NeoGeoinfo: On the Forefront of Geospatial Evolution

GV Sreeramam | Founder | NeoGeoinfo Technologies
GV Sreeramam | Founder | NeoGeoinfo Technologies

NeoGeoinfo Technologies (NeoGeoinfo), formerly known as Geoinfosys Technologies is a “Geospatial and Technology Solutions Provider”.
Geoinfosys has changed its call signs to become a Private Limited Company to serve the Clients better and to create a more Professionally Driven Organization. NeoGeoinfo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has the advantage of the experienced management, solid Geospatial Domain Knowledge, excellent Operating Rigor coupled with passionately Customer Centric Organization, apart from a stable platform to offer Enhanced and Effective Solutions.
Here, the Founder of the Company GV Sreeramam has shared some Insightful Views and highlighted the influences made by their Company to be the most recommended GIS Solution Provider Companies in India.
IS: Brief us about the journey of your company – Origin, Inception, Early Challenges, Success Stories, Major Milestones, to name a few.
NeoGeoinfo Technologies is literally The New Geoinfosys Technologies. Geoinfosys Technologies was incorporated in 2007 by a set of Technocrats of repute to offer CAD/ GIS/ Remote Sensing Services in Infrastructure Development Sector and grew steadily to be on the forefront of the Geospatial Evolution by adopting to the Latest Technologies in all areas of Services Offering.
Accordingly, Geoinfosys Technologies undertook projects ranging from GIS ready Data Creation, Satellite Image Processing, Digital Photogrammetry, (aerial/ mobile n terrestrial) LiDAR Services, Sub Surface (using GPR) and Geotechnical Investigations, CORS/ GNSS apart from strengthening the IT division capable of developing any web, mobile application to be a strong system integration partner.
NeoGeoinfo had gained experience and Domain Knowledge (majority of the times, first one to conceive and work on a Geospatial Solution, in a specific sector) to become a reliable partner providing services in the fields of Engineering, Construction, Power Transmission Lines, Roads, Urban Body Governance/ Smart Cities and Rural Services, Utilities and Infrastructure Projects.
More than 70% of their revenue comes from the existing customers is a testimony to the quality of service and customer success delivered across the spectrum of customers. NeoGeoinfo actively led the Geospatial Technology usage in the Power Transmission revolution, Property Tax solutions, Smart City (Safe City and Integrated Traffic Management) and Infrastructure (NFS, Bharat Net) Projects.
NeoGeoinfo had forged strong bonds with Industry Leaders in the Data (Digital Globe), Precise Positioning (Trimble) and Software (hexagon) to become a one stop shop for all Customer needs. NeoGeoinfo had worked on multiple Satellite Image Processing and Analysis Projects, that are mission critical.
While Geoinfosys flourished in perceiving and fulfilling a gap existed – “customers looking for efficient service providers” and in the process gained insights into the domain, NeoGeoinfo will take this evolution process forward by offering solutions that are readymade and can be deployed efficiently. Huge investments are made for creating a strong IT Team conversant with Cognitive Technologies, IoT and Analytics. NeoGeoinfo will be positioned for growth in the Ever Growing, OPEX driven, Value Hungry Economy. NeoGeoinfo will be focused on a couple of sectors to start with and after gaining momentum, will leap forward to the other sectors.
IS: Brief us about the CEO/ Founder of your company.
GV Sreeramam is the founder of NeoGeoinfo. He graduated from BITS Pilani in Civil Engineering with top honors. Sree, as he is popularly known as, comes with a rare combination of Technological Expertise, Business Acumen and Managerial Finesse. His Leadership Skills in defining the right vision, attracting right/ competent people and in forging right relationships with industry giants are unparalleled. He is actively involved in the Industry Body AGI (Association of Geospatial Industries) and held multiple positions – currently serving as Secretary General of AGI. He also works closely with other Global Geospatial Forums and represents India/ Local Organizations in these forum.
