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What is the first thing that would have grabbed the attention of your eyeballs, whenever entering into an office? Piles of files and countless of papers underneath it consuming a majority of the spaces and to add to the woes, maintaining and dragging any info out of them was a complete nightmare! Secondly, operations management is a challenge in every industry. The success of every business is dependent on the fact that how seamlessly it manages the daily operations without hampering or slowing the pace of work. With thousands of paper-based activities performed across various large conglomerates, SME’s, startups and even government offices, innovations in technology has finally come to the rescue that eliminates paper-work and stores everything on the digital platform!
The story unveiled below illustrates the journey of PAZO, an operations management app and software platform for mobile inspections and maintenance management. With a mission to resolve the age-old operational issues, it plays a significant aspect in streamlining the daily operations. PAZO offers a transparent solution that empowers the relevant stake holders to have a panoramic view of the daily operations – in just a click; every minute detail can be checked. This determined thought, backed by the passionate workforce fuels the company to outperform their own milestones every other day!
The Marketing Wizard
As the CMO of PAZO, Hasan Ali Kanba brings in over eight years of acumen in business strategy, planning and execution across various sales and marketing roles. Belonging to the Dawoodi Bohra community was also a factor he commenced the journey of entrepreneurship. Hasan started his professional journey with GE and thereafter worked in various start-ups in multiple roles related to Sales & Marketing. With a degree in Electronics followed by MBA, working in startups ignited his aspirations to be an entrepreneur and finally the distant dreams became reality when he joined hands with the other partners to form PAZO.
“PAZO is solving a big problem for organizations in giving them the visibility of the daily operations and we are currently on a mission to make operations management a click away for the relevant stakeholders. It is this mission which keeps us going. Also we have a wonderful team that is passionate on reaching this goal together which pushes us to perform better and better every day”. –Talking about his motivation towards attaining excellence, Hasan reveals that he is hugely inspired the way PAZO has shaped up and delivering core solutions to users.
The Dynamic Duo
Zoeb Itarsiwala – CEO and Sharjeel Ahmed – CTO are the other two co-founders who have collaborated with Hasan Ali and had contributed equally to the success of the company. Before PAZO is their 2nd entrepreneurial venture that they have commenced together.
Zoeb has always been passionate about technology, and therefore had always a huge inclination towards tech-oriented career and jobs. After completing his studies, finally he got the opportunity to step into the world of tech startups. His initial journey with an NFC-based startup assisted him immensely; however it was too ahead of its time.  However, the exposure and learning’s proved to be the essential elements in crafting his future objectives. “It gives me very high motivation to see that Pazo is solving core operations pain points. The team is wonderful and talented and looking at their passion for the product is the main reason we are being appreciated by our customers daily” – asserts Zoeb.
Sharjeel is a technocrat and has previously worked with global MNC’s like Microsoft, Adobe to name a few. Designing the tech framework, building highly scalable products from the scratch and technology mentoring and guidance are his forte. He always up to accepts challenges and accordingly delivers viable solutions for the same.
The Inception Saga
Founded in the year 2016 in Bengaluru, PAZO is operational-excellence software for retail chains and large facilities to manage their daily operations through their mobile phones . Embracing digitalization and erasing the concept of manual paper-based processes, it’s a single platform that assigns, schedules, and even communicates the daily tasks in the most utmost manner. With PAZO one can ensure that the right person is doing the right work from the right place at the right time. Along with a dominant presence within the Indian shores, it is also a registered company in USA.
As customers are becoming aware about product availability like this, the acceptance in the market has grown multifold. Developed on the SaaS platform (Software-as-a-service), this innovative software has been implemented by prestigious clientele like Sodexo, Metro Cash & Carry, JLL, TATA, Central, Brand Factory, VR Malls, Bangalore Metro Rail and many more. Used over 40 plus cities with thousands of users spread across countries like India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia etc, this software has made a remarkable impact in the market and continues to lead the path of innovation. While other players emphasize optimizing operations for either the front line or back-end operations alone, PAZO works with a unique business proposition that collaborates both teams on a single platform as the teams are dependent on each other.
The Path Ahead
Having an optimistic view of the future, team PAZO is confident and determined to evolve as a matured player in the coming times. As the team continues to be a technology partner for various industry segments and contribute to their growth story, it has infinite opportunities to stand amongst the global giants in the future.

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