Shruti Kothiwal: Reviving the Legacy of Traditional Craftsmanship with Vaasa Mimansa

Shruti Kothiwal | Vaasa Mimansa
Shruti Kothiwal

Just because change is the only constant, should everything traditional be changed and replaced with modernistic principles for the sake of it, including our ethics, moral values, honesty, mutual trust, faith, and longstanding beliefs?

Since time immemorial, the Indian society has sustained itself by adhering to its ancient traditions, diverse cultural customs, and evolving social ethos in the face of constantly shifting winds of time and a continuously flowing river of generational legacies passing through the nerves and veins of the entire country living and thriving in the hubbub of life’s carnival.

Whatever the external sensations are trying to impose, influence, and overwhelm it, the Indian-ness has survived and will survive for eternity because it has kept its original soul intact. The soul of a never-dying spirit and embracing the change; rather, channeling its course in a positively sustainable way.
The Indian entrepreneurial acumen has always been the symbol of positivity, adaptability, and sustainability since the time of IVC’s trade with Mesopotamia civilization. Taking a cue from this everlasting tradition, Shruti Kothiwalthe young entrepreneurial stalwart and the Founder, says, “We at Vaasa Mimansa came to life for building a healthy everyday life at home and make a positive difference in people’s lives and in return wishing to succeed with a soul.”

A Marketplace for Unique and Creative Goods
According to Shruti, Vaasa Mimansa is home to extraordinary treasures from uniquely handcrafted pieces. She continues, “It’s our mission to build a healthy everyday life at home and make a positive difference in people’s lives.

India’s leading company committed to making its products accessible to everyone and helping make the world a happier and healthier place, Vaasa Mimansa, is constantly evolving into newer and better forms. Shruti says, “We care about building a quality product, trusted relationships with our customers, and a sense of community that connects our customers and team with one another.”

She furthers that since early, her focus has been on building one of the most unique and fulfilling workplaces by rethinking many traditional practicesShe insists, “In essence, we strive to lead with our principles and to help spread ideas of sustainability and responsibility whose impact can reach far beyond our own business.”

Entrepreneurial Symphonies of the Moradabad Girl
Telling the saga of this budding startup since its inception, tracing back Shruti reflects that its inception has been the brainchild of two minds. Shruti, the Moradabad girl, has grown up amid the symphonies of craftsmen’s hammers. “I was apprehensive about seeing the dying state of affairs and the need to promote them internationally. My Co-founder (metallurgical engineer), who deeply understands the field, had a similar belief. We both synergized together, and the outcome was Vaasa Mimansa.” Since then, it has been scaling heights.

Her ardent inspiration was to revive the legacy of their traditional artisans that is getting lost in the lanes of cities like Moradabad, Aligarh, and Rewari. However, their inspiration got cemented when COVID struck. “It was a crucial time to question our choices of metallic and processed industrial goods at home and particularly in our kitchen,” she states.

The Steely Nerves of the Metallic Belief
There were initial challenges Shruti and her team of Vaasa Mimansa had to surmount to ensure the business’s success rate reached greater heights. In hindsight, understanding the market pattern and customer preferences, incorporating upcoming analytics tools, and developing the right team have been some early trials. “Since our belief was so strong that apparently, they didn’t look like challenges,” she feels.
Stating their professional values and qualities greatly admired by their clients, Shruti says that it has been seen in the past that ventures without ethical conduct have never flourished for long, and “So is our belief.” Vaasa Mimansa functions with utmost honesty, ethical conduct, and work commitment to customer satisfaction. “Not just that, we are also environmentally conscious through our approach to recycling customers’ metal scrap,” she assures.

Sharing the most significant unique selling propositions that highlight the brand Vaasa Mimansa’s exceptionality in the industry, Shruti conveys, “We are a single integrated platform that not only sells premium quality handcrafted metal products but also builds a lifelong bond with our customers through us resell policy. It is important to understand that metal, unlike other substitutes, can be recycled and has antimicrobial properties, thus a great sustainable choice, which we are trying to promote.”

Becoming the Job Creator
As an experienced professional, her only piece of advice to the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world is, “Come out of your comfort zone. Be a job creator, not a seeker. Entrepreneurial experience will altogether change your perception.”

On envisioning Vaasa Mimansa’s operations with emerging technologies and automated tools revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations, Shruti reveals that emerging technologies and automated tools are indeed a boom for companies like them. “Leveraging them, we can expand the reach of our products to a larger audience, interact with them in better ways, understand their preferences, and be upright in fulfilling them. To sum it up, they have made us closer to our customers,” she concludes.

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