Avid Reader and a Serious Sports Person – he knows how to balance the Knowledge without being too rigid about it. He encourages teams to Play to Win all the time (as teams and as individuals too) but strongly urges them to learn how not to take everything to heart.
A Technocrat by nature, Sree likes to conceive Solutions that are of immense value to customers in various fields. Sree loves to meet customers and understand the problems the Customers’ Industry is facing and urges every team member to learn the Domain of the Customer Industry, even if they are just doing Data Acquisition.
Sree is People Centric and passionately drives them to learn and grow. Willing to experiment with teams – to find/ realize the real potential. Sree also places a huge premium on the Quality. He wants the Organization to stand for Process Orientation and Quality consciousness. Reduction in rework OR First Time Right is the key metric that they are driving Organization wide.
IS: Kindly talk about the exclusive services offered by your company that distinguishes you from your competitors?
NeoGeoinfo provides Custom-made Geospatial and Technology Solutions to fit specific project requirements across multiple Domains with unparalleled Quality.
NeoGeoinfo’ Deep Domain Expertise in the areas of Smart Cities, Highways, Railways, Transmission Lines, Pipelines/ Utility, Geo-enabling Land Records & Property Taxes made them the best choice for many complex projects.
NeoGeoinfo’ teams with extensive experience on many Commercial Software Packages and Software Product Development Methodology- can Customize and Integrate Commercially Available Software with other Systems and Data in any Organization meeting business needs & workflow goals.
NeoGeoinfo’ attention to detail & getting it right first time mean, the projects stay on schedule and on budget – reducing project risk significantly.
NeoGeoinfo, in 2017, after a decade of operations, took the step of building Products. There are multiple products already tested out, for example, they have a product, built to enable Data Collection with any mobile device and directly uploading into the ULBs System of Record. Similarly, Urban Local Bodies (ULB’s) can view the data in a more intuitive way, analyze the properties contributing to the taxes, and automatically raise Property Tax Demand.
NeoGeoinfo also developed a tool for Asset Mapping, Analysis tool for any Utility Company. For example, an Electricity Distribution Boards can map the entire transmission network on a map, including all their assets, like HT/ LT lines, DTR’s, Poles, Household Connections etc. with proper attributes, so that any Electricity Board can monitor their network and the status and address maintenance issues effectively as well as raise Electricity Bills automatically.
Apart from this, NeoGeoinfo, has identified the Internal Model of Operations, which it established for last couple of years. This gives the necessary leverage in handling complex Clients Requirements and tight Deadlines. This Internal Model of Operations known as five pillars of NeoGeoinfo, they are – 1) Executing Projects with efficiency, 2) Manage Complex Projects with Commitment, 3) Strong Project Management for Successful Delivery and 4) Employee Competency & Customer Centricity and 5) Complete Solution (including Software Application Development, System Integration, Maintenance and Training) Delivery
Execute Projects with Efficiency – Managing Projects in any (Remote) Location requires top class adaptability and a ‘can do’ attitude – because it means mobilizing required resources (equipment, skilled people, set up offices, adapting to the new location quickly to ensure customer requirement are met) in short time and execute projects in unknown terrain.

