Vikas Mandawewala: A Business Leader Focused on Growth and Innovation

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Vikas Mandawewala | Co-founder | TYA Suite Software Solutions

There’s a swift global transformation of companies advancing from old-world on-premise solutions to cloud-based applications. Today, the technology in India is as advanced as in any other part of the world. At the current times, where even a small business needs to mark its presence in the virtual world, the SaaS providers are high on demand.

One such company helping various SMEs expand their digital footprint is TYA Suite Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The company was founded by Vikas Mandawewala and Praveen Dokania in 2018. TYA Suite platform is equipped with the latest technology and solutions to the real-life business problems across sectors.

Vikas Mandawewala is the Co-Founder of TYA Suite Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd who is also the CEO of TYA Business Solutions. Vikas is a commerce graduate from Calcutta University (CU). He is a rank holder Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA), a rank holder company secretary, a certified public accountant [US CPA (CO and NY)], a certified internal auditor (US) and a certified information system auditor. He has also gained experience in dealing with company law matters, income tax, and GST matters. Currently, he is managing multiple start-ups as virtual CFO along with being a founder member of the New York Chapter of The Institute of Chartered Accountant of India.

Taking Ahead his Career with TYA Suite

Being a brilliant student throughout his academic years, Vikas had a passion-driven attitude towards his career. Currently, Vikas has 18+ years of global experience from SMEs to MNCs across multiple functions spreading over accounting, auditing, taxation and consulting. He has worked approximately 8 years with one of the largest global auditing and advisory firms, KPMG, in India and the United States of America.

Later, Vikas founded a small financial start-up consulting venture with just 1 person and scaled it to more than 120 employees with pan-India presence. Being the embodiment of commitment and professionalism, Vikas envisions enhancement of the accounting and finance process through the use of technology.

In 2018, Vikas decided to focus more on his goals as an entrepreneurial investor and co-founded TYA Suite along with Praveen Dokania. Praveen has contributed to the company through his 10 plus years of tech expertise into software development and project management.

TYA Suite’s Product at a Glance

Talking about the company and its products, Vikas says, “TYA Suite is the result of the passion and desire of a finance veteran to transform the way companies run their business process and improve the lives of business professionals across the globe. Most employees are plagued by duplicity of data, redundant and boring tasks that hamper their productivity.”

As the companies today require to be present online, there are various factors that form an obstacle in the process. One major problem companies are struggling is to find a suitable cloud ERP which is affordable. TYA Suite cloud-ERP solution is built on decades of knowledge and experience of its founders across industry type, geography and company size that can be used by aspiring companies as plug and play Cloud ERP Platform.

TYA Suite is an Integrated Cloud ERP platform with below key modules among others which can be subscribed individually or together as a package 

Products :

  • Procurement to Pay Tool
  • Inventory Management Tool
  • Asset Management Tool
  • Warranty Management Tool
  • Project Management Tool
  • Compliance Management Tool
  • Finance and other Modules

The TYA Suite is a multi-industry cloud ERP platform where clients can work perfectly with the business process of their clients while providing the flexibility of auto-scaling as the business grows.

Who can be benefitted?

Businesses that want scalability in their operation

– Businesses that have or expect to have a very large workforce

– Businesses that want a very simple solution at a very low cost

– Businesses that want automation for non-value added process 

The areas of the key focus of TYA Suite relies on the most affordable cloud-ERP solution in the market. This can be implemented in the client’s organization within just a few days with tons of plug and play feature. 

Growing Through Positivity 

Being from a middle-class family from Bihar, Vikas has faced difficulties throughout his journey. Yet, he had a positive outlook and believed that difficulties and challenges make one stronger and more capable. Talking about his career, he was in the USA for almost 5 years where he was expected to work only 35 hours a week. After returning to India, he had to adjust to working for 60-70 hours a week. This transition has actually made him capable of handling the worst.

Vikas started scaling a consulting business from 1 person to 120 people in a short span. This was indeed a huge challenge while at the same time it made him  adeptenough to tackle all the problems on his own.

Today, he envisions himself and his company to become the World’s 1st Plug and Play Cloud ERP platform.  He is working towards becoming recognized as one of the most desired Cloud ERP solutions in the market which is dominated by Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle NetSuite and SAP Business.

 As a startup, TYA Suite is looking for options to raise capital through external funding to expand its technical and marketing capabilities. Vikas believes this will drive the investors who can see the potential of the market with a profitable and scalable business model.

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