drive their firm to overcome these obstacles, Vishal says most of the FMCG food sector companies face common challenges of competition, many parallel products with poor quality and low price reduce their momentum to get customers trust. “However, we keep experimenting with new strategies to get customers’ trust. Also, if your product is the best in quality and taste, the customer believes in the consistency of taste and will be loyal to your brand. It is how we at Ronak Papad can remain true to our clients’ faith in us,” he adds.

The Winning Strategy

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into his space, Vishal invites them by saying, “Yeah! People can join us. They are always welcome to be collaborators than a competitor,” he smiles. Besides, if someone is eager to stand for this type of business, they must initially grow their knowledge of the product.

They should never make cheap products to get maximum acquisition in the market by the low price. The trick will surely backfire. It is always better to focus on quality. And never forget, if you try, winning 50% of the chance is always possible. While if you surrender, then there is 100% defeat. Plus, believe in the standards of customers and their specific requirements.

Satisfied Customers: Our Biggest Awards

On envisioning scaling Ronak Papad’s operations and offerings in 2023 and beyond, Vishal reveals they will apply many new ideas. They are trying to make different flavours for every snack item. They recently launched small-size papads, which are widely used in marriages and parties. “We are also targeting international and modern markets,” he mentions.

Sharing awards received by them so far, Vishal smiles again and says, “The trust of 28 years in this product and legacy itself is the award bestowed upon us by our beloved customers. We are already FSSAI registered company. Our job is complete when the customer is satisfied with our product. Plus, we always listen to our customers and happily welcome their suggestions. It helps us in improving ourselves. A satisfied customer is the biggest award which we have in abundance, growing with each passing moment.”

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