Om Thoke: A Fearless Leader Embracing Innovation and Excellence

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Om Thoke | Managing Director | Webfosys Group

A focused business leader is always on the lookout for new opportunities, while scaling existing businesses. They never give up in the face of adversity and always emerge with innovative solutions for solving difficult problems. Such leaders are determined to bring change through their focused endeavors. They are fearless, ethical, and focus not only on organizational goals, but also, on the employees’ objectives.

One such torchbearer marching towards excellence is none other than Om Thoke, the Managing Director of Webfosys Group. Being a serial entrepreneur, he is currently focused on collectively growing the group’s brands to a $100M+ revenues in the next 3-5 years. The group’s renowned brands include Webfosys Networks, Shopping Corner, GlowWorms Ventures, DOTS, Inspiracion Media, Xpress Seo Solutions, and Sanshray Ventures.

Webfosys Networks specializes in web development; it has built sites like Audi Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, and handled their digital campaigns in the past. Some of its other noteworthy campaigns include Davanam Sarovar Bangalore, and Country Inn Manipal (part of Radisson/ Carlson Group).

GlowWorms Ventures focuses on lead generation for real estate agencies/builders, car dealerships, BFSI sector, and generates sales in affiliate marketing model for e-com and tech brands.

DOTS enables global media buyers to enter Indian e-com markets on cash on delivery model, handling everything from importing, warehousing, storage, packaging, and shipping. Currently, it’s processing 2000-4000 orders/day, and looking to pump up these numbers to 10,000/day before the end of 2020.

Under Xpress SEO Solutions, the group runs one of its e-com brands, and also offers guest posting and link building packages to big brands in travel, entertainment, automotive, and education sector.

The company also offers strategic consulting and quarter SEO packages to funded startups or SMEs in growth stage, looking to strengthen their traffic (and in turn, conversions/ sales) in the long term. It further sells bulk PBN packages to brands looking for hundreds of high authority guest posts, blog outreach, and influencer connections.

An Inspirational Journey

Om started his career as a blogger during the second year of his college after losing his dad, and very little money in his bank, and he tried his hands at all possible options to make money ranging from working at call center, taking tuitions for his juniors, data entry, freelance writing, selling Amway products, promoting MLM down to door-to-door sales. He started making money with Google Adsense, and after acquiring sufficient experience, he moved on to establish a digital agency.

He led the company to gain expertise in handling clients and web development projects, while evolving and enhancing their operational procedures. Om believes that the digital world is so dynamic that it faces new challenges almost every day. However, it’s all about survival of the fittest, and one has to adapt to the changing landscape, and fight through, otherwise they will have a tough time surviving against other competitors.

Om bootstrapped Webfosys to a multi-national multi-million dollar company, and eventually five more companies from zero to million dollars in revenues over the last 11 years. He states – “now I love launching/investing in a new startup each year, and scale it to a million dollars in revenues in 12-18 months”.

Winning Various Laurels

 Om has won various recognition and awards for his dedicated endeavors. Under his devoted leadership, Webfosys has spread its footprint across India, Singapore, Middle East, Europe, and USA. This has given the company the opportunity to maintain a global presence. He is planning to expand to Australia and Brazil in 2020-21.

Om has won the award of SEO Consultant of the Year 2017. He has also spoken at tons of Indian & international events during 2018, and was invited by IIM Visakhapatnam during Dec 2019.

On Dec 5, 2019, Om recently spoke at the world’s largest affiliate conference, AWA, held at Bangkok, and he has already been invited to DMIExpo Tel Aviv 2020 and a few other global conferences this year.

Furthermore, Om is making his online presence felt by providing free tutorials on his YouTube channel to help aspiring bloggers, startup founders, and e-commerce store owners/dropshippers. Under Om’s ardent leadership, Webfosys Group has collectively clocked over $10M+ in sales across all companies.

Opinions about the Industry

 Om believes that the digital landscape is ever-evolving and it is essential to stay at the top of one’s game to make a mark in this highly competitive industry. His company witnesses new challenges every day, and it’s about the survival of the fittest in the digital world. He opines, “you need to keep honing your skills on a daily basis, and keep looking out for newer opportunities”. He believes that just like Facebook advertisements were a great way to earn huge profits, now Tiktok advertisements are a lucrative opportunity – if one encashes it, they’ll be able to make money, before it gets saturated.

Om adds that E-commerce in India via cash-on-delivery model is another great opportunity, where global players can enter and build multi-million brands in a matter of 3-6 months. He states, “we’re enabling such global brands to do it, and a few of them have already generated $100,000+, $200,000+, $250,000+, and $500,000+ worth of sales in India in 2019, and scaling rapidly in 2020”.

Word of Advice for Emerging Entrepreneurs

Om runs communities such as Bloggers World, Bootstrappers World, Dropshippers World for helping budding entrepreneurs, bloggers/vloggers, and dropshippers/e-commerce enthusiasts through respectives Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram groups. Om has mentored thousands of emerging entrepreneurs and blogging enthusiasts free of cost.

He advises the young blood to give at least 24-36 months of their lives to their startup, and work towards achieving goals by setting realistic timelines, and checking the progress regularly to ensure that they grow progressively, otherwise, it will be difficult to transform dreams into realities. He advises them not to give up until they reach the pinnacle of success; this perseverance will lead them to achieve greater goals and make a mark in this competitive world.

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