‘Stem Cells’ Our Pawned Regenerative Guards

Our individual life is extremely reliant on the technology that has been developed till date. Technology has improved with years, and it has transformed the way we live, the way we purchase products, the way we communicate, the way we learn, the way we travel and so many advances have been brought about by these technological advancements. As people’s demands lifestyle change, the demand for improving the type of technology we use is high. Almost everything we use has been innovated to better standards. One of the important and game changing advancement this modern world has given to the mankind is Stem Cell Therapy. Stem cell therapies are considered as among the most promising new strategies against degenerative, traumatic, and oncogenic diseases.
Stem cells therapy is a new area in medicine as it has the potential to regenerate and rejuvenate damaged tissue. Few current therapies, such as bone marrow transplantation already utilize stem cells for their potential of regeneration of damaged tissues. Other treatments that are under research involve transplanting stem cells into an injured body part and allowing them to grow and differentiate into healthy tissue.
Stem Cells offers remarkable and unique potentials to develop all new, different kinds of regenerative cells for treating diseases or wounds serve as the damaged internal organ system.  Stem Cells can be acquired from several sources; first, isolated from the human embryonic cells or umbilical cord blood, called as Pluripotent stem cells. It can easily make another type of cells such as blood cells, muscle tissue, brain cells, nerve cell, etc. and many others. Second, isolated from adult human organs and tissues, called as multipotent stem cells also known as somatic stem cells.
Stem cells transplant have opened new doors of hope for the diseases which are considered as incurable today. Stem cell transplants can restore blood-forming stem cells in patients who have had their bone marrow destroyed by the large doses of chemotherapy and radiation therapy that are used to treat certain cancers. For example, in multiple myeloma and some other kinds of cancer, stem cell transplant can work directly against the cancer.
Stem cells propose a bright future for the therapeutic world by affirming treatment possibilities for the diseases or disorders which are currently as incurable. As stem cell research advances, we can hope to observe new frontier of therapeutics in the coming future.

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