Videogyan: A Virtual World of Live Pictures Bringing Creativity to Life


Animation is versatile and flexible. It is excellent for communicating concepts of all kinds to broad audiences. Animation allows a person to bring to life concepts that may be cost-prohibitive or even impossible with live-action. In addition, kids tend to relate to animated characters in a way that they sometimes cannot with human actors or models in live-action videos or shows. Children tend to lower their guard with animated characters, focusing less on the look or attire or race and more on the message delivered. Videogyan is such new age media company that creates entertaining videos for kids and publishes them on the web.

The studio produces rich, reliable and clean content that kids are passionate about and provide them an unforgettable visual experience. The videos of the studio are easy to access and available across various platforms and devices. Being relevant to the times and technology and holding a wide-opening ear to listen to its audience are some of the mantras chanted at Videogyan.

The Renowned Production Success
The studio acknowledges the global response it receives from the world and is quite overwhelmed about it. Videogyan appreciates the support of its amazing audience present all around the globe. The vision of the studio has always been centric that it wanted the kids to have access to videos that were relatable and they learn as they grow. YouTube provided the studio with a vast opportunity as a platform for friendly in-house generated characters. The studio dedicates its success towards its creative team. The shows and songs created by the studio entertain the kids and subtly induce learning elements into it. By performing consistently, Videogyan is improving day-by-day and is heading towards success without any hassles.

The CEO with the Industry Vision
Vishal T M is the CEO of Videogyan. He holds a postgraduate diploma in management from university of Cardiff, UK. Leveraging the experience from the US-based online media giant Howcast, he has been instrumental in identifying the potential of this venture. This work experience with Howcast led him to start his own video startup. His brother Rangarao T M is the in-charge of the strategic operations of Videogyan. He is an engineering graduate from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum, Karnataka, and works hard to identify new categories for their channel.
Sharing the success of the studio, Vishal & Rangarao states, “My belief in the power of online video has helped us realize the opportunities in the new age media. Videogyan – an idea just a few years back is now a prominent player in the online kid’s content space.”
Both the founder directors share the same vision of creating more IP based production and building Videogyan into a global animation studio.
Effective Publicizing of the Work
To increase the traffic for its YouTube channel with its audience, the studio leverages social media tools like, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The studio promotes its content with quirky advertising and posts for effective marketing. By using Facebook and Twitter, the audience is kept engaged with new short videos and sneak peeks. This increases the curiosity and content recalling of the viewers. Furthermore, the studio understands the pre-schooler by visioning them at their schools trying to understand from their relevant viewpoint. Videogyan rewards these kids by distributing colouring books, stickers, etc. of in-house generated characters. As the studio already has fine vogue of characters, children delight in taking part in these events.
Success Mantra of the Creative Team
The studio believes that creative space is something that every artist requires in order to deliver his or her best. Videogyan have a committed team of artists, graphic designers, animators, music composers and managerial people. This creative team has experience in working with international movies and gaming projects. Since Videogyan is an IP based studio, the artists will have more space to explore their creative personality to each work and work on the latest technology on par with any global studio.
The target audience of the studio has always been the pre-school kids. The studio draw parallels from daily life and real persons. Studio’s characters like Zool Babies or Too Too Boy have drawn the inspiration from the kids themselves. The kids can relate with these characters with ease.
Observing the Current Industry
The studio believes that the Indian animation and VFX industry is poised to grow forward in the upcoming decade. Indian animation has been evolving faster compared to the previous decades. Animation, CGI and VFX have become essential elements for any movie or advertisings currently. Indian studios are becoming global brands with high recall IP shows.
Future Storyboard
As an audience centric studio, Videogyan believes in the importance of audience’s feedback. Videogyan conduct analysis of audience response on its videos and creates content in line with it. With the dedicated team around the studio, it is constantly on a path to grow and learn further. Future plans of Videogyan comprises, producing international animated movies and envisioning themselves as a global animation studio. Moreover, in the near future, the studio has a new fun and entertaining web series planned for kids along with the plan of bringing core-learning centric content.
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