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 Kiran-Srinivas | Founder & CEO | MadheesTechno-Consulting

With the key vision to think smart, Hyderabad based Madhees Techno Consulting is creating high quality products that are innovative and serve the purpose of enhancing the way people live. It is a Complete Solution Provider, delivering expertise for over a decade in the areas of Human Resources Outsourcing, Consulting, and Recruitment services to suit a wide range of client’s right from start-up businesses to large companies.
The fast-paced environments and cross-functioning teams are improving the ability to align teams to work towards common goals, KPIs. Also, with the right abilities, confidence and wide expertise in Talent Acquisition, Headhunting, Domestic staffing and Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Madhees is driven by a new generation framework of technology visionaries who are committed to providing modern and innovative growth strategies.
Dynamic Personality Living his Passion through Entrepreneurship
Kiran Srinivas, the Founder and CEO
“ ‘If you want to have IT. You need to See IT’.
You have plans. You have goals. You have ideas.
Who cares? You have nothing until you actually do something.” –says Kiran, the founder.
Many have ideas but the execution is what matters, and that’s what he does. With an ambidextrous mind, making his right and left brain as hands, he holds ideas in one and executes them with another. As a thriving bourgeois, his hands laid in Business Incubation and Technical Incubations with some of the best organizations all over.
According to Kiran, running a business is a day-in-and-day-out grind that requires determination, innovation, and sacrifice. With all such sacrifices and innovation, he has taken the initiative to inspire people to strive, succeed, and live a life pursuing their passion. With a sheer Grit and determination, today Kiran has achieved a huge success and become a successful entrepreneur in an increasingly competitive market.
Founder’s Major Contribution toward the Company
“This is understood that to achieve anything requires faith and belief in you, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication.” –said Kiran
A Tech Geek and a prolific Entrepreneur, Kiran has served over a two decades in the Information Technology industry which made him able to handle multiple opportunities strategically. Eventually, this all has transformed him and the company towards the greater reach to execute the entire functional and technical task with an ease under his guidance. He also understands the strengths and weaknesses of organisations and generating optimum business with the available resources and capabilities. This all leads the organisation towards its business objectives.
Being on Human Resources path from the start, Kiran also holds a decade experience in HR and IT industries. He had experience in providing solutions and working on different levels such as Organizational Development, Business Development and Expansion, Product Launches, Recruiting to Training, Leadership Hiring, and so on.
Cutting-edge Solutions That Matter
Madhees is delivering its expertise for over a decade in the areas of Human Resources Outsourcing, Consulting, and Recruitment services. It is empowered with the right talent force and prides itself in offering not only genuine subject matter expertise but also unparalleled industry insight to execute and implement on various business requirements such as Product Development, Mobility, Digital, and Human Capital across several Sectors/Industries.
Starting with a consulting to multiple sectorial businesses such as Mirai Services which is into Waste Management; Atiquest is into online assessment Portals; KENVAULT– A Fintech Company. Along with some good number of e-commerce initiatives like Six Yards Fashion – An E-Commerce Portal for Sarees, Blu Beads – An E-Commerce Portal for Handicrafts & Cottage Products which is homemade and getting them onto the World Wide Web.
Founder’s Wise Words for Life
Kiran’s advice for budding entrepreneurs is, “The journey of entrepreneurship is exciting which is filled with highs and lows. One needs to be prepared to fail instantly, learn from your mistakes, and move forward against all odds. If we study any successful entrepreneur biography, nearly every single one will point to a mentor as the key ingredient to their success. Arguably getting a mentor is the most powerful piece of advice any budding entrepreneur can receive when embarking on a career in business.”
If you think you have what it takes, here are a few tips you’ll do good to remember.

  • Don’t view challenges as hurdles
  • Stay positive
  • Believe in your instincts
  • Never forego good advice
  • Take calculated risks
  • Determine the value you bring first.
  • Research and Understand Your Market
  • Put in the Hard Work
  • Really Listen To Your Clients
  • Learn With a Teams
  • Focus on What Makes You Thrive
  • Network with Experienced Execs

Marching Towards Horizon
Technology is soaring modern time and people are hardly devoid of using any technological stuff. Madhees is targeting to become one of those companies which give a push to the modern use of technological products. Coming with cutting edge solutions when it comes to products focusing on Fintech, Web and mobile applications, IOT based products. Madhees is aiming to leverage its strengths and experiences from the global market and replicate the same towards the nation. It would also be aiming to make people ‘Experience the Difference’ with its unique and innovative products which will indeed produce a scale of growth for the nation and organization.

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