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Some of our fondest childhood memories belong to those lazy Sunday mornings spent watching cartoons on our old Television sets. Whether it was the iconic tales of our favorite house cat, Tom making futile attempts to get the best of his adversary or the carrot-chewing rabbit humoring us repeatedly with “Eh… What’s up, doc?” Animated pictures have always captured our imagination. It is perhaps this curiosity and enthusiasm, which has led to so many dramatic changes in the animation industry. In addition, more so than ever any other genre of animation is a representative of how far film has progressed in its relatively short lifespan.
Prismart is an end-to-end animation service provider that contributes artistic, technical and production capabilities to create animated contents for TV, films, and videos. The highly qualified professional team of Prismart takes a base of the input and converts it into engrossing, expressive and memorable multimedia output.

Driven by Passion and Devotion towards the Finest Details
Deepak Deopa, the founder of this creative institution pursues a great passion for his coy. Remaining confident and sure helped him to turn them into valuable assets. Along with enhancing the integral part, a delivering attitude towards the audience helped him and his team members to cherish the joy and satisfaction. Beyond all a friendly attitude towards his team members and understanding, the need of a healthy atmosphere makes him stand apart.
With a notion of redefining education in India, Deepak Deopa, founded Prismart in 2010. Under his able guidance, the company has introduced a large number of evolutionary products and services in the world of education and learning. He has led the company to grow exponentially and spread its wings in diverse sectors. This growth have made the firm a force to reckon with, in the Entertainment and Animation sectors, Smart classes, Robotics, Speaking books, Augmented Reality Cards and Virtual Reality Labs.

Overcoming the Challenges and Creating Engaging Content
Incepted in the year 2010, the company has been through lots of ups and downs, but what has kept it moving is, its constant dedication towards delivering solutions through perfection.
The studio perceives, that, in the upcoming years, the Indian animation and VFX industry is expected to reach the peak of its’ own. The studio is keen to take full advantage of the increasing animation content due to its increasing popularity.

Fostering Creative Thinkers to Seek Innovative Solutions
PrimsArt Production offers world-class work opportunities for professional and personal learning growth, of the prospective employees. It has built an excellent team of computer experts and artists. The motto of Prismart is ‘Dedication and Prompt Communication’. This helps to attract new clients and to strengthen bonds with the existing clientele. The successful implementation of latest technology and interfaces like complete mapped books, talking pens, AR, VR stem robotics keeps the studio ahead of time.

Specialized in Providing Various Video Production Domain
The studio provides self-explained and customized movies across the world. Creativity driven 3D animation and gaming production aims to bring ideas and concepts into reality for its business partners. The video production domain includes a vast array of videos such as cartoon series, 3D animated movies, advertising videos, Edutainment videos, AR and VR, modeling and texturing for AR and VR, and Explainer videos. The designers in the company are experts in handling every aspect of content generation.
Prismart boasts of exemplary imaging solutions, conductive management, cutting-edge designs, and animation technologies. It has all the needed infrastructure, talent, and experience to create dazzling cartoons, Movies, TV Series, and VFX. It offers solutions for all end-to-end requirements including Story Boarding, Modeling, Rigging, Character or Concept Designing. The production house has produced many distinguished TV series and movies in collaboration with many Indian and international production industries.

Anticipating the Future
The company is planning to develop its own IPs, which is in its initial stages. The studio is strengthening its inner affecters and outer partners, which will enrich the quality of the production in future. The organization sees itself as a leading company in the art & creation sector in approaching years. It will also show efforts to generate more and more opportunities for the up-comers. The company’s very keen interest is sound research, which will always stay with the company. Prismart is ready to collaborate with TV production houses and take their ideas to amazing creative heights.

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