RC Hospitality Solutions: Pioneering Premier Solutions in the Arena of Hotel & Restaurant Business

RC Hospitality Solutions is a consulting firm for hotel & restaurant businesses and a specialist training company for the service industry. It is a renowned consulting & advisory firm providing innovative and strategic counsel to the hospitality industry at large in India. They are a team of industry veterans that provides state-of-the-art ideas and solutions to previously existing and new restaurant ventures. RC Hospitality Solutions aims to develop creative paths to drive restaurant sales. Their creativity ideas are backed by concrete analysis and substantial research to provide ingenious solutions to their clients. Moreover, they also provide a detailed implementation procedure for all their treasured clients.

An experienced and qualified service industry professional, Rajnish Chopra, founded RC Hospitality Solutions back in 2007. The firm believes in customizing their services in projects as well as training. They focus on training need analysis of their clients’ domain and then create modules for effective training.

In the same way, the organization also caters to the technology firms, which requires innovative and futuristic solutions to match their needs. In such cases, RC Solutions equips the clients with the latest tech-enabled devices and gadgets to help them build a dining experience that is in line with its vision.

The Erudite Leader of the Company

Rajnish Chopra is hospitality professional with rich and varied experience across service sector in operations as well as training. He established RC Hospitality Solutions to provide groundbreaking solutions towards their customers in the arena of hospitality and hotels or restaurants. The certified NLP trainer, Rajnish has a degree in the field of hotel management & diploma in management.

He has a wide range of experience in the Hospitality Industry in various fields including Hotel Operation & Management, Hospitality Education & Training, Project Designing, and Execution.  Rajnish while in abroad, also trained himself for Hotel Operations and worked with national international renowned companies.

In 2007, Rajnish started on his own-RC Hospitality solutions, with offices in Mumbai &Pune and has executed 18 restaurants projects and two, four stars hotel projects, and trained more than 45,000 service industry professionals across the world.

Distinctive Services and Solutions

RCHS as a company has two verticals such as Hotel Projects Consulting and Specialized Training for Hospitality, Retail, and Service sector.

Project Consulting Hospitality Training & Project Planning and Implementation

RCHS’s major activity is to involve themselves as a Hotel Consultant on Technical Assistance Program for the Hotel and Restaurant Projects.  However, they are also undertaking specific assignments as required by the clients/project as packages. Some specific package assignments can be included in the areas of activities.

Project Planning and Implementation Assignment Package

This assignment includes the following specific activity areas such as Project Conceptualization, Project Planning, Area Planning, and Co-ordination with other consultants. Operating areas layout planning, Front Office Department, Housekeeping Department, Food Production Department, Food & Beverage Service Department, Central Store, Staff Areas, Administrative Areas, Security and Back areas, Business Centre, Health Club, EPABX systems, TV channel system, and all the related areas etc.

Additionally, RC Hospitality Solutions have more hotel operation related areas, which help their client’s to enjoy the peaceful experience. The organization is delivering its service in different areas like Purchase Assistance, Installation Assistance, Operating System Designing, Menu Planning and Standardization, Inventory System Control Development, Manpower Planning, Selection, Recruitment & Training, System Installation and Support Services, Marketing Strategies Development, Project  Registration and Approval, Co-ordination for the Franchise Agreement (if required), Graphic Designing co-ordination,   Soft Opening assistance, Operating Assistance for 3 months (commercial Operation), and any other work related to the project planning and execution.

Post-Project Assignment Packages 

RC Hospitality is offering individual packages outlined below would be available for Operating Properties as required such as Hotel Star Classification by the Department of Tourism, Govt. of India, Post-operational Support Services, Management Support Services, Franchise Agreements arrangement, Technical Audit, Management Audit and Technical Support Services for Specific Operating Problems.

Training Vertical

Rajnish Chopra has trained more than 45000 Service industry professionals internationally across the service industry ranging from hotels, restaurants, multiplex, amusement parks, hotel schools, technical institutes, B Schools, Airlines, Automobile, & Hospitals in India, UAE & Thailand.

The ‘out-of-the-box’ Strategies

RC Hospitality Solutions proposes various out-of-the-box strategies to their clients, which help them, maintain a competitive edge over their competitors. They often emphasis on real-time case studies, storytelling technique of training, adult learning processes focusing on self-learning and introspection, aligning their training sessions to tangible outcome linked to appraisal systems. In the projects of restaurants, Rajnish has been very creative F&B Professional force and his ideas are widely recognizes as futuristic, innovative and yet quite applicable.

Key Values that Define the Organization

Given his decade-long experience in the consulting field, Rajnish has successfully conquered multiple roadblocks with an honest approach towards business, consistency in quality, appreciation of clients, backed by their strong ethics. Rajnish and his team at RC Solutions consider these values as the main reason for their tremendous success.

Proceeds of the Clients to Work with RC Hospitality Solutions

RC Hospitality Solutions’ vision is to provide beneficial solutions towards their treasured clients which help them understand new and upcoming trends and the facilities in the arena of hospitality and hotel. As a prominent consulting firm, the organization offers one-stop shop, creative and knowledge-driven approach, value for money, high commitment to the delivery of their services in terms of the result, and their key point is customer satisfaction.

Future Prospects

Rajnish, while describing the future strategies of the organization, says that We are venturing into new domains such as hospitals, support engineering service companies, international sites to become an integral part of the growing service economy in India”.

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