Nextbrain Technologies: Fostering End-to-End Digitalization for Global Business Verticals

Nextbrain Technologies | Saranraj CM

The digital realm is a vast landscape of constantly evolving advanced technologies that offer modernization and futuristic revolution. When any business decided to incorporate advanced technologies into various aspects of its operations, the sheer breadth and depth of the digitalization processes to comprehend and choose from can be overwhelming.

All businesses, regardless of size, require innovative and customized digital solutions and products that serve as the foundation for digital transformation while perfectly matching the business’s personalized demands, constraints, limitations, and specifications.

Nextbrain Technologies has been coming up with the innovative ideas after ideas to design, develop, and launch such products and services by deploying the perfect solution in the form of Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile App and Web development, User Experience Design, Chatbot Development, Staff Augmentation, Digital Transformation, Intelligent Automation, RPA, AI, and Digital marketing since its inception in 2016.

One of the pioneers of IoT solution providers and global digital transformation agency providing end-to-end IoT app development solutions, Nextbrain Technologies––under the visionary leadership of its Founder and CEO, Mr Saranraj CM––has extensive products, solutions, and services for the industries, including Healthcare, Retail, Real estate, Manufacturing, Educational and eLearning, Fintech, Logistics, Travel and Hospitality, and Entertainment.

Accelerating Your Digital Transformation

Mr Saranraj conveys, “We have skilled IoT developers for implementing robust IoT applications for startups and enterprises. As a leading enterprise software development company, we have extended our remarkable business solutions globally. Our firm business objectives and services have earned the repute of administering unique and customized business solutions that are tailor-made for your business.”

Today, Nextbrain offers premium quality services for startups, enterprises, and businesses. The professionals staged at the company help enterprises and businesses across the globe to unlock different possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT). “As a top IoT app development company, we provide all-inclusive IoT development solutions right from app strategy to implementation and integration of IoT into business infrastructure,” says Mr Saranraj who is a renowned technology entrepreneur and digital transformation expert.

Equipped with the expertise of advanced technologies and tools, he guides forth a team of professionals that strives to deliver an excellent customer experience with an extensive rational infrastructure aimed at developing and deploying scalable solutions.

With more than a decade of experience in digital transformation, AI, IoT, digital marketing, server-less development, SaaS product development, and cloud computing, he has in-depth knowledge of different technologies and therefore, is happy to serve global clients effectively. He has offered great mentorship in different challenges of design, technology, development, quality assurance, lead generation, operation, delivery, pre-sales, sales, and marketing.

Trusted Inspirational Catalysts

Sharing his inspiration behind venturing into the IoT niche, Mr Saranraj says that the Internet of Things has a vast impact on industries such as logistics, manufacturing, transportation, oil and gas, and many more. IoT has captured the attention of most entrepreneurs as it offers new insights, boosts effectiveness, and enables companies to make informed decisions.

He adds, “As a completely innovative industry sector we ventured into applying our effective expertise in IoT technology. The process of embedding IoT tech stacks with smart sensors and other devices was an absolute success and we began offering IoT solutions across different industry domains.”

According to Mr Saranraj, the USP of an organization determines how your business stands out from competitors. It is the main unique selling point that differentiates your business from others. He reveals, “The main highlight that makes our brand absolutely unique is we have set our mission and objectives at creating IoT smart platforms for businesses.”

This helps in creating smart systems that are highly responsive to apps and voice commands. “We devise IoT cloud technology by making the most use of advanced technologies and tools. Our main approach is to develop IoT platforms for streamlining different operations of business verticals,” he mentions.

Decrypting Challenges to Encrypt Safety

Mr Saranraj furthers that subsequent to venturing into the IoT technology and development field, there were many challenges that their experts confronted while proceeding with the development strategies. By its common nature, IoT opens up networks to the possibility of hacking. Thereby, it was essential to maintain proper security by managing device updates and securing communication encryption. If the data is transferred over a local Wi-Fi network, many IoT devices do not encrypt communications, leading to security risks. Therefore, it is important that all technology should be integrated for gaining easy access to data and insights.

The challenges involved are as follows:

  • Lack of informed government regulations
  • Device compatibility
  • Bandwidth strain
  • IoT device management
  • Connectivity
  • Data obstacles
  • Security and scalability
  • Lack of IoT Integration

As a result, many organizations are turning to cloud offerings for their IoT data. He says, “In order to realize the true potential of IoT technology, we have made platforms with more embedded technology.”

IoT applications are created with accuracy, compatibility, and integration. They are created within a universal framework for establishing an open standard of global transparency. The effective way to eliminate connectivity issues is by incorporating highly flexible and configurable designs. The designs assist in both manufacturing and future demands.

Your Tech Partner in Success

On envisioning future goals for his brand Nextbrain Technologies, Mr Saranraj reveals, “For our business approaches, we consider growth as the foremost important factor.” Business decisions are taken considering the level at which it is expanding. He cites, “For instance, business growth is a point for us where it has available options to expand, therefore, requiring more avenues for generating profit.”

“We aim at offering more products and services by expanding our customer base. We make informed decisions depending on what would contribute to the company’s growth and success,” he divulges.

Moreover, on his plans to embrace the changes happening in the industry, Mr Saranraj expresses that as the top IoT development company, Nextbrain takes an organic approach in generating ample capital for investing in future strategic approaches. He informs, “We plan for organic growth that can lead to increased sales, that in turn, assist funds with more strategic growth methods.

We envision a compelling future for our organizations by:

  • Communicating with a clear vision and responsibilities with the organization’s mission and strategy. It helps to clarify other people’s roles by attaining objectives.
  • Creating firm objectives from the very outset enables us to maintain a strong work environment within our ecosystem. By contributing in small ways and involving your team, it helps you to generate new possibilities. We consider outside perspectives and seek greater impacts and implications for new opportunities.
  • Our employees are our great assets. We always celebrate success and acknowledge various relevant achievements.

As part of our future goals, we will maintain a steady and healthy approach to offering enhanced products and services to global clients. And it is also our motto to reach global clients in the near future.”

An Insight-Full Wisdom

In his advice to the aspirants willing to venture into the field, Mr Saranraj says that after having well-expertise in the different verticals of IoT and smart devices, Nextbrain as the leading IoT development company offers effective insights to aspirants who are showing interest to venture into the field of smart devices and IoT technology. It is a very unique domain where emerging technologies will not only flourish but also pave way for new innovations.

He furthers, “Similarly, we advise all aspirants to first acknowledge the spectrum of IoT, its shortcomings, and the opportunities it lays before.” With the passing of time, the applications of IoT and smart devices are increasing. Major industries like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industry, food manufacturing industry, cold storage industry, supply management, smart home devices, and many more are evincing the effective utilities of IoT technology. This can turn out a potential opportunity for aspirants to try their hands with IoT tools and methods. By understanding the ways to balance IoT-connected devices with potential security, one is capable of constructing things for IoT.

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