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TechieYan Technologies | Hari Phi
TechieYan Technologies

Technology is a magical mirror that allows us to reflect our fantasies into reality. It has progressed to the point where, after visualizing and analyzing your problem with advanced technology, you can now envisage pragmatic solutions in the same magic mirror.

Automation technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and so on; robotics–robotic process analysis, android science, nano-bots, and so on; extended and virtual reality–augmented, mixed, hybrid, and so on; and the Internet of Things (IoT) has completely transformed how we view our own future. It has unlocked Pandora’s box of limitless possibilities.

It is now possible to imagine a smart habitat in which everyone and everything is seamlessly connected in real time, allowing for the safe and secure exchange and sharing of data, information, knowledge, learning, education, and experiences.

In this hyper-reality, where smart educational institutions are linked to global academia, libraries, research laboratories, corporations, and industries so that students, faculties, researchers, experts, aspirants, and others can easily join a digitally live 24x7x365 R&D platform––TechieYan Technologies––to collaborate and conduct and extend their research and development projects for innovations, inventions, discoveries, and developing novel products, services, and solutions to every problem faced by society, community, nations, and the world in general, and humanity in particular.

Driven strategically by the Co-founder and CEO, Hari Phi, TechieYan Technologies is providing the latest innovations in the fields of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT). He shares, “We steer to deliver business goals with strategic technology and marketing initiative.”

Learning In-synced

Today, TechieYan Technologies is offering support for individuals and businesses for rapid prototyping, product development and a unique model called idea to reality (I2R). TechieYan Technologies have been helping academia with skill-oriented training programs, and campus training and are also providing quality education for engineering students of all streams, thereby including skill in them and extending support to educational institutions and universities. “We operate both in the fields of Education, Research and Development.” reveals Hari.

TechieYan was established in the year 2018, started as an EdTech organization and eventually grew to be a Research and Development platform. He adds, “We are working on the integration of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and IoT into traditional domains like education and manufacturing to produce rapid, accurate, and effective results.”

TechieYan is known for its outstanding quality and high-speed service deliveries. As per Hari, it is their vision to be the first choice company for the users and customers in product designing, development, and customization. Along similar lines, “Our mission ‘To make top-notch products which provide solutions to the user defined problems by making use of world-class advanced technologies,’ is in-synced into our core philosophy,” states Hari who has a great experience in working in advanced technologies such as Robotics, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), Drones technologies, 3D Printing.

He has a good record of delivering critical projects in the engineering, IT, and Manufacturing industries. He shares, “Our goal is to establish end-to-end prototyping services such as product development, manufacturing, testing, and marketing for budding entrepreneurs, startup founders, and anyone with innovative ideas.”

Immersive Intelligence

Hari is ably supported by his expert team of tech stalwarts, especially the Co-founder and CFO, Shraddha Lamture, who looks after all the financials and marketing in the organization. She further manages overall operations and handles inbound and outbound of projects. Having a great experience in management and marketing, with a vision to outreach the goal of the company, Shraddha is helping Hari take TechieYan to new heights of success.

In R&D, they begin with Ideation, where they first Identify a problem and form a thesis statement. Then testing all possible scenarios and building a PoC happens. Thereafter, they build MVP before sending the product for beta testing and building beta, improving UI and UX through feedback. In the final stage, marketing and sales are being taken care of by partner channels.

According to Hari, IoT refers to the internet of things where, “We connect the devices to the internet and control them through the cloud, exchanging data with other devices and systems through the internet. There are many real-time applications where IoT is being applied in our day-to-day life like smart cities, self-driving cars, and fitness bands.”

IoT enables remote device monitoring and even allows users to access real-time information about their devices from anywhere in the world. IoT is used in various fields, like hospitals to monitor 24/7 patient health, agriculture to monitor the growth of the crop, etc. The main reason why IoT is widely used is that it is economical, gives better output, and makes people’s lives easier.

Prototyping Innovations

In the Rapid Prototyping stage, especially in the IoT, team TechieYan has already transformed many sectors into Smart Healthcare, Smart Security, Smart Agriculture, and Smart Retail by creating

  • Smart health band for health monitoring and live updates.
  • IoT based alcohol detection and alert s
  • Health vital monitoring in realtime and alert system.
  • Mechanical ventilators for people with respiratory problems.
  • Smart device for women’s safety and alert in distress.
  • Control the home lighting and other devices using smartphones.
  • IoT-based Smart Attendance using RFID..
  • IoT-based Plant Watering System and alert notification.
  • Communication system to increase the efficiency of mines and ports.
  • Other 15+ customized IoT products.

Hari further says that they are building one stop solution for PCB designing and development, Antenna designing and development, real time simulations using tools such as MATLAB and Simulink, building economical robots along with AI capabilities.

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