TULS Corp: Providing an End-to-End and Value Added Solutions

The construction industry usually deals with various types of construction sectors like Real Estate and Infrastructure. To manage such kind of unique projects requires an expertise with a thorough knowledge. Shortage of such specialized staff within the Industry is creating major hurdles in delivering quality projects. Project Management Consultancies are coming to the rescue in such dilemma. These companies play a multifaceted part and provide services from inception to completion of the projects. Use of Consultancies offers effective management solutions and improves efficiency and outcome of a project in construction. The world is moving towards greener and cleaner energy, more specifically Solar and wind power generation. These power generation facilities needs Consultancy services so as to set up plant with proper specification, within budget and tight timelines. Moreover, monitoring Operation and Maintenance of this plant needs to be done in holistic manner.
TULS Corp is one such leading consultancy company providing a wide range of high quality, cost-effective, project management, cost management, and advisory services to its clients operating in Construction and Power sector. TULS Corp provides end to end consultancy services for setting up solar power plants, both ground mounted and rooftop. TULS Corp was established in 2010 and till date, they have served more than 90 clienteles. TULS has an impressive client list varying from State Utilities, Government Departments, Multinational Companies, Public Limited Companies, Private Limited Companies, Partnership Firms, and HNI’s.
Youth empowerment, women empowerment, freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts and ideas and work life balance are some of the young talent attraction strategies being employed at TULS Corp.
Along with technical expertise, TULS makes use of its past experience and learning in order to provide holistic solutions to its client. Reasonably valued fee structure, client centric approach, value added services and addressing problem proactively are some of the key strategies at TULS that makes them stand apart as compared to the competitors.
Most importantly at TULS, they believe in forming a win-win relationship, which is core to their customer satisfaction and employee retention strategy.
A Motivating Leader
Vaibhav Satpute, Director and CEO of TULS Corp, is an individual who has proven to be a 360 degree entrepreneur. With a degree in B.Tech Civil and 12 years of experience in renewable energy sector, Vaibhav acts as a Mentor, Leader and an enthusiastic and energetic person who believes in empowering people.
Vaibhav has travelled across the globe and brings in rich international expertise that has proved to be instrumental for the growth of TULS. He strongly believes in providing strategic, systematic problem solving and result oriented approach for all assignments undertaken by TULS. He has been instrumental in crafting TULS Corp’s vision, “To Promote Wealth Sharing Culture among ALL Stakeholders in Challenging, Rewarding and Sustainable Work Environment.”
He believes innovation driven company always has far better brand value than others. “Company encouraging their employees to innovate can create far better work culture that eventually helps the company in terms of growth,” says Vaibhav. He is of an opinion that a leader should let an employee to willingly accept challenges and allow taking calculated risk, which will eventually lead to better productivity.
Providing Comprehensive Solutions
Core competency of TULS involves in providing end-to-end & value added support to its client from inception, to commissioning of the project. TULS also provides Salvage value determination services, Owners Engineer Services, 3rd party inspection, and Supervision services. For Real Estate Companies, apart from Project Management, TULS offers services like Quantity Surveying, MEPand Bill Certification etc. The company offers Structural Auditing services for Power Plants, Factory buildings and large structures. It also provides Quality Control and Quality Assurance services to large Construction Projects. It offers services like Market research, Feasibility studies, Techno-Economic Viability (TEV) reports, Detailed Project Reports (DPR), Technology Transfer, International Partner search, Business Incubation, Business transformation, Risk Assessment, etc. TULS Corp boasts itself as an employee friendly company and has launched series of Employee welfare and career advancement programs. The company values its people and ethics and it reflects in its name as T- Trust, U – Always focused on You (Client), L – Leverage and S – Sustain. Company has its own ‘Code of Conduct and Ethics’, which helps decision-making easier at all levels and reduces ambiguity and considerations of individual perspectives in ethical standards.
The professional caliber of TULS has won recognition consistently over the past years. They are a winner of many awards like, “Global Indian Achievers award”- 2013, Winner of “Indian Industrial Excellence Award” -2014, Winner of “Best Infrastructure Management Company in India” by Build Magazine, UK- 2015 and 2016.
Future Roadmap
With a solid reputation and quality referrals from existing clients, TULS Corp continues to venture into other sector and is positioned to make bigger splash in the upcoming years. “It’s always exciting when our values and quality of work are communicated across the verticals, transcends the norms of a business, and allows us to provide quality service to new clientele,” says Vaibhav. To help companies stay competitive in the ever-changing business environment, TULS wants to utilize their past experience and knowledge to establish a tight partnership in building Client’s vision for the future.

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