Saubhagya Tripathi: A Young and Dynamic Leader Inspiring Millions

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Saubhagya Tripathi | CEO | Blue9 Technologies

Being a business leader means playing multiple roles and at the same time leading others on the path of success. Such leaders are not confined to bringing change through their own businesses, rather they work towards the overall growth of the society in whatever ways possible. Though the journey of a successful business leader might seem sugar-coated with success stories, there is always lots of effort, dedication and constant sacrifice.

The challenges and obstacles indeed transform a person into a successful leader who encourages others to do the same. With similar thoughts, Saubhagya Tripathi is impacting businesses as well as lives positively. Saubhagya is the CEO of Blue9 Technologies. He believes in providing a helping hand not only through his business but also through charity and community work.

Saubhagya is always on a mission to help businesses grow, scale-up and take their performances to the next level. He emphasizes on creating a difference in other’s lives by providing inspiration for constantly working towards their goals. Supporting others to overcome the obstacles has always been Saubhagya’s key quality. There are many instances when people get distracted which is when Saubhagya motivates them.

The Initial Journey

It is not hidden that a successful person has to go through a lot of ups and downs throughout the journey. Saubhagya stepped into the startup ecosystem when he was just 19 years old. It was difficult to believe that a 19-year-old is leading a company with a handful of people in the team. As a very young and dynamic personality, Saubhagya led his team to glory. Soon, Blue9 Technologies was awarded and recognized as Company of the Year, in Application Development from Silicon.

There were times when Saubhagya had to face criticism. But, he took all these criticism positively and worked on it to better himself. He adds, “Constructive criticism is what will help you challenge yourself, your ideas and eventually lead to better processes. I have thought about giving up many times but that lasts for a few hours and then I am back on my bull riding through the corporate ring. Whatever highs and lows it brings, I am loving it.”

Leading Blue9 Technologies

According to the research consultancy IDC, the global information technology industry is on pace to reach $6 trillion in 2020. Economies, jobs, and personal lives are becoming more digital, connected, and automated.

At Blue9 Technologies, there is a clear vision to navigate into the future. Innovation and creativity have always been Blue9’s strategy in numerous challenging situations. Blue9 constantly strives to support a culture of performance that is matched with integrity.

Blue9 focuses on providing transparency with respect to its services. Hence, it has 5 CLEAR values that help it be at the top of the industry.

C – Client Focused

L – Leadership

E – Execution Excellence

A – Aspiration

R – Results

Each company has its own set of procedures to succeed and Blue 9 Technologies understands this and helps its customers by providing customized solutions. It helps customers across the entire enterprise technology stack with differentiated industry solutions. The company basically modernizes IT, optimizes data architectures, and makes everything secure, scalable and orchestrated across public, private and hybrid clouds.

Through the combination of years of experience with the latest digital innovations, Blue9 Technologies delivers excellent services. This enables the company to deliver better business outcomes as well as focus on high levels of performance, competitiveness and experiences for its customers.

To date, Blue9 Technologies has been successful to serve more than 800 private and public sector clients around 5 nations. Blue9 Technologies’ extensive partner network helps drive collaboration and leverage technology independence. Currently, the company has established 8 strategic partners: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, HCL, IBM, Micro Focus, Microsoft, Oracle, and VMware.

Awards and Recognition

At a very young age, Saubhagya has been able to achieve great heights in his career. Along with his personal growth, he has led Blue9 Technologies to become one of the pioneering companies in the global information technology industry. The company has received a few prestigious awards such as Company Of The Year 2017 by Silicon and 30 Most Trusted Brands to Watch. The company has also been DIPP Recognized by The Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Apart from that, due to Saubhagya’s exceptional leadership quality, he has been nominated by the ZEE Business Leaders & Summit Award. He is the keynote speaker at IIT Roorkee and IIM Rohtak. He was also the Chief Judge at a startup event at IIT Roorkee. Along with this, he has been nominated by FORBES 30 under 30, 2020 for Enterprise Technology. He currently is a mentor with Startup India.

Future Roadmap

Blue9 Technologies is currently in process to create an extensive partner network with other industry leaders. Saubhagya concludes with the note, “We will soon launch our in-house digital solution, in collaboration with IBM Watson. We are also looking to extend our operations to Canada and Finland by the end of 2020.”

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