Vidya Rajagopalan: Leadership Acumen with Quintessential Qualities

Vidya Rajagopalan | Head HR | Divani Design Labs
Vidya Rajagopalan | Head HR | Divani Design Labs

In the modern business arena—if there is a fundamental that plays a crucial role in scaling any organization’s growth and progress towards greater heights—it is indeed human resource management. It is a proven fact that successful HR leaders are those people who are skilled enough for fulfilling a wide variety of roles and also those who can effectively encourage the organization’s staff to be at their best.

A Human Resource manager is an individual who is always involved in more comprehensive and various aspects of management in an organization—from framing the different HR policies and their strategies to reaching out to the employees—with a solution towards their concerns or issues. Moreover, these professionals comprehend the precision of staying alongside the latest trends, and best practices in their profession, with immense discipline and dedication.

Vidya Rajagopalan, Head HR for Divami Design Labs is an adept HR leader who grasps these aspects and amalgamates them through her unique skillset, a strong sense of empathy and leadership compassion which completely believes in her team’s potential.

A Leadership Redefining Human Resources

Vidya made her foray into HR in 2015 as a fresh MBA Graduate working and setting up HR in a cybersecurity start-up. Vidya has worked on setting up the HR Processes and Policies for a leading labelling manufacturer in the world.

Vidya understands the nature of the business, and she’s the SPOC for all the HR activities.

She participates actively in Management Meetings and is involved in critical HR management decisions.

With her effective skillset that ensured effortless working for all the employees and assured safety, Vidya devised a Work from Home Policy suiting the Company’s needs. With her exceptional expertise, Vidya is one of the key stakeholders in Digital Marketing and SEO efforts for Divami.

Vidya has been in the industry for nearly a decade, with over eight years in HR Business Partnering. She has an in-depth and rich experience in all areas of HR, making her a seasoned HR professional. She is responsible for Divami’s growth in terms of people and has played a pivotal role in Employee Engagement and Retention.

Amalgamating Innovations with Qualities

Divami’s USP is willing to exceed expectations and deliver what its clients require. There were situations where the team went beyond the agreed scope of the project to provide the right solutions.

This is one of the primary reasons most of the clients return to Divami because once the company signs a project with its client, Divami takes up complete and absolute ownership of the project, enabling its clients to focus on their business. And at the end of the day, the designs make Divami, its clients and their products successful.

Kindness, empathy, adaptability, and a strong sense of ownership are some of the qualities clients and colleagues appreciate the most. Out of these, compassion and a sense of ownership play a crucial role.

Adding to this, Vidya expressed, “Empathy; because only when one can step into different shoes and understand the points of view of other stakeholders (employees, the management, and the clients) can one come up with compelling ideas to promote the welfare of all.” A sense of ownership is essential to building trust with one’s colleagues and the management that one will get the job done at the end of the day.

Embracing the Post-Pandemic Strategy

When asked about the challenges of the industry, especially in the post-pandemic era, Vidya shared, “In the post-COVID era, a lot has changed in the UI/UX business. Most companies have now come to understand the importance of scalable solutions and having a strong online presence. As a result, the primary focus of the companies is now on optimizing the online user experience. Security, usability, and accessibility are also being given much greater importance.”

“On the brighter side, in light of these factors, we have seen an increase in SaaS, FinTech, and EduTech platforms. Right now, Divami’s strategy includes growing its clientele and establishing itself as the undisputed leader in these sectors,” she added.

Evolving with the Emerging Tech

Sharing her opinions on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impact the UI/UX designing niche, Vidya expressed, “Over the years, visual designers have come a long way – from graphic and web designers to interaction and product designers and now experienced designers. With AI and ML coming into the picture, designers would leverage data to determine automated systems’ behaviours.”

“AI and UX can collaborate efficiently. There are a lot of similarities between the workings of these two branches. AI applies continuous learning by exploring data. UX continuously tests and optimizes products based on user feedback,” she added.

Word to the Wise

As advice for the budding aspirants willing to venture into HR management, Vidya shared, “When it comes to entrepreneurial solutions in the HR space, there are tons of start-ups developing a wide range of innovative solutions for recruitment. Still, many tech applications aren’t designed to boost employee engagement.”

“In this era of The Great Resignation, such solutions can be game-changing. And budding entrepreneurs in the HR Tech space need to pivot and think in this direction,” she added.

Incorporating the Opportunities

Divami is rapidly expanding. With increasingly long-term clients and a growing number of projects, Divami is looking to expand its talent pool dramatically ng years dramatically. At this point, getting equipped with the necessary tools, training, and talent pool is essential to deliver efficient excellence in every project. To cater to emerging demands, Divami is preparing to be future-ready and is creating solutions for new trends like Metaverse, Web 3.0, AR/VR, IoT, and more.

Entering the Hall of Excellence…

The Confederation of Indian Industry acknowledged Divami’s designs as the best. Furthermore, numerous reputed journals have recognized Divami as India’s top UX/UI Design company. Divami has also been featured in the Harvard Business Review.

We are one of the top five global UX agencies, according to Clutch. Co – the top rating and review platform for prominent IT, marketing, and business services companies,” concludes Vidya.

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