Surabhi Dewra: An Ultra-modern Leader

Surabhi Dewra | CEO & Founder | CareerGuide[ career counselor]
Surabhi Dewra | CEO & Founder | CareerGuide[ career counselor]

Students develop consciousness of what they are doing in their education and highly motivated towards their future when they have a well-defined perception of themselves. It reckons how they might live and work when they leave school for higher education. This kind of perception has high relevance with his/her counselor or guide that can mentor him/her to opt good education. Social media has become a hurdle for the young minds in their path towards a good career. This is diverting them from opting a capable future.
Considering the current scenario where maximum of students are under the domination of social media, the role of a guide is becoming immensely important. But social media platform can also have a positive impact on students which can help them from getting derailed. These positive efforts are taken by some people to create a platform which can help the students act decisively. And women entrepreneurs are not an exception in this development. Surabhi Dewra is one of the leading shepreneurs influencing, and guiding young intellectuals to discover his/her true potential, and interest.
Meet the Motivating Personality: Surabhi
This excerpt ehibits her journey that has been at the frontier of various professional paradigms, and how she has managed to stand tall by the virtue of her courage, and firmness. Surabhi is the CEO & Founder of Surabhi graduated from the prestigious BITS, Pilani Institute of India.
At regular intervals, she has donned different roles that have helped her to excel in her profession. Her responsibilities at include are product development, training & counselling, budget planning, and allocation. They also include designing marketing, PR communications, hiring talent, building team, fundraising and, investor relationship.
Surabhi has volunteered with the NGOs of several Indian states viz.,UP, Bihar, Rajasthan,  and Andhra Pradesh to understand the psychology, and dearth in the learning pattern of young ones. Her engineering degree brings in a strong tech understanding, whereas her passion for education brings her close to the venture: CareerGuide.Com. Translating her passion into a business where every student can have answers to their career questions is what she dreams of. She is a task-focused leader and coordinator.
With her passionate aim and zeal Surabhi has secured Medical Association Award-2019, Indian Education Award-2018, and Top 100 Social Entrepreneur -2015. Also Listed in India’s Top 40 Women Entrepreneur -2015, Award by Assocham in 2012 for the best initiative in career counselling.
Recently she is awarded as the “50FabEduTech” by the WorldEducationCongress which is her 7th award in the last few years apart from other mentions and acknowledgements. Besides this achievements she is also honoured with “CEO with HR Orientation” award at the Asia Pacific HRM Congress.
Withstanding Challenges
Initiating a venture led her to put in big bucks and sacrifice a job. Raising money, team building, initial sales, etc were some of her bothers but she faced the shortcomings firmly making herself a confident founder. Handling half a million students queries every month, she believes is her biggest achievement. Whereas, the ability to make a change and impact lives through CareerGuide acts her motivation tool. Her source of inspiration are people from all the spheres where she tries to inculcate their qualities like perseverance, hard work, confidence, and determination.
As a woman entrepreneur, she believes more women should join leadership roles. She says, “A Simple Mantra to overcome challenges which I try to follow is stay the course, stay deaf to naysayer and work not to prove anyone but to yourself.
Providing Inclusive Services
Surabhi’s venture, CaeerGuide solves challenges regarding career, education, and accessibility for students of the age group of 13-25 years. It helps to find an appropriate career, educational program, and imminent higher education opportunities. is an “On Demand career” guidance provider based in India. Under her leadership, the platform has become a marketplace of professional career counselors and experts. The AI-driven Human+Hybrid counselor provides live interactive call sessions with career experts and/or Q&A Forums. The experts address career concerns of students from all parts of the country and guide them thoughtfully. Besides 1000+ experts,  the organization has 8+ psychometric assessments which have been scientifically designed by a panel of psychologists and psychiatrists.
The firm has helped not only the students to choose a perfect career but also several people who work for the firm. It has helped the career counsellors to find means of an additional source of revenue. This has also generated micro-entrepreneurship by helping them with tools, technology, and processes for setting career counselling practice. The organization’s objective is, to be a one-stop destination for career guidance in the country.
A Leader’s Perception
Surabhi feels, “The world of work is changing and new-age careers are taking over conventional careers and wisdom. But there is a massive shortage of talent in many sunrise industries and sectors since many obsolete careers & courses are still mushrooming of colleges, and universities.” Surabhi believes, just getting a college degree is not worth, yet advice, guidance, and mentorship in a student’s life can make a difference in the hyper-competitive world.
Another noticeable trend she has witnessed is, parents take an active interest in shaping the career of kids in India and often go out of their way to meet any demand required to enable a good education for kids. According to Surabhi this is a defining trend for Careerguide as parents & students are more serious about making career choices and are willing to pay for the right advice at any important juncture of a student’s life.
Nothing succeeds like success, and career guidance is necessary for success”. Hence, though in India the trend of career guidance platforms is limited to big cities, the culture is to be defied and made best use of which could make things a lot easier for very youngster.

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