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nitisha Sharma | Eduprenuer | crisscrosslingo
nitisha Sharma | Eduprenuer | crisscrosslingo

“Any language is a supreme achievement of a uniquely human collective genius, as divine and endless a mystery as a living organism.”

― Steven Pinker, The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language

Points to be noted here, my ladies and lords are any and every language is a uniquely human collective genius, and we as living organisms are born with this mysterious, eternal, and marvellous gift of learning any and every language to get connected and communicate with, and thus, understood by fellow human beings.

Yet some homo sapiens use this gift to spread miscommunication, discord, hatred, and the worst crime of division, hostility and enmity based on languages. How unwise of them? Alas!

Anyway, according to Ethnologue – the best authority on languages – officially, there are over seven thousand languages in the entire world. Again, after including many unrecognised languages in all the countries in the world, the unofficial number might be ten times the official number. Because as per the Indian Census report, 2018, there are over 19,500 dialects or languages spoken as mother tongues in India alone.

The point here is the difference in languages is the most incredible human legacy that truly defines the human heritage of wisdom. Simply, it is the inherited distinction that makes us homo sapiens.

Nitisha Sharma, the Co-founder of Crisscross Lingo and a qualified Mandarin and Spanish Language Trainer, feels the same. She is equally supported in this feeling by Meghna Shah, the Cofounder, and Qualified French & Mandarin Trainer. Meghna, from Mumbai, is an M. Com graduate and DIM in HR. Meghna has a passion for teaching and networking, with twenty years of teaching experience at Nirma University and GNLU.

Furthermore, at Crisscross Lingo, Nitisha and Meghna believe that living a fast-paced life involves changes, new ways of doing things and the constant adoption of communication skills. To achieve this, language is a must.

In an interview with Insights Success for its edition of ‘The Women Owning the Business Arena,’ Nitisha further said, “We teach languages like Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish through fun learning activities and not-in rot learning. Our Prime focus is building confidence as it is paramount to learning anything new. We believe that there is no age bar in learning a new language.”

Bridging the Communication Gap

Nitisha Sharma herself has a passion for teaching and technology. Hailing from Indore, MP, she is an Electrical Engineer with seven years of professional engineering experience. She has also got attached with PDPU University and worked with renowned Schools of Ahmedabad.

Her aim is of creating Crisscross Lingo, a global brand with a positive approach. At Crisscross, she conducts offline and online classes for various age groups. She says they have a strong team of proficient women working together to unite people by bridging the communication gap.

Another vertical is that they provide language translation and interpretation to all industry leaders in the country to provide a kit-based language learning approach to preschoolers, which serves the world globally with translation work that meets competency and is at par with the world standards. They are your partners in work, enabling you with one of the best translation services. They have been consistent in providing cutting-edge translation work, no matter where you are located in the world. You can access their services with one click. They are a popular translation destination with proficiency in almost all world languages. They also provide certified language courses for all age groups.

Scientific Language Learning

Crisscross Lingo is a multilingual academy offering multiple international and Indian languages. Their specialisation is in early childhood language education. They provide age-appropriate learning to tiny tots with a scientific approach. Their team consists of highly professional language trainers and early childhood educators who ensure quality teaching as well as pampering at the same time. They are a pioneer and numero uno.

Crossing the Pandemic Barrier

COVID-19 pandemic impacted them, and many students who wanted to go abroad for studying could not go, and vice versa affected their company. But they completely shifted online did many experiments for suitable and compatible platforms to ensure quality education for their learners. Their simple mantra is learning should not stop, no matter what.

As an established industry leader, Nitisha’s advice to the budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts aspiring to venture into the educational sector is that they must work hard. As there is no alternative to hard work. And love what you are doing and do what you love.

Entering into Tomorrow

In terms of envisioning further strengthening Crisscross Lingo’s stronghold in 2022 and beyond, Nitisha says that they will look forward to expanding their expert team to benefit society with their multilingual pedagogy network.

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