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With the vision to be the most trusted and respected technology provider, helping customers and businesses for all their technology-related needs, S G Informatics (I) Pvt Ltd has unfurled its wings to win the IT market.  Striving to simplify the technology for the clients and align it with the business goal, have become the mission of the brand.  Satnam Singh, the founder of S G Informatics clarifies while discussing company’s goal, “As our clients are the technology partners when their business grows, ours grows automatically. Therefore, we work hand in hand with our clients to support their growth and ours as well.
The Backdrop of the Initiation
S G Informatics (I) Pvt Ltd was incorporated in 1997 as a third-party support provider for IT products. The products and services of the company have been advancing as per the changing market dynamics and the evolving technologies. It has already covered PC, Servers and Networking infrastructure soon after its launch. In 2004, when PC became available off the shelf, the company decided to diversify its focus to the enterprise segment. Since then the main focus area has been the enterprise and corporate sector.
Understanding the Ever-Changing Market
IT services industry is always growing due to its ever-evolving technologies. The company keeps updating the knowledge level to embrace the transition. This has become the best opportunity for the brand as this has offered them to become the first ones to make the latest technologies to their clients.
The OEM associations have been changing as per the demands of the market and assessment and the suitability of new technologies, and thus the company is currently having a customer-centric approach, rather than OEM centric services.
While talking about the USP of the company, Satnam indicates to always have a ‘Client Centric Consultative’ approach while architecting a solution. The other factor by which S G Informatics always live up to is bringing the latest technologies to the clients.
The Current Situation and Services to Satiate That
The tech-enabled IT solution industry is at a very interesting stage right now. Some great technologies are being released every now and then across the world. But there is still a shortage of such solution providers, who can integrate these technologies and put together in a solution to the clients. As India is overflowing with technically skilled manpower, the competition is crucial and to stand out in services and technologies, a brand must be competitive and well informed about every aspect of the industry along with the future possibilities.
Every brand must have those focus areas, mastering on which they can make a difference in the competitive market. S G Informatics is being no exception in identifying the focus areas. The company has mastery on Hyper-Converged Infrastructure / Converged Infrastructure Solutions, as well as in Virtualization solutions. Apart from that, Business Continuity Solutions, Cloud Solutions and also Enterprise Storage Solutions, are those sections where they seriously focus to be the usher to the clients. As a matter of fact, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is relatively new to the market and there is the need for products and system integrators who can sell, and along with that implement solutions.
Going Digital
The company also has a digitization division, which provides Digital Asset Management Solutions, digitization services and long-term preservation solutions to its clients. The company proudly completed the project of digitizing the old historical negative photos of all the Prime Ministers of India alongside creating a Digital Visual Library for the same. The company has been awarded the project for Long-term Preservation (using Microfilming and Microfiche) by Delhi Govt. recently to preserve the land records and other precious historical artifacts of Delhi. With this technology, the artifacts can be preserved for 500 years, which is not possible with traditional IT technologies.
New Feather on the Crown
With the successful entering into digitizing, S G Informatics has taken the initiatives of preserving historical Audios, Videos, and Manuscripts at Nehru Memorial Museum & Library. The company is also proving Digital Asset Management Solutions to the big newspapers and media houses for better management of their digital assets. All these attempts of S G Informatics are just to stay ahead of the time and competition and to be creative at the same time in a technical field with a philanthropic standpoint.
Proficient Brain Behind the Establishment
A ship always needs a good sailor to thrive through the difficulties and to reach the shore of success.  Mr. Satnam Singh has been the same for S G Informatics (I) Pvt Ltd. The company was founded more than over two decades ago, with the dedication of Mr. Singh, who is a hardcore technopreneur (Techie turned Entrepreneur). Technology being his passion, he has a keen eye for the latest technologies and eventually has become his uniqueness as he keeps bringing new products to its clients. His passion for technology has helped the company to create a niche for itself. The company is known as a respected solution provider on cutting-edge technologies to all the clients from all over the world.

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