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Warden Security Systems Pvt Ltd., an ISO 9001-2015 certified organization has its major focus in manufacturing and distribution of various Cliometric Access Control systems  & Entrance automation products and integrated solutions to system integrators, software developers, and product resellers.
With an experience of more than a decade, Warden Security Systems establishes the availability of the same with customized ready-to-use applications on various platforms and multiple technologies for security and convenience. As an independent supplier of integrated solutions for various applications, the company has been working in close association with world leaders of the technology to provide the best and cost-effective products to its customers.
Warden is also amongst the first few companies which designs and manufactures
IoT controllers and Fingerprint access controllers based on the different requirements of the users. Warden is also working with various application development companies to provide a complete integrated solution be it simple access control or complete premises management solution.
The Big Picture
With technology infiltrating every aspect of modern living and our world becoming increasingly digitized, protecting confidential information is becoming all the more difficult. Passwords and keys were once considered sufficient to provide data security but now they look increasingly feeble in the face of sophisticated hacker attacks. In fact, passwords are the weakest link in an organization’s security system. This is mainly because they are shareable and even those with strong entropy can be cracked by a variety of methods and combinations.
The recent reports of network security breaches and identity thefts further affirm the fact that a strong authentication method is the need of today’s time. This has put the focus on biometric security as it is the only effective way to prove an individual’s identity. Biometric traits are inherent and unique to each individual and comprise of physical and behavioral characteristics such as fingerprints, face, iris, gait, voice etc. Therefore, biometric security systems can verify an individual’s identity with utmost accuracy and reliability since biometric traits are part of the individual’s being.
Challenges in the deployment of Biometric technologies have reduced over the past few year, thanks to advancement in the technology. However, the real challenge lies in effectively managing the biometric data and the security concerns involved during transfer and deployment of such data across different platforms and verticals. The opportunities lie in successful integration of such data across various applications to make biometric a unique single identity and for a complete integrated solution
The Inspirational Force behind Warden
Varun Sachdev – CEO of Warden Security Systems, has helped the company to grow from a start-up to a leader in biometric technology and the entry automation system’s industry. As a CEO, he has spearheaded many strategic partnership initiatives and played a crucial role in the company’s product development roadmap. Varun is responsible for overseeing business development and marketing activities, building partnerships, government outreach, and providing senior leadership on business & policy issues.
His vision is to develop an insightful and technology-driven business matrix where success is a process and their esteemed clients are partners in growth. “No customer is small to us and we have a product or a solution for everyone. We have been constantly adding new products and on latest available technology to further enhance our product portfolio,” says Varun.
Innovative Services and Solutions
Warden Security Systems by its products & solutions makes security more convenient, accurate, and reliable than ever before! Using biometric technology, Warden enables businesses, global organizations, and borders to simplify identity management, resulting in improved safety, and protection.
Providing ready stocks of various smart cards, readers, scanners, and accessories for testing, evaluation, satisfactory pre-sales, and post-sales support have been the key to their success. This has enabled system integrator, software developers & product re-sellers to successfully integrate the emerging technology products with their solutions to provide timely delivery to their clients saving both time, effort, and in turn gaining a satisfied client to their ever-growing client list.
At Warden, each customer and every project is catered to with utmost care to meet their requirements at each level of the project. Warden happens to be a biometric master when it comes to protecting your privacy from others. It uses fingerprint, iris, and behavioural biometrics. Moreover, it provides a wide range of products to its customers such as biometric fingerprint enabled time attendance system, Access Control Systems, entry automation systems, Aadhaar enabled devices, etc.
Team Warden acknowledges each of the client’s issues and do a thorough research and provide a solution, which can serve their purpose for years to come and thereby cutting down on their cost in various sectors of Human Resource Management across the company.
Designing & developing innovative products based on complex set of technologies has given Warden an experience to work on wide range of platform like Web, Mobile, Desktop & Embedded. It’s amongst the global companies which have the abilities to understand client requirements and then Design both Hardware & Software on a wide range of platforms for Identification, Automation & Tracking applications.
With almost twelve years of experience and millions of end users across the globe, Warden Security Systems delivers innovative, scalable, and practical identity management solutions that increase security and convenience while saving money, building accountability and establishing a trust for governments and businesses around the world. The company continues to innovate, build, and deliver leading-edge enterprise biometric solutions that transform the industry and expand the applicability of biometric technology in the marketplace.
The Success Saga
On account of its services, the company has won numerous awards in the biometric sector. Recently, the company has been awarded as Best Access Control & Entrance Automation Systems & Solutions company in Bangalore by South Indian Business Awards(SIBA) on 26th july 2019. Moreover, the company has also awarded as Most advanced access control & entrance automation solutions company by Indian Leadership awards ( ILA) on 28th july 2019.
Upcoming Endeavours
Warden has always focussed on provided better, secure, and cost-effective solutions for different type of clientele. In order to cater to the unique and specific requirements of different customers, Warden has started to design and manufacture custom-based products for the customers. This also included proprietary design and tailor made products and solutions only for that customer. Warden also has started with design and assembly of its entire range of entrance automation products giving it an advantage over its competitors.

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