Sandbox Tor Browser 0.0.2 ‘Alpha’ is Now Available

Sandboxes  version of the Tor Browser is now here. The latest version, 0.0.2, has been revealed by the longtime Tor developer Yawning Angel. In a blog post  Angel said, “Official binaries should be available sometime next week, so I strongly suggest that people wait till then, unless they feel confident in installing the build time dependencies, and building the binary.”
This Gtk+3 consist UI for downloading/installing/updating Tor Browser, configuring tor, and releasing the sandboxed browser. Think  ‘tor-browser-launcher’, that happens to follow Tor Browser in a bunch of containers.
Linux seccomp-bpf + namespace based containers for Tor Browser, that attempts to prevent/mitigate exploits and reduce the amount of personally identifiable information to a minimum, centered around the bubble wrap.
The known system contradictory mentioned in the blog is: 64 bit kernel, 32 bit user land is not supported; X32 is groundless. The package that is convenient in ‘universe’ should not be installed, and will not work.
As those wondering what is sandboxing, a sandbox is a security mechanism for separating running programs. The technique is used to execute untested or uncertain  programs or codes, mostly from unverified sources without risking harm to the host machine or operating system.

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