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Biometrics, a word which has been thru every human ear in today’s world is shaping a new cornerstone in almost every territory across the globe. Biometrics has revolutionized the way authentication, identification and access control is done. Biometrics system has proved its metal in every stage giving minimum time for 100% guarded, convenient, and impeccable verification. one of the most fruitful added advantage we have got with this unique ID is the feature of linking every account with this ID which ensured that our entire data is being protected and is under government survellience tieing the last knot in the direction of public security. one can definately support the fact that biometric technologies are the next name of creating a secure world.
Helming this technology and proving itself to be the pioneer and leader in providing solutions related to Attendance and Biometric Access Control is Star Link Communication Pvt. Ltd. With the sole motto to provide solutions quenching requirements of the clients, the company has served over eight thousand clients and is still counting. Incorporating the demands of the client, it provides solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, and requirement-specific, thereby leading to customer delight and reduction in the administrative cost.
Journey So Far
Star Link was first associated with the Telecom Industry Market in 1996, the journey started when the Managing Director, Vipin Yadav, first came up with the theory of Call Conferencing. An electronics engineer and a veteran in the industry, Mr.Vipin’s theory was not merely an idea but ended as the first Conference Calling Equipment to be approved by the Indian Government. His innovative attitude and technical approach led Star Link to establish milestones with biometrics & access control systems and cater the nation with attendance solutions. The company now serves almost all the sectors of business like Public Sector Units, Banking & Finance Industry, FMCG, Real Estate, Hospitality, Production Units, Iron & Steel Industry and many more.
Shining Star in the Industry 
Star Link Communication has been awarded as “Best Company” by ASSOCHAM for the year 2017 and 2018 in a row for innovation and technology. With so many national and international brands in the industry vying for the top slot and claiming to offer superior products this indeed speaks volumes. The company has closely observed and knows that a customer looks for not just the product but complete solution like associated software, on-call support, warranties, and after-sales services among others. Star Link has emerged as a powerhouse for all attendance solutions and when they say the word “ALL”, they promise it.
It aims to showcase the world with the absoluteness of biometric technologies, growth in biometric authentication, and improving the metrics to sense the human characteristics in quicker time. To achieve its objectives, it has set strict parameters of checking the quality and efficiency of its products at each/every stage. It provides after-sales services along with the supported software and accessories eliminating obstacles faced by the departments during capturing working hours leave management, overtime management, and salary calculations. With a uniquely independent R&D capacity, it designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and sells its products efficiently. It has full control over the entire supply chain thus it can design with the end product in mind and ensure that only the best quality products reach its customers. Star Link is trying to implement some more technologies in their systems and solutions which will be fruitful for the industry.
Overcoming Challenges with Technology
The global market for biometric technology will grow by 19.5 per cent CAGR from $14.4 billion in 2017 to reach $59.31 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research. These digits are a window to the opportunities that lie ahead, but not without challenges. Progressing towards a safe and secure biometric world, deadlocks and challenges need to be encountered. Data, being vulnerable, needs top-notch data handling techniques. There are different challenges in terms of biometric mobility, easy access to data sharing and authentication, duplicate data, correct vital information data entry for particular human being and the list can be long. Infant biometrics too is a challenge that needs to be addressed.
Evolving technology here is the key to tackle these challenges. The world is now being connected by wireless technologies, numbers replaced by touches, identification codes by biometric identification processes, and monitoring.  Researchers and developers are trying to swirl technology with single touch comfort which will turn into a reality through introducing biometric solutions. The need for biometric has reached to an extent where a single touch of one’s finger unlocks the smart phone. Soon, technology will showcase how only gestures and biometrics of a human body will be responsible for vivid identification processes in various fields. These facts and news highlight that biometric technologies definitely holds the key to the future with them.
Vision Ahead
After biometrics, Star link now aims to provide solutions on the fingertips of Hrs with their Payroll Software System which will break all the barriers to make precised & well-structured salaries for the employees. The witty payroll software system will be a one-click solution to calculate different deductions and additions like ESI, PF, TDS, TAX, Loan advance etc. This software also helps in ‘Dues Clearance’ at the time of resignation of any employee. Also, the firm is in the final groundwork to make people experience virtual office from anywhere in the world just on a tap of one’s finger over the smart phone. Company is developing a Time Web App to provide easy access to all the employees through their smart phones in managing their attendance, leave management, working hours, and overtime. All these would be accessible from any corner of the world.

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