  • NeoGeoinfo’ teams have worked across verticals in a variety of different environments. No project is too large or small; too simple or complex for the teams.
  • NeoGeoinfo’ world of success ensures that no matter the environment (Technical or Physical), project is completed accurately and efficiently.

Manage Complex Projects – by virtue of engaging with Major Public and Private Companies for a variety of projects that require them to play various roles from Data Procurement, Data Processing, System Integrator, Application Developer and Engineering Support, they are well versed with managing huge teams with different skill sets, collaborating with other players in Geospatial world to meet the Customer/ Project needs comprehensively with quick turnaround times.

  • Surveying, Remote Sensing, Data Processing, GIS System Integrator and Software Development – NeoGeoinfo ensures a complete solution delivered
  • Deep Domain Expertise gained from a decade of execution and familiarity in working with Cutting Edge Technologies makes NeoGeoinfo the best choice for complex projects

Delivering Successful Projects – NeoGeoinfo strongly believe that a successful project is the one delivered On time, On Cost and On Specification (abbreviated as  OT/OC/OS). Attention to detail & getting it Right First Time mean projects stay on schedule and on budget – reducing project risk significantly.

  • Utilizing the Latest in Technology and Technique in addition to processes oriented approach, NeoGeoinfo delivers projects quicker and within budget.
  • Strong Quality focus at NeoGeoinfo ensures stronger processes, less rework and minimum wasted hours.

Competency and Customer Centricity – NeoGeoinfo’ team is full of technocrats with right level of expertise and experience – with an attitude to deliver customer success. This means best in class competency with single minded focus on customer needs.

  • NeoGeoinfo’ teams spend time to upgrade their Knowledge on the Latest Technologies and provide Thought Leadership
  • Customer comes first on all activities at NeoGeoinfo, because the belief is that only way to grow is by making customers successful

End to End Solutions, paving way for Product Development
From existing Data Migration, New Data Creation to Conceiving a Product and Delivering it as a Service, NeoGeoinfo professionals specialize in the implementation of Technology Solutions to meet the needs of Organizations seeking to better understand their Assets, Inventory and Landscape.

  • Enterprise Class products developed with agile methodology – under the guidance of experts
  • Value creation using as a service model

