R. Padia Associates: Providing Numerous Banking Supports with Dignity and Novelty

The growth rate of the Banking and Financial services industry is the fastest in the past decade in the Indian Economy. This industry plays a pivotal role in achieving sustainable GDP and delivering inclusive growth.
With the overall industrial and economic development, funds are rapidly changing hands, finding their ways through various banking and finance institutions for a large number of reasons. It is the hub of all the commercial activities and backbone of every business.
Making a decision about money for investment purpose is very challenging. This is why many people turn to financial advisors to help them make these decisions. As a financial advisor, R. Padia Associates offers financial advice, information, tools, and services to their treasured clients and helps them to achieve their financial goal. Moreover, they use scientific methods in quantifying the future objective of a client and suitably advise them to achieve that objective in define timeline.
R.Padia Associates, with a team of experienced financial advisors provides Consultancy and Advisory services on the overall working of Cooperative Banks, Cooperative Institutes (Dairy, sugar, Marketing etc), and Micro Finance mainly in Banking, legal, Policymaking, HR/Training, Internal checks and control system, Revival & Rehabilitation and Cooperative Management. R.Padia Associates with the team of expert and experienced Bankers have been preparing “Operational Manuals” for the Cooperative Banks for their smooth operations of day to day working.
Additionally, the organization provides Banking Consultancy and Financial services to Large and MSME Units in the areas of Banking, Finance, Projects, preparation of Banking Compliance, Bank statements/CMA, etc. for their Banking requirements and compliances. R.Padia Associates has also entered into Insurance Consultancy in Life and General (Nonlife) Insurance business for Corporates and Individuals. They are planning to obtain Corporate Agency licensee for the business very soon.
A Dedicated Visionary
Rajiv Padia is the Founder with 37 years of banking experience in the field of Commercial and Cooperative Banks. He has completed his post graduation in M.Com/ LL.B from the Gujarat University. Prior to the R. Padia Associates, Rajiv worked with renowned companies like The Gujarat State Cooperative Bank Ltd and State Bank of India. Currently, he leads the company by contributing vision, inspiration and valuable business insights to the employees of R. Padia Associates across the country. Owing to his vision, and entrepreneurial, value-based approach to leadership, R. Padia Associates has grown into a renowned banking and financial advisory firm.
Moreover, he has membership in Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF) & The Institute of Management Consultants of India (IMCI). Earlier he had been associated with NICM as Member of Governing Council and also served as a Trustee. Rajiv acclaims, “As stated above, company’s “out-of-the-box” strategy is always taking up the matter to the root cause and studies it well. Detailed analysis, research and work out solution and guidance. Rest is explained above.” Distinctive Services and Solutions R. Padia Associates exclusively provides services to the sector of MSME and Large business units. Their innovative banking consultancy program is offering solutions in the area of Fund Raising, Project Finance, Preparation of Banking Compliances, and Bank Statements/CMA data. With their enthusiastic team members of CAs, the organization also handles Audit & Inspection of books, Stock Audit, and Certification for submission to various Authorities. Through their Allies, they have successfully managed several areas, such as Valuation/Project & Equity Valuation, Industrial/Plant & Machinery Valuation, Real Estate/Infrastructure Valuation, and Investment Banking. The organization is proffering core services for Banks/Cooperative Banks. Their numerous core services are –
Professionalization in Banking

  1. Padia Associates is managing the Business plan, business strategy development and manages the Resources of its own fund deposits and borrowings. They help clients to achieve the right direction for Corporate Governance, Review, and Revision of Bye-laws, Policies etc.

Management of Advances, NPA Management & Investment
The organization is also providing guidance about Credit policy, Fund based and Non-Fund based Advances, Micro and Macro-Finance, New areas of Lending, Monitoring of Advances, Documentation and Legal aspects, Proper follow-up and Inspection system, and Recovery system. Moreover, the organization also highlights the area of Set up of the Recovery system, Revival of sticky loans, Legal actions under various Acts and methods, Securitization Act, Write off as part of Cleansing of Balance Sheet, and Compromise & Settlements.
Additionally, they deliver beneficial suggestion or idea about the current Investment policy, and the new areas of investments. Not only that, but they are also managing a large section of Human Resources, RBI/NABARD/Govt. Regulations, Legal matters, Cooperative Law, Merger & Acquisition, and Diversification of Business.
Client’s benefits are the key Factor for the Organization
Rajiv, while describing the vision of the organization, says that, “Since we are working on “Retainership” basis and long-term association, the clients get services in all areas. Further, in my area of expertise, no other experienced person is available. My approach to the point is always looking to the future effect of any action. Secondly, we always consider the angle of the opposite party. And strategize our action accordingly.”
Journey which Help them Discover Better Future Strategies
When the organization started their voyage, no other companies were in this banking consulting field. With all their experience in this field (Banking & Cooperative) and working in the top position of the state, they never faced any roadblocks during the establishment.
Rajiv describes, “We have already entered into providing training to staff and personnel of the Banks. We have our team of experts. We are also enlarging the scope in other sectors. We are entering into insurance sector shortly. We have taken up the task to prepare operational and policy manuals for banks as also manufacturing/processing units.”

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