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Hrishikesh Deshmukh | Founder | TTDigitals[SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Creativity, Content Marketing strategies, Digital Marketing, Pune]
Hrishikesh Deshmukh | Founder | TTDigitals[SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Creativity, Content Marketing strategies, Digital Marketing, Pune]

Today, the whole world is connected through the internet. This gives the opportunity to do business worldwide by attracting global patrons. In such a scenario, digital marketing is essential to reach out to target customers and elevate the sales. While traditional marketing may facilitate businesses to promote themselves in the local area, the online marketing system provides an outreach that is far beyond any ordinary advertising practices.

The sector, digital marketing is bound to become bigger in the coming years. It’s booming like never before. With such amazing growth, one of the leading company –TTDigitals is serving business ventures in vitalizing their digital media attendance in the best possible way.

The Foundation Tale

TTDigitals, initially known as Digitalseed, is a paramount digital marketing company based in Pune. A growth specialist, Hrishikesh Deshmukh after working with some of the reputed firms and gaining industry experience, envisioned to launch his venture to offer cost-effective digital marketing services to the clients.

During his initial years as Digital Marketing Head, Hrishikesh witnessed a major gap between the clients and digital marketing agencies. He could assess unavailability of standard services for clients along with the materialistic attitude of digital agencies wherein clients were lured with deceptive assurance. So, he decided to fill the gap by offering standard services at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, he also wanted to empower the startups and small-sized company to establish themselves effectively in the online world within their budget. This led to the inception of Tirupati Technologies with the brand name of Digitalseed.

Within three years of its operations, TTDigitals has made its mark in the digital marketing sphere. Today, it is counted among top digital marketing companies of Pune. -It has added more than 70 happy customers in its portfolio. The company has completed over 300 projects successfully and created more than 500 websites.

Tales of Yesteryear

Digitalseed began its operations in the year 2016. The name ‘Digitalseed’ looked like as it stood as a quintessence for a company that was foraying in the digital marketing realm. And, the name even resonated with the idea to germinate startups and small-sized businesses in the digital world.

However, recently TTDigitals has changed the name and logo of the company bestowing to its manifold growth within a short span of time. The seed of Digitalseed has germinated and now, it is a well-known name in Pune. And, that is the reason behind updating the brand name to TTDigitals wherein TT is formed by taking initials of Tirupati Technologies and Digitals reflects its reach of digital services.

TTDigitals’ logo consists of a star formed by two triangles one straight and other inverted. The star exemplifies their energy to shine in the digital marketing sphere whereas triangles exemplify that they believe in a symbiotic relationship- “we wish to grow with our clients.” -says Hrishikesh.

Meet the Passionate & Hardworking Veteran

A man of his words, Hrishikesh Deshmukh, the Founder of TTDigitals, is known for his sound ethics and principles. Having a passion for learning, he is diligent in his efforts to achieve the end goals and committed to complete the assigned task with utmost quality and within the intended timeline.

Hrishikesh has done his B.E in IT from MIT College of Engineering, Pune followed by PGDM in Marketing from Prin. L N Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research. He exploits his knowledge to drive success for the clients. Immediately after his education, he got absorbed in the online marketing industry.

Hrishikesh is carrying over seven years of experience in the domain which is exploited in maximizing the growth of TTDigitals’ clients. He has worked as Online Marketing Manager/Head for companies such as,,, and ,wherein he executed several marketing campaigns to enhance the visibility of brands and to elevate their sales. He even managed digital marketing channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SEO, Adwords, PR & Email marketing.
Exclusive Services

TTDigitals offers a range of digital marketing services to its clients including Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Design & Development, Branding & Creativity, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, and Web Hosting.

The company offers two plans ‘Standard Plans’ for the startups and small-sized business; and ‘Customized Plans’ for the medium and large-sized industry. The standard plans come with reasonable pricing so that the clients can choose according to their needs and budget.

Client-Centric Business Model

Firstly, the team understands clients needs and their budget. Then, they assess their online presence and create a plan to enhance it and garner better conversions. Then, they select the right strategies and channels that can be used to promote a client’s business. Next, they present their plan in front of the client which includes a detailed breakdown of each strategy that it intends to follow. After approval from the client, they begin their task. Offering transparency in terms of prices and deliverable makes them uniqueand allows them to ace cut-throat competition as well.

“We believe in keeping the client well-informed of our services and we also allow them to measure the effectiveness of each campaign and assess ROI.” says Hrishikesh. The team gives them daily, weekly, and monthly reports. Furthermore, the team also takes timely feedback from the client and implements the changes in the earliest. “For us, customer satisfaction is pivotal. That is why we update our clients with the status of the project from time to time.” says Hrishikesh.

A Digital Foresight

“We want the business of all sizes to adopt digital marketing services as they are cost-effective and they have a better reach than the traditional marketing services.” says Hrishikesh. Through his firm, he endeavors to empower the business of all sizes to make and elevate their online presence. Also, having marked its presence in the state of Maharashtra,  he  wishes to replicate this success in other states of the country. TTDigitals is planning to digitalize all the companies and become a pioneer digital marketing agency that has its roots all over the country.

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