Meena Srinivasan: A Pioneer in Building Virtual Team Model

Meena Srinivasan | Co-founder & CEO | Scion Social[Social Media Specialists]
Meena Srinivasan | Co-founder & CEO | Scion Social[Social Media Specialists]

For many, ‘Entrepreneurship is a Choice’, but for her, it was ‘Entrepreneurship by Chance’. Today she is one of the most sought after specialists in the emerging world of Social Media. As life and business evolve, some tough choices and decisions are part and parcel of every entrepreneur’s journey. And if you are women, your list of priorities is always in a shuffle mode. As Meena Srinivasan, the Co-founder & CEO of Scion Social puts it, “As women, to wear many hats, with family & professional commitments that need our attention, so balancing priorities is the key to harmony. So, Dream BIG, Play BIG & Win BIG.”
Her Enriching Journey
With a Bachelor in Information Technology from C.I.T Coimbatore and an MBA from London School of Business & Finance, Meena has a fine blend of technical expertise combined with management experience, in both the Corporate & Business sector.
“In my role as CEO, each day is exciting and challenging at the same time while working with our global clients,” says Meena. Her role involves business networking and building key client relationships. She believes that building key leaders and empowering them to shape the company, ultimately took her and the company to new heights.
Meena has participated in several industry forums across the globe. And, also recognized by CMO Asia Council as one of the ‘Top 50 professionals in Social Media 2016’ in India; Meena was also awarded as the ‘Woman Super Achiever Award for Excellence in Digital & Social Media 2018’ at World HRD Congress event at Singapore.
Passionate about giving the “gift of education” to under-privileged children, Meena actively supports the Building Blocks schools in Bangalore and serves as a Board Member of the BNI Foundation. She loves reading inspirational books, traveling with her family, and exploring new cultures.
Meena’s Giant Leap Forward 
Having lived and worked in the US in the IT & User experience areas for a decade, her family’s relocation to India gave a kick start for this amazing journey of entrepreneurship. Combining India’s talented youth with her passion for building high-performance teams that deliver world-class results,  Meena Co-founded Scion Social. Over the past seven years, the company has expanded its footprint globally to have operations in India, the US, and now expanding Singapore where she currently lives.
Meena is pioneering the virtual team model of Social Media Specialists who work from multiple locations in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and other global locations. As a woman, she understands the need for flexibility at work powered by technology. And, thus her team has several work-from-home moms who do a phenomenal job for their clients worldwide. It’s not a part-time opportunity, it’s a full-time professional career. Further, she said, “For me, growing this team of virtual professionals is very rewarding.”
Scion Social’s, its latest offering is TELESCOPE – a custom-crafted Digital Marketing strategy that provides a blueprint for its clients to achieve effective ROI (Return of Investment) for their online marketing spends.
Esprit de corps
“We have put together a fantastic team of Social media strategists and Digital media experts and together we have built an esteemed list of clients, to deliver some of the best campaigns.”  states Meena. Today, the company is proud to serve some of the biggest global brands and have done campaigns for the most renowned authors and speakers in the world like – Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, and Brian Tracy to name a few.
The primary challenge for Scion is to keep decision-making inline with the vision of the organization and keeping a check on the pulse on various aspects of the business. There are indeed a lot of new agencies mushrooming in this field of Digital Marketing. But, what has set Scion apart, right from the early days is its belief in creating a method to the madness though very simplistic yet highly effective processes. 
The adage, ‘Excellence is a Habit’ directly reflects on the way Scion is operating. Right from when a prospect reaches out to the company, to the way it works out the strategy and the way it onboard a new client all through to getting them effective results. “Stating the vision and mission of the company might be a cliché, but for us it is important to live our values. For us, at Scion, it always starts with the WHY?” says the management team at Scion.
At Scion Social, their focus and goal is to help people grow. They strongly believe that happiness and contentment are the foundation and a vital step in unlocking their own potential for achieving excellence. In the ever-changing industry of Social Media and Digital Marketing, the methods may change, but the values remain eternal. Its whole HR mantra is summed up in two words -the “Happiness Quotient” – which simply means the happier you are, the more productive you are!
Social Media’s Move 
The world of Social Media is simply fascinating. It has evidently become the most effective marketing tool that no company can afford to ignore.
As things have evolved rapidly in the Social Media world, today, the opportunities that Social Media platforms provide, for businesses and brands to leverage global connections and showcase their offerings, is humongous. Also, receiving instant and effective feedback from their audience has revolutionized the way the world looks at marketing. It is also an ever-emerging industry with new platforms and features coming up each day. “So, we place a high value on educating ourselves with the latest trends and also share the knowledge with our audience.” says Meena. 
Excellence through Foresight
In this ever-emerging social media industry, Meena’s vision for the Scion depicts that she will help power up the world’s biggest brands along with her fantastic team using new-age Digital and Social Media Marketing techniques and platforms. Agile in adapting to new technologies, Scion plans to expand its TELESCOPE product to deliver custom strategy globally. Thus, creating a handshake between the Digital, Automation, and Real-world to drive ROI for its clients.
To enrich the lives of team members who will be working virtually across the globe, using its unique virtual team model; the management team of Scion is aiming to empower the community by contributing in meaningful ways and giving the gift of education to several underprivileged children.
Meena’s Success Mantra
Meena’s mantra is all about flexibility. She says –“Productivity starts with my daily morning yoga & walk and being amidst greenery and fresh air helps me super-charge for the day ahead. The day follows with key meetings during the day or late evening calls with clients abroad. Learning to strike a balance and knowing when to push yourself or back off, will help prevent the proverbial ‘entrepreneurial burn-out’ syndrome.”

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