Each and every employee, irrespective of their role understands these 5 pillars and knows how their contributions help the organization to grow and make customers successful.
IS: Kindly introduce us to the current project/projects you are working on?
NeoGeoinfo is currently involved in several projects in diverse domains and different magnitude & complexities. Here they are highlighting two varieties of projects that are adding significant value to the Country and Public as a whole. In both these varieties, NeoGeoinfo is engaged in multiple projects currently, across different cities. The two categories are 1. Smart/ Safe City projects and 2. Geo-Enabling Property Tax for the ULB Governance.
Smart/ Safe City Projects
NeoGeoinfo is involved in making Cities Safe and Resilient. Currently working on a couple of Cities to make them Smarter and Safer, by Capturing Real-Time Information for day-to-day Surveillance, Crime Prevention and Monitoring Suspicious Activities.
These projects mandate creating an optimum footprint of IP-video Surveillance System across Main Junctions spread over the City jurisdiction. Feeds from all these junctions, through strategically positioned cameras are to be streamed live at Central Command Center. The video footage obtained is scrutinized using Video Analytics Tools to track and prevent undesired activities in real-time.
NeoGeoinfo (in a strategic partnership with top ECC company) is involved in design of these camera positions (including poles and cross arm lengths, etc.) and the entire network. With proficiency across all the GIS tools, Technologies and Services needed (from LiDAR, GPR, satellite image processing to As built Drawings (ABD) preparation) and ability to execute large projects in a timely manner, NeoGeoinfo provided right value addition to this Highly Sensitive project.
Similar kind of Geospatial Data Set is used for City-wide Integrated & Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS). ITMS Solutions provide a universal view of traffic flows; modeling traffic flow optimization; best possible traffic routing; optimizing traffic junction signals and disseminating the traffic information, guidance, and awareness to the citizens and road users. It automates the process of Traffic Management by predicting the Optimal Traffic Routes, Traffic Signal Junctions, minimizing the traffic congestions and waiting times, integrating with Emergency Services such as Ambulances, Fire Vehicles, etc., modeling external factors and city road network topology, VIP movement clearances, GUI and GIS representation of complete system functions and features.
Geo-Enabling Property Tax for the ULB Governance
NeoGeoinfo is a Domain Expert in Designing and Executing Property Tax Survey and Revenue Optimization Solutions for ULB’s. NeoGeoinfo has unparalleled experience and expertise in the domain of Public Administration Services and Local Body Governance. Geocoding the Properties and Integration of Services for Providing Digital Door Numbers, Property Tax Collection and Revenue Optimization is a field where NeoGeoinfo was involved from the time this kind of projects were conceived in India. NeoGeoinfo (then, Geoinfosys) was the execution partner for the Kanpur Municipality project, the 1st conceived and successfully executed project in India
NeoGeoinfo has built a Unique Project Methodology, built the tools for Data Collection and Processing, has an own product (Web and Mobile Platform) for Data Collection and Visualization and to provide Analytical Reports for Municipal Administrations to track and audit Revenue Realization and hence leakages. The whole model is built in such a way that the solution is scalable and portable to even the remotest corners of the country – to provide a seamless experience and a successful project for the ULB.
At a high level these projects involve huge and accurate survey and GIS data creation work. These projects are highly demanding with a lot of interaction with public, managing huge number of resources, successful deployment of technology for capture, processing and display, meeting the stakeholders project goals and deadlines.
IS: What is the vision and mission of your company?
The Vision for the company is “to become a trusted partner in providing spatial technology products and solutions”.
The mission is “to become a complete solution provider (including training and product support) by the end of 2020”.
IS: What kind of industrial as well as regulatory level challenges do you face today?
At NeoGeoinfo the thought process is that the challenges are primarily because of the lack of understanding of the nuances and power of the underlying Technology (Geospatial or Otherwise) and the advances happening in the overall Information Technology. This is not just a Policy/ Regulation related… it is also about how different Organizations/ User Industries recognizing how fast and revolutionary are changes and how to adopt to such monumental changes. For example: when a mobile phone (that comes with built in dual sensors) can provide a sub cm accuracy on positioning – what implications it will have? What Policy or Regulations can mitigate the Data Capture at finest accuracies?!
Teams at NeoGeoinfo don’t think this is true only for Geospatial Industry. It is the same for any Cognitive Technologies, Data Security or Privacy related Regulations. While the technology itself is moving at a speed of thought, there is no point depending on safety nets (like regulations etc.). It is challenging, but leveraging these developments to one’s advantage is the only way to thrive in the industry, that is ever changing.
IS: How are you providing solutions to organizations that helps them to transform as ‘Eco-Enterprises’?
NeoGeoinfo is committed to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the Industry and actively engaged in the same from India.
It has been long accepted that Geospatial Information and Earth Observation Data can support the Development of many sectors of a Society. The information gathered from various sources is accurate and reliable and by investing hugely in applications developed of the available information, critical challenges pertaining to Climate Change, Food Security, Natural Disasters, Safe and Secure Transport, Agriculture, Health Issues and Sustainable Life on Land and Water can be addressed.
The understanding of Spatial Datasets of all these sectors can lead to a Quantum Leap in how SDGs are being Implemented, Monitored and Tracked. The Geographic Information System (GIS) software, on the other hand, helps create a Visual Overlay of the available Geospatial Datasets which can help reveal Patterns and Trends that may otherwise not be perceived. By creating a ‘Geo-Design’ Framework, GIS helps to solve the Complex Sustainability Concerns in Development Projects.
NeoGeoinfo also committed to develop and deploy solutions that are On-Demand (as against On Premise) and most efficient resource management on Cloud Service
IS: How do you portray the future of your company?
The change in the Name and Conversion of the Firm to a Private Limited Company, is to allow the team to further enhance their Solution Offerings to Clients on a Stable Professional Platform that could attract and retain talent at various levels and to make services even better.
The trajectory (of evolution) has been to become a Domain Expert in the space of Geospatial Solution Provider. Having done that, NeoGeoinfo had established a 100% connect with the Clients.  They continue to understand the processes before and after current scope of work and then start investing in to those areas, if there is a synergy or value add that  can be brought to the Customers.
Team NeoGeoinfo has identified few processes, with that kind of synergy and started building tools for those – the initial feedback is very encouraging from the customer end. Now they will continue to invest energy on that.
Secondly,  NeoGeoinfo is  confident to say that they have a strong and deep Software Development Skills, that are current and working on Developing Technology Solutions integrating AI (Cognitive Science, Analytics) and IoT. This team had conceived a few solutions and building them, they would soon leverage those assets by offering them as a service.
Last but not the least, NeoGeoinfo will continue to leverage their existing competency in offering quality Geospatial Services. they would also be consolidating their position of an industry expert in handling projects of large sizes and complexities…and take that expertise to clients worldwide, in the form of consultancy, remote processing facility and training.

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