Yash Mor: Offering Complete and Customised Space Solutions

Space Butler
Yash Mo | Founder & Director

Growing up, our surrounding and immediate environment has a huge influence on our mindset. WE may not be noticing it, but it does shape our perspective, attitude and even our job choices.

Born into a business family, it was natural for Yash Mor to imbibe the nuances of business early on. The business has always been intriguing for him as he saw and learnt business aspects since childhood.

Today, Yash leads Space Butler, a customised space solutions company, as its Founder & Director.

He shares more about the company and his ideas here:

Tell us more about your company.

Space butler is focusing on providing serviced spaces to individuals (students, working professionals or tourists), companies and others under various branches. The first step for Space Butler was serviced apartments, which has been appreciated because of personalised services provided by us.

What challenges have you faced as an entrepreneur? How did you overcome them to establish yourself and the company?

I had absolutely no knowledge about the real estate industry and had no connections in the industry and in the Pune city itself and this industry is highly based on connections. For the same, I joined a few business clubs and made a perfect partnership with another real estate broking company.

How do you lead your company and help it sustain in a competitive environment?

Have divided the aspects of my work with my trustworthy business associates, which help me concentrate on my core specialty and lets me concentrate well.

What is that one aspect or emotion that drives you at work or keeps you motivated?

Client satisfaction – their happy faces and appreciating words are the only ones which motivate me. As I try to connect personally with most of our clients

As a business leader, what is your opinion on the current landscape of business given that the pandemic has been adversely affecting every industry?

Pandemic is not the end of the world, the way it has adversely affected, in the same way, markets will revive rather better once things are sorted. More importantly for real estate, especially homes and apartments are always a need.

Social Media is an inseparable part of the daily life of youth. Your thoughts about it and how do you leverage its power for the company?

As space butler is concentrating more on personalised services and customer satisfaction, our presentation and reviews provided by the clients are put up on our social media, which has helped increase our client reach.

What are your future endeavours/objectives and where do you see yourself in near future?

Space butler is increasing the segments that we can cater, like serviced polyclinics, serviced offices, company canteens etc. which we should be able to cover in next 5 years plan.

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