Samar Patel: A Passionate Entrepreneur, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

WOW Travels
Samar Patel | Founder

It is often a notion of owning a business and striking out as an entrepreneur accompanied with an urge to do something big that makes most of the employees quit their 9-5 job and start a business. It was the same notion and urge that led Samar Patel quit his job and take the first step towards starting his own business.

Samar Patel is the Founder of WOW Travels. He has also written a book on nutrition and fitness. Being an avid traveler, he has traveled to 13 countries. Besides, he is also certified from NESTA and ISSA as a nutritionist and a personal trainer.

When he was in a regular 9 – 5 job, Samar didn’t have the desired motivation to work. He was and is an overachiever. He would get appreciation for work there, but the monetary benefits of overachieving were not satisfactory for him. He wanted a structure wherein when he works he will grow, over achieve, and over earn. He knew it was possible only if he channeled this hunger for growth into starting something of his own and thus, decided to quit his job. This was the decision that led to the inception of WOW Travels.

Adding Wings to Flying Dreams through Passport

With an aim to create a base of satisfied customers WOW travels was established in 2014. The company started with passport services. It gave its customers the best of its services and more value for their money. Then it started adding value-added products and services and got a good response from existing base and references from them. Its acquisition team kept on adding new relationship and its retention team kept deepening them. The company offered a bouquet of products and services like Election I Card, MSME registration, Adhaar card services, etc. In addition, it also came up with Travel packages. Not only this, but the company also started social activities for becoming visible through Billion Dollar Smile Foundation. It kept on building its brand image and grew.

The company calls itself professional. It doesn’t see itself as the agents and is known for its excellent services in terms of all legal document services and passport service as its main focus.

Growing Along with the Team

Samar mentions that his biggest challenge was to train resources. He wanted his employees to get the idea that they would grow if the organization grew. He had his plans in place. He overcame the challenge by designing a compensation plan where any achiever will be paid in line with his target and an overachiever will earn more. He addressed those problems that he faced in a 9-5 job and his employees enjoyed working with him.

Samar believes that his organization is as good as his people. He invests time in training and motivating his people. He keeps on adding products depending on the demand of the market. He says “I don’t want to die average. I want to grow, and I want to increase my Reach. This is what keeps me going.”

It’s all about Aligning Strategies

Speaking about the current landscape of business given that the pandemic has been adversely affecting every industry, Samar is of the belief that every problem brings in an opportunity. The market is dynamic and it has the inherent capability of bouncing back. He believes that if every entrepreneur realizes this, no business will be adversely affected. It is just that in difficult times one should align his or her strategies in a way conducive to their Business. This way one will then be unstoppable.

Leveraging the Power of Social Media

In today’s connected world, social media is an inseparable part of the daily life of youth. Even Samar opines that the present day youth is more informed and is hungry for more information. He is leveraging its power by staying active on the social media. SDS and Richfit help his company connect through YouTube and Instagram. “We Connect!!! And then Convert!!!” says Samar.

Aiming to Become One-Stop Solution

Samar’s company WOW Travels has recently ventured into properties. He aspires to see his company as a mass movement, where his customer base would be like a family. He sees himself catering to their Lifestyle with all his company’s products and services. His ultimate goal is to become the one stop solution for their lifestyle needs.


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