Studio Trika: Pioneering New Media in India

Studio Trika

Established with a sole target to create out-of-the-world experiences, Studio Trika is packed with people from diverse backgrounds, who prefer to spend more time on experiments with art and light than life in general. With a vision to create something new by fusing Art and Technology, Studio Trika was born as a brainchild to lead the New Media movement.
3D Projection Mapping is the studio’s passion and something that they believed will take over the industry nine years ago. Today, after illuminating some of the iconic Indian Heritage monuments and reaching millions of viewers real-time, the studio has served leading brands in diverse industries. With a team of twenty in-house artists and international collaborators, the studio works 24/7 with no restricted working hours or creative boundaries.

The Dynamic Duo
Chandrakanth Rajapure and Vineet Sabharwal who have a cumulative experience of over thirty years in the visual communication segment founded Studio Trika. Supported by a dedicated team of talented artists, a highly skilled design team, and technicians, the studio ensure that all clients get the best both in terms of cost and in terms of creativity, coupled with benchmarking innovation.
Recounting the idea of the establishment, Vineet says, “We co-founded Studio Trika, to build a bridge between reality and illusion. We created a platform where we can explore ideas that revolutionize viewer experience. Since our studios inception, every project has been something new and never been done before.

Climbing the Success Ladder
During the initial establishment of the studio, the industry was nascent. Studio Trika created itself to be a part of the animation industry but has changed it’s every fiber. The studio creates content but alters it to fit into a new media proposition. Chandrakanth says, “We find a spot between real and virtual worlds to create an immersive experience for the audience. The mantra to our success and something every member of team Trika agree upon is that – We love what we do.”

Embracing Innovations
According to Vineet, the studio works towards creating ideas that are undoubtedly needed, but have possibly not yet been conceived. This mandates the use of latest technology and constant innovations. He also believes that New Media itself is about exploring new and innovative mediums to communicate with the audience and that the studio works every day to create a medium that is intelligent and reactive, which is crucial for the new age of visual media evolution.
Eliminating the hurdles in the framework, they prefer to explain their concepts with scale models, mock-ups, and simulations. Though they impact costs, this is crucial to the quality and expected delivery of a project that is charted to it’s smallest detail.

The New Media Artist Collective
By using New Media out-of-home, Studio Trika creates entertainment that goes viral — offline and online. Exploring the market talent, Chandrakanth asserts, Industry is filled with diverse talent, we believe collaboration can bring out the best and can create large-scale, impactful art. Working with multiple artists across the world with different skills helps us in identifying the talent in creating something unique and trendsetting. When we began, the industry was unaware of New Media potential, and after years of collaborating with the best in the industry, we are proud to say we are now a New Media Artist Collective and we have done our share to expand the community.”

Addressing the Challenges
As projection mapping is unlike standard animation, there are a series of challenges when an idea is materialized. Vineet explains, “As the studio is heavily dependent on technology, we have created systems with built-in redundancy ensuring that the entire process from storyboard to playback is checked constantly to prevent rework. Because of our in-house capabilities and the collaborative strength of an artist collective, we can provide a customised solution for every client at a competitive price
The creative team at Studio Trika assists its clients in every way to materialise any idea, sensibly and cost-effectively.  Building relationships with the customers, Vineet asserts, The key is making sure that the client understands that costs spent are rational and our end result validates that”.

Quick Portfolio Preview
Being part of city wide celebrations like Mysuru Dasara, Akshardham’s Silver jubilee celebrations and Vidhan Soudha Bangalore’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, it is a proud feeling for Chandrakanth, to bring innovative art to the street and to grab the attention of thousands of viewers. Some of the proud projects of the studio are:

  • Bolshoi Theatre – Art Vision Festival, Moscow – Studio Trika participated in the Circle of Light Festival in Moscow. Out of 170 studios from across the globe, Trika was among the top 17 studios in the festival and they showcased their work on the Bolshoi Theatre.
  • Tsaritsyno Palace – Art Vision Festival, Moscow – Studio Trika is one of the Finalists in the Modern category as is selected to perform in the festival once again this year.
  • International Yoga Day, Chandigarh – Studio Trika created beautiful 3D Mapping projections of Asanas, detailing its benefits, on massive sets installed in Sukhna lake
  • Incredible India Campaign, India Gate, New Delhi – Studio Trika transformed the iconic India Gate with breath-taking visuals through 3D Projection mapping.

Projecting the Future
With technology simplifying yet enhancing communication, Studio Trika is on a mission to open up new spheres of visual media. From making century old heritage monuments come alive to all its glory and narrate history, to making products come alive and talk directly to consumers, Studio Trika leads the industry’s transition into New Media.

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