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Prashant Chauhan Director ZERO9 | best architecture firms in India | Business magazine in India

Delivering diversified range of Architectural services to its clientele with its novel ‘design+build’ expertise is ZERO9 – a leading design firm specialized in rolling out tailor-made spaces. To get more insights about the company’s prominent services and uniqueness, we bring you an exclusive interview with a young and dynamic professional Prashant Chauhan, the Director.
IS: Kindly brief us about your firm.
ZERO9 is a multifaceted design firm, creating award-winning experiences for over a decade. Our expertise spans across 4 major quadrants advertising, exhibitions, architecture and interiors for commercial & residential projects. Our restless curiosity translates the client needs to reality keeping sensible and sustainable design as the focus.
Each of our projects with a unique style has a story to tell.
IS: Brief us about the Founder/CEO, and what was the source of inspiration for your firm to be in the Architectural Solutions Provider segment.
Dynamic and meticulous, Prashant Chauhan is a multifaceted designer. An architect by qualification, Prashant scales beyond the boundaries of architecture to explore other design disciplines. His belief ‘Design is Boundless’ forms the very core of his practice ZERO9, which effortlessly deals with projects in architecture, advertising, interior and exhibition design.
His zest for innovation has won him recognition in the form of national and international design awards, features in reputed publications and a host of repeat clients. From picturesque bungalows to soulful interiors and from hi-tech exhibition spaces to stunning graphic designs, Prashant has a flair for it all.
A strong believer in karma, Prashant enjoys sharing his thoughts with aspiring architects at Rizvi College of Architecture, where he began his quest for lifelong learning. An explorer by nature, Prashant also has a passion for travel, photography and technology. His curiosity towards scriptures and spirituality are largely responsible for his minimal and clutter-free approach to design.
Prashant’s restless energy makes him push boundaries, accept challenges, and live up to his mantra ‘Celebrate Life’.
Life is a story. Life is beautiful. Celebrate Life.
Inspired by life, we intend to generate a sense of opulence in every work we do.
IS: What are the different products and services provided by your firm, setting you apart from your competitors?
ZERO9 is a ‘one stop shop’ which ensures that all the needs of a client are taken care under one single roof.
IS: What are the key attributes that helped your firm overcome the challenges that it faced during its establishment?
National and International recognitions like awards and publications helped us overcome the initial challenges of reaching out to a larger audience.
IS: With the massive advancements in the Architectural industry, what are the opportunities and challenges evolving with it?
Every single day we are being faced with the urbanization of the design community, which on one hand makes design accessible to a larger audience but also posts a challenge of plagiarism.
IS: Share with us your firm’s contribution to its sector in the industry and how it is helping its clients in their business growth.
We are constantly educating our clients on the importance of sustainability and how it can not only contribute towards preserving nature but also making projects more energy friendly and low – maintenance. This in turn has encouraged a few clients to turn towards sustainable concepts.
IS: How do you motivate creativity and innovation in the workspace while maintaining a healthy work environment?
We are constantly connecting to the outer world rather than be glued to the desk. We encourage our team to visit sites and make observations which ensures their awareness during design stage. Frequent intermediate team trips to factories, showrooms and exhibitions also ensure a good and healthy work culture at ZERO9.
IS: Brief us about the current scenario of Architectural industry and your firm’s future plans.
The current scenario of architecture is very dynamic. A huge awareness towards sustainable architecture is already being promoted and fabulous works have been shaping up in the same direction. We at ZERO9 have clear goals to be contributing towards the good and sustainable architecture.

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