SriSattva Group: Leveraging Excellence to Boost Business Strength

Established in 2009, SriSattva Group began as a Chartered Accountant Firm and moved on to become a growth strategy consulting firm. Over a decade, it has assisted thousands of companies in their expansion and growth path. SriSattva Group strives towards placing themselves as a one stop destination for all business expansion and growth needs of an organization including finance, marketing and legal aspects! They believe in performing their work as a Growth Strategy Consulting Firm, with primary focus on Small Medium Enterprises (SME) in India, US, Singapore, Australia, Europe, Middle East and South Africa.
The company’s global network and research database have been carefully built over several years which they let entrepreneurs capitalize through their Smart India Initiative. SriSattva Group’s diverse thinking ability, helps them view the situation with an entrepreneurial mindset and discover solutions as a stakeholder. They break the barriers of conservative financial consultancy and work with innovative solutions fixated on continuous and long-term growth.
While Ms. Aparna Rammohan, manages the overall operations and consulting of SriSattva Group, Advocate K RamMohan, with 40+ years of senior banking experience heads the Legal, Risk and Compliance division of the group.
The Admirable Leader of SriSattva Group
Ms. Aparna RamMohan leads SriSattva Group as the Managing Director of the Group. She is a Chartered Accountant (India), Chartered Global Management Accountant (US) and Chartered Management Accountant (UK). She started her career with Price Waterhouse Coopers before she began her entrepreneurial journey in 2009.
Ms. Aparna is a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, London, UK. Highly motivated individual who spreads her enthusiasm to achieve and perform. Her articles are published in various Global finance related magazines and she is a popular speaker at various knowledge forums, business conferences and academic seminars. She plays role of an advisor, mentor and director in various Companies across the globe.
She is known as a GST expert and GST trainer for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for other professionals and finance personnel. She has contributed to GST transition through multiple awareness programs conducted under her able leadership and expert opinion reports.
Remarkable Achievements

  • Serviced Companies across the continents and remote locations spread across 30+ Industries as a part of her professional career.
  • Assisted managements in striking complex deals in deadlock situations.
  • Heading a Global Network of professionals in various fields to provide end to end client solutions.
  • Started Smart India Initiative to create awareness and inspire businesses to scale up.
  • Expertise in Strategic Growth Consulting which includes structured funding, restructuring businesses, valuation strategy, risk management, startup structuring, revenue growth strategy and taxation.
  • One of the chosen GST Experts and Trainers of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
  • Highly active and dynamic in academic growth and social empowerment activities

Implementing Creative Solutions to justify Clients Needs
Professional Commitment, Ethical Integrity and utmost focus on quality of the value added services is what keeps SriSattva Group growing. Without any compromise, SriSattva Group’s foundation is based on three pillars – Clients, Employees and Quality. They chalk out a strategy to resolve current issues and bring the entity on the growth track, through a two-pronged strategy. The problems identified by the management are one part which is primary reason for their engagement with the client. And another thing they do is the root cause analysis and untying those knots which play a larger role in resolving issues towards a well laid growth path for their customers.
SriSattva Group works in tandem with the client by pooling in their own expertise and resources with their client’s expertise towards a common goal of their client’s growth. Instead of spending time on reinventing resources, they assist clients with quick fix solutions that will help the business sustain while preparing them towards their longer term growth plan.
While describing the company’s work strategies Aparna articulates, “Let me explain you a case where we helped a Company which was developing school focused software to manage teacher student interaction and teacher parent interaction. While it is a no brainer today, this Company was selling it 10 years back when only premium category schools had resources for technology. Being ahead of market, does have first mover advantage but only if you can survive till the market catches up. This Company while had most of the schools interested but handful of them were its paying clients making it unviable for the entity to be profitable. SriSattva team researched and identified global markets where educational institutions were not only ready to pay for the software but also sign off long term AMC for continuous development and management. This Company was a well known school CRM brand both in Europe and India before the founders exited the business through a profitable stake sale to an International Edu-Tech Company.”
“Another case which we would like to talk about is about an online order and deliver mobile app which was one of the many similar apps in recent times. Operating in a crowded market is not only a struggle to earn margins but also questions the long term survival ability. But, our client had already spent money and resources to build the product unable to shut close the case and wanted to raise funds. We had options of advising them to focus on raising funds to compete with the biggies or assist them in revenue growth. We advised them on the latter, helped them market their developed app to various large organizations across the globe, not as an order and delivery service, but as “delivery management app” product which could be customized for any large organization for their internal team or customer usage.”
Future Approach
As business houses increasingly try to establish a global foot-print, SriSattva Group is excited about being able to make good use of their global network and International Business acumen which they have built over the years to aid clients in their growth path. The company is aware that there is a steep increase in technology and innovative solutions in all fields and that business consulting would not be spared. Henceforth, SriSattva Group is looking forward to embed technology and innovation into their day-to-day work thereby aligning to the way of future.

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