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Nidhi Behl Vats
Nidhi Behl Vats

If we are open to listening, there are stories around us. All we need is an eye that sees beyond the surface, ears that can hear what is not being told and a heart that is filled with compassion. And who better than a mother to do this fine job of understanding inscrutable human beings and bringing out their stories.

A self-confessed rule-breaker who gave up her profession as a Hospital Administrator to be a homemaker and then restarted her journey as an author and finally settled down (or may be not) to being a Digital Entrepreneur, Nidhi Behl Vats loves to evolve each day.

Through her digital storytelling platform, Story of Souls, she focuses on stories from the common people.

Here’s her inspiring story.

Tell us more about Story of Souls.

This organization today is doing phenomenal in the digital world under three main heads personal branding, social media and corporate PR.

We started as a cause for the common man, to feature their struggle stories which are unheard even to their close peer-groups or family circles. It has to do with mental healing and advocate #donotjudgeme based on your perceptions or experiences. Under this we have featured several change makers stories, first lady in real estate, first lady using donkey milk for beauty products, mom making delicious milk-free ice-cream, drummer made his hobby as a business of healing through music, a corporate leader using sound bath for healing, Spirituality in the corporate world and 1000’s of unheard fascinating stories we have featured.

What challenges have you faced as an entrepreneur? How did you overcome them to establish yourself and the company?

Challenges are the steppingstones for me, and I made them a ladder towards my success. I have been judged by the people for WFH from last 10 years as “Unprofessional”, I am a mom of two. I have my remote team of freelancers who comprises of a specially challenged girl, two home maker moms and a multi-tasking female. We all are driven with passion. Off the beat we have college interns too!

I choose to respond to such challenges and judgments through my work. Therefore, I just smile away and keep my focus on my work and don’t let those criticisms or the judgement make an impact on me. Our thoughts have power let’s keep our focus on productivity and self-improvement.

How do you lead your company and help it sustain in a competitive environment?

We try to be honest and helpful. Rather than looking our clients’ as money givers, we build relationship with them and give them the honest advice. Which may mean losing a deal but the trust built will stay forever and has fetched more work and reference in the long-run.

What is that one aspect or emotion that drives you at work or keeps you motivated?

We have several

  • Keep humanity alive
  • Help as much as you can
  • We are working to bring a change in the work and have several mottos on our list to cover.

Our inbox has one inspiring story each day as we open. It inspires us to keep going on and on.

As a business leader, what is your opinion on the current landscape of business given that the pandemic has been adversely affecting every industry?

I would choose to advice rather than giving my opinion:

  • Have patience
  • Work on your reputation and PR building
  • Help as much as you can
  • Be grateful that you are floating and breathing.
  • Use time to network.
  • Gather all your resources and strength and pull hard. Sun is approaching soon.

Social Media is an inseparable part of the daily life of youth. Your thoughts about it and how do you leverage its power for the company?

We are a digital media platform; one story if done properly can go trending all across the world that’s the power of social media. It is the responsibility of the all the social media content creators to create the good and ethical content for the netizen.

Every business is different it is vital that you have your social media presence. But understand how to position it. Do research while content will work for you. Do not imitate be real, innovative and honest which communicating on social media. Graphics and images play a vital role work on these three things. You will surely rise!

What are your future objectives and where do you see yourself in near future?

We would love to focus on expanding our reach, by having good and honest clients to work for. Let our good work speak for us and we will be stronger than yesterday as every drop counts!

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