Trident F&B Consultants Pvt. Ltd.: An Eminent Hospitality Consulting Organization

Founded in 1991, Trident F&B Consultants is an illustrious professionally managed Hospitality Consulting Organization indulged in setting up Resorts, Hotels, Food courts, Amusement parks, QSRs, Sweets shops, Bakeries & Confectionery outlets, Commissaries & High efficiency Base kitchens, Industrial and Institutional Catering divisions.
Today, Trident F&B Consultants is acknowledged as a leading & reputed organization that is well equipped to carry out Hospitality Projects all over the world. They have a team of competent professionals who can easily handle numerous technical aspects that come across at different levels in a Hospitality Project.
Trident F&B Consultants dedicatedly provides Hospitality Services by maintaining high quality level, knowing the latest advances in the Hospitality sector, and backed by skilled & well-trained teams. They have done more than 500 Hospitality projects spanning almost across the entire country.
Foundation Pillars of the Company
Mr.Sanjeev Sareen, CEO of Trident F&B Consultants, has done Hotel Management from IHM Pusa and has a vast experience in the Hotel industry with the likes of Taj Mansingh, Taj Palace and overseas assignments in Libya (Africa), Le Meridien, Holiday Inn (Erstwhile) in F&B Production and F&B Controls. In 1991, he began to feel the need to guide new entrants as well as the established brands in the Hospitality Sector in carrying out various stages in a Project effectively and efficiently so as to get desired results. As a result of his dynamic vision, Trident F&B Consultants Pvt. Ltd. came into existence and the methods adopted by the company immediately became, and continue to be, the industry standards.
Mr.Abhishek Saareen, Executive Director of Trident F&B Consultants, holds Bachelors in Hotel Management & Catering Technology from New Delhi, has exposure in The Park Hotel (New Delhi), The Oberoi Hotel & Trident Hotel (Mumbai) and an overseas stint in Dubai (UAE). He was awarded with special recognition during studies for “Facility Planning”. He takes care of the planning, execution and post-opening streamlining in a particular hospitality project.
Offering Diverse Services with Innovative Approach
At Trident F&B Consultants, they offer end-to-end solutions under one roof. They are a diversified & experienced group of hotel and hospitality industry experts and specialists, providing sound advice needed to successfully resolve complex issues related to ownership, lending, franchising, management, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. They leverage expertise & counsel to make the business profitable.
Why a client should hire Trident F&B Consultants Pvt. Ltd.?

  • Timely completion of the project.
  • Acknowledging and Using new/prevailing technologies
  • Make a particular project very cost effective.
  • Guide clients to make their project successful with respect to its marketing strategies
  • Well-experienced staff.
  • Stopping the business owners/management from making wrong decisions.
  • Transparency and working on mutual understanding with liberal norms and their benefits.
  • Their unrivalled experience of engaging with famous brands as their clients like Haldiram’s, Rockman’s Beer Island, ISKCON, Imly, Om Sweets, Gulab, BTW, Sandoz, Bhikhaaram Chaandmal, Comesum, Gopal’s (Chandigarh), Mohini Tea, Jassons Sheesh Mahal (Murthal), L.S Caterers, Tewari Bros. Mithaiwala, Gopala, Bikaji etc.
  • They offer all the committed services and remain there with the restaurant operator, even after the opening.
  • Offers requisite expertise to execute a particular Hospitality project from concept to completion stage.

When the company starts working with its clients, they always put themselves into the client’s shoes, visualizing the operations and contemplating over the difficulties the client may face if they do a particular thing in a certain way. Then, with extensive experience and insights, Trident removes all the difficulties & the bottle necks in making the operations smooth. In all, Trident F&B Consultants learn and evolve in order to give their best to the clients, wherever they get involved in a hospitality project.
Currently, Trident F&B Consultants are undertaking the following services & solutions:
Planning of the food outlets: This is bifurcated into two categories:-

  1. a) Theme b) Menu

Theme of the restaurant shall precisely depend on the menu and the cuisine. The company helps in choosing the regional Menu and Theme and their proper execution and implementation with the help of the interior team which is on their panel. They are expert in planning High-class Food Courts, Sweet shops and Theme based restaurants with a diverse menu that includes Mediterranean, Far-East, European, Ethnic Punjabi, Exotic Sea-Food, Specialty South Indian, etc.
Managerial Consultancy: In this, the company lends its assistance during the initial days after the opening/ offers help for the smooth functioning. Their team can handle any kind of situation that comes across during the ongoing process.
Systems & Procedures and their implementation: Systems and procedures are routinely made, but due to certain hiccups during Operations they are not implemented properly. Therefore, Trident tries to put them into the mainstream.
Kitchen Planning & equipment selection: Kitchen Designing is one important aspect of the Facility Planning. Kitchen is the nerve of any project so utmost care is taken as far as work-ability and Space Utilization is concerned. Once the layout is finalized, then they submit the detailed Service Drawings i.e. Electrical, Plumbing, LPG/ CNG/ PNG, Exhaust-Fresh air, etc.
Feasibility study: At the pre-conceptual stage, Trident F&B Consultants offer their services for the study of viability and feasibility. That includes all the positive and negative points as far as the location of the project is concerned, the projected clientele and the estimated footfall.
Project reports: Project reports are prepared in co-ordination with the Chartered Accountant to give a fair view of the monitory/monetary aspects.
Additionally, they are also involved in:

  • Sick unit handling
  • Planning of bulk catering establishments
  • To provide the measures for effective cost control
  • Output & Profit Enhancement
  • Strategy Planning 

Ground-breaking Strategies to Accomplish Co-creative Requisites
Trident F&B Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has always been values driven. Their core values shape the culture and define the character of their company. Integrity is of prime importance to them and this reflects through the maintenance of transparent and highest ethical & moral practices in every aspect of their operations.
Future Panorama
With a touch of supremacy, Trident F&B Consultants are putting the heart, soul & mind in the work to get the best and committing to provide great service and other initiatives that impact lives both within and outside the organization. They are also committed to have a great sense of responsibility and give contribution to society that defines their existence by giving the best to their clients and achieving excellence with each passing day, thus resulting in unmatched results for all round satisfaction. Although, Trident F&B Consultants envision themselves as a world class player engaged in providing Professional Consulting Services to the Hospitality Industry & they always pursue to offer the best to their clients.

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