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Shailendra Jain | Global Group President of Steelbird | Insights Success
Shailendra Jain | Global Group President of Steelbird

The below excerpt is an exclusive interview with Mr. Shailendra JainGlobal Group President of Steelbird.
Kindly brief us about the company.

With global domination of more than 50 years and the inspiration to protect bike lovers and adventure enthusiasts all over the world, Steelbird was founded on 13th March 1964. Steelbird Helmets is a flagship company of Steelbird Group of Industries.
Being the brand leader of the helmet industry, Steelbird is currently enjoying approx 38 (%) market share in helmet industry with 3 state of art plants and a manufacturing capacity of 22,000 helmets a day as of now. Moreover, the production capacity is now being increased and will be able to manufacture 44,500 helmets per day. Seeing the bright future steelbird is constantly upgrading in sync with international standards and design as we have our designing and R&D team both in Italy and India. Steelbird is dedicated to safety of riders, New designs/Models, R&D, Quality products, Relationship Building & CSR activities.
Brief us about the Global Group President and the motivation behind venturing into Manufacturing Industry.
Myself (Shailendra Jain) is working as Global Group President with Steelbird Group. Having More than 24 Years of professional experience in different verticals and portfolios into Manufacturing Industries. What I believe that learning is never ending process and it always make You confident about your upgradation for future. Always create trust within your team, So create Teams, Create trust, Drive them all together and lastly have balance between your Professional, Personal & Social life. Since starting I have been associated with leading brands of Manufacturing Industry. When Concept is converted into Product, it has to go through drawings, R& D, technical aspects, process, plant & machineries etc. which fascinates me and motivated me to be in association with manufacturing Industry.
What are the different products and services? 
As Steelbird Helmets, we are offering wide range of helmets from mass customers to premium customers and the pricing will vary from Rs. 899/- to highest range which is Rs. 12,999/-.
Based on customer requirements we have launched Steelbird for masses, steelbird Air & HF for Technology customer, Steelbird Hi Gn for health freaks, Ares, Kukka, Ignyte for professional riders.
Apart from helmets, we are manufacturing guard kits, seat covers and other automotive Accessories.
What is the USP that serves as an advantage over competitors and benefits clients/customers?
“Steelbird  has launched many brands as stated above & constantly upgrading in sync with the international standard and design as we have our designing and R&D team both in Italy and India. We are constantly adding  new models range and adding variants to existing series especially decal versions, therefore expanding the option horizon for the riders. While committing to meet the protection needs we will also be laying emphasis on style and comfort. Our motive is to cover complete business pyramid for all segments of customers.
Share with us the challenges faced by companies in the Industry.
Firstly, Helmets being a life saving device, it should be ISI Marked only, but still Non ISI marked helmets are being produced. The government has not yet brought the helmet into the mandatory ISI list. It’s unbelievable that most of the electronics are ISI certified but the helmets aren’t, and this is a major challenge.  The capacity of 50% ISI helmet manufacturers are empty as the market is flooded with Non ISI and fake Helmets. Secondly, the helmet Industry does not know when the Government will make helmet mandotary Pan India. As of now, the total investment required to serve the helmets to the Indian market is Rs 6000 Crores. So, nobody is ready to invest this heavily because the industry players don’t know when the helmet will be mandatory Pan India.
Right now, the helmets comes under Luxury Products as 18% GST is levied on it. We has urged the GST Council to cut the GST on helmets to 0%, as helmet is a life saving device and is equivalent to medicines.
How is the company leveraging technology for better products? 
Last year we launched helmet with Hands free technology which was a huge hit in Indian Market. We have many brands, products and innovation, as our priority is Research and Development. Each year we are growing at a pace of Approx. 50% only because of  our R & D and innovative products. We have eight companies in Italy which are doing the research and Development for us. In Europe, we have tied up with several graphic designers, helmet designers, and testing companies. As a result, our company is growing at the pace of Approx. 50% leading to growth in the sales. This is all because of the innovations we are doing.
How is the ‘Make in India’ initiative helping manufacturers beat the competition with foreign products? 
“Make In India” is a type of swadeshi moment was launched by Government of India to encourage companies to manufacture their products In India and to make India Manufacturing Hub. India is having all Infrastructure, skilled manpower for both labour oriented and technology based Industries.
So It helped Manufacturers to use all In-house facilities and to attract FDI, so that best quality/technology products can be produced at very competitive prices. 
Brief us about the company’s future perspectives.
We consistently launch new products. A lot of Innovation will be seen in the Steelbird products in the coming years.  In November, we had taken 1200 retailers, dealers and distributors to Thailand to witness the Steelbird Excellence Awards 2018 to strengthen our channel network and for more penetration . During the Award Ceremony we had launched 15 new products, and look forward to launch many more products in 2019. The details of the products can not be disclosed at the moment, but will surely share as we launch. A lot of Innovation will be seen in the Steelbird products in the coming years.
So, Company will be more focused about Innovation, quality, vertical based growth, penetration and Diversification.

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