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India’s IT industry is developing rapidly day-by-day. It is focusing on digital opportunities as digital data is poised to be a major segment in few years. It is also currently the fastest growing division, growing at over thirty percent annually. As more and more companies are transitioned online and more businesses are conducted via online methods, the current scenario is much positive and tech-enabled services will be even more challenging and exciting than ever. This is where TC Infotech comes in and delivers end-to-end IT solutions with a global reach and international customers. The company utilizes its vast experience across various industries in establishing state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to help companies grow along with offering them the latest technological developments.
TC Infotech was established with the notion of providing all technological solution for enterprise IT infrastructure. It started as a one-stop solution for the enterprises and today, it delivers exceptional business infrastructure quality and helps clients in adapting to the latest technological developments.
The firm’s sole mission is to deliver cost-effective IT infrastructure to small and large businesses. It is committed to excellence and value-added services to improve the entire business scenario of the clients. As the company grows, it wants to help other companies to grow with the help of its one-stop technological solution needs. In addition, its vision is to become an innovative and smart IT solution infrastructure provider.
Meet the Business Technophile
The current Director of the TC Infotech is Azad S Chauhan. Graduated in BA from Delhi University, he was always a tech-enthusiast and was into technology and cars from a very young age. His early career stage was not financially strong and he worked and capitalized on the technological knowledge he had. He started working from the young age of twenty-one and with twenty-eight years of industry experience, he established TC Infotech in the year 2010. In the beginning, the company was resellers of laptops and then slowly grew and expanded into cabling and then to switching, routing, and wireless solutions. During the initial years, the company collaborated with technology giant Cisco.
Stepping into the Client’s Shoes
TC Infotech engages in delivering better and faster services to its clients. The firm has involved human touch in every testing of its product. Its expert technicians conduct these testing to the capability and the functionality of the product. The corporation makes sure that no stones are left unturned and each and every feature of a product is explored before it goes out into client’s hands. By this, the firm delivers peace of mind to the clients, as they know each and everything is tested. In case of any problem, TC Infotech’s teams, which, consist of the expert technician, is ready to help clients. This acts as the company’s main differentiator and aids it in standing out from the sea of similar companies.
Enterprise-Oriented Services
The firm concentrates on how effectively it can deliver the technological needs of the medium to large enterprises. It offers hassle-free services to the clients and delivers them in no time. As everything is shifting to online, there is a dire need of technological products for each company or enterprises that are looking to expand into the technological solutions. TC Infotech comes handy in here and produces a better value for money for the enterprises.
The firm’s business-friendly solutions include:

  • Telecom and Networking solutions
  • Triple Play Voice
  • Video and Data Transmission
  • Last Mile Access
  • Offshore Technical Support
  • Facility Management
  • Network Consultancy

According to the company, sometimes it comes across clients who are not much aware or not much knowledgeable enough about such services, which make them gullible. The firm states, “Clients who have no technical knowledge can be manipulated very quickly and easily. That still possesses a gap in the industry. But here at TC Infotech, we first educate the customer or client about all the information and then we deliver tried and tested solutions to the clients”.
Unyielding Fundamentals
The striking difference between TC Infotech and other enterprise solution providers is that TC Infotech keeps its priorities right and regularly test each product for its features and functionality to ensure its clients receive the best quality experiences.
The firm collaborates with various tech product providers and offers client an excellent understanding of the installed products. TC Infotech’s clients can have special access to its experienced technical support team, which is ready to help if there is any difficulty or when a problem arises.
There are very few companies, which can design the whole IT network of the entire company. TC Infotech offers better pricing options as it deals in bulk quantity orders. There is zero to none issues with delivery as the firm regularly maintains its product stock.
Forthcoming Solutions
The company is very optimistic regarding its future and hopes that, with the current scenario in progress it will just accelerate in the future by leveraging the present conditions. As more and more businesses are growing, especially in the start-up section, most of them try to take the route of online services because of the reach of the internet. TC Infotech is looking forward to helping such companies to get their technology solutions onboard.

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