Zicom: On its Mission to “Make Your City Safe”

Pramoud Rao Managing Director Zicom | Bio-metric Company | Insights Success

Zicom SaaS Pvt. Ltd is India’s one of the leading company contributing in the Electronics Security Surveillance space for more than two decades.
In the interview with insights success, Pramoud Rao, Managing Director of Zicom Ltd. gave some insightful answers highlighting the influences made by the company to take Electronic Security and Surveillance industry to next level.

  1. Kindly brief us about the company?

India’s topmost Electronics Security Surveillance Company, Zicom is pioneer in security business for more than two decades. Using our expertise and market experience in the field of Electronic Security and Surveillance, the company has come up with many initiatives to make our country a safe place for its citizens. The company has evolved itself as 360 degree Security Solutions provider by venturing into IoT segment in year 2013.
Since then, Zicom has undertaken new technological innovations which distinguish Zicom from its competition. Zicom is the first company to integrate IoT to the security industry first of its kind in the Security and Surveillance industry to provide overall Security Solution, while other security companies still provide security products. Realizing the security concerns of the country, Zicom took it on itself to study the market and counter the security issues faced by citizens. The company conducted an elaborate research and conducted several surveys which led to a conclusion that security is the biggest concern in today’s time, as security was considered luxury and not a necessity. The Corporate industry would consider security mainly in the perspective of securing their assets and not life while schools and housing societies wouldn’t take any security measures at all.

  1. Tell us about MYCS inception story?

In the year 2012, crime rate in India was on rise. Kidnapping, street robberies, shoplifting, house-breaks, shop-breaks, murders all these various crimes were happening in the broad day-light and there was no substantial way to grab the criminal.
While other security companies focused mainly on the corporate and public sector for security, Zicom with its path breaking range of products catered to various industries being Retail, Banking, NBFC, Gold loan, Cinema and more, apart from the corporate industries and the public sector Zicom expanded its focus to the overall security of its citizens and spread out to their houses, their workplaces, schools, colleges and even public places.
Zicom realized that our society typically believes in securing all their assets, but personal security usually takes the back step as no importance is given to securing or insuring their homes or lives. Many feel that they are absolutely safe in their homes / vicinities & housing societies. However, there’s very little that can be done once an incident takes place. Keeping the country’s and its citizens’ safety in mind and to safeguard them against the horrifying stories we hear in the media day in and day out, Zicom initiated Mission “Make Your City Safe” (MYCS).  MYCS is one of the most popular innovations initiated by the company on January 26, 2012, as a social safety initiative.

  1. Can you illustrate the functions of “Make Your City Safe” driven by Zicom SaaS?

Zicom looks at bigger picture when it comes to securing people at their homes and societies. MYCS started offering Security Solutions at Zero Investment: Zero management which not only helps housing societies but also caters to row houses, gated communities, villa bungalows and residential complexes. Apart from that, MYCS also offers Security Solutions to other segments like Educational Institutes, Hospitals & Health Centers, and Hospitality Segment & Entertainment Centers. Moving up from being known as one of the best Electronic Security Company, through this innovation in Electronic Security Zicom is the only company that offers Security as SaaS “Security as a Service”.
MYCS initiative initially was to make people aware that security is not just for large corporate, government institutions, banks and so on. Security is also a very important and necessary factor for us commoners too, through MYCS Zicom realized the gap in personal safety, where people had zero technical knowledge about:

  • What kind of cameras to use?
  • Where the cameras should be positioned?
  • What’s the best cost?
  • How to maintain the hardware and software of a security system?
  • How expensive the Annual Maintenance Cost would be?

Considering all these factors, Zicom SaaS launched MYCS service model, where all the customers had to do was pay a minimum monthly service usage charge and this cost would be applied as per their usage rest was taken care by the company.

  1. How does MYCS functions / operate?

“Express your desire to be safe, and MYCS gets it done for you”
Unlike the outright CCTV dealers in the market, MYCS does not just provide cameras for your security needs, instead provides an overall security solution customized per your security needs. Team conducts a security risk survey / assessment and provides you a solution layout.
The below mentioned unique features of MYCS gives you the power to deploy best Security System in your Society / vicinity

  • Security Solutions at Zero Investment : Zero Management : Zero Maintenance
  • IOT (Install – Operate – Transfer) Based System Ownership
  • Free replacement of faulty hardware (Monitor, HDD, Adapter etc.)
  • Risk Free Ownership with Comprehensive AMC
  • No Technological obsolesce
  • OPEX payment model with easy payment options and high loyalty discounts
  • Alerts you on Hard Disk Error, Illegal Login, Video Loss, Communication Failures
  • CCTV solution with System health monitoring which provides 24/7 service support backed by Zicom Command Centre –taking a proactive approach for any security solution failures to avoid downtime
  • MYZICOM – Service & Bills Management App for convenient communication

There are cameras recording everything around you 24/7. You can access your security footage from your mobile or laptop / computer, at your convenience.

  1. What is the unique selling proposition of MYCS or the unique feature?

Zicom Command Center is a game changer for the company as well as the security industry in so many ways. Zicom is the first company in India to have its own Command Centre (based in Mumbai) which is now one of the most referred Command Centers in the Security Industry. It is the distinguishing feature that helps Zicom SaaS to provide innovative solutions revolving around IOT & unique security and service concept.
Zicom Command Centre features the System Health Monitoring and Live monitoring of Premises, proving to be the best monitoring centre especially for Housing Societies, Institutes, Banking & Finance Sector & Retail industry.
This is how System Health Monitoring (SHM) feature of MYCS works:

  1. What additional benefits MYCS provides to its customers in this business association?

Zicom provides remote managed services with three tiers of security like hardware, SHM & Live monitoring of Premises and immediate response 24*7, all contributes to a holistic end-to-end security solution. Zicom assures working CCTV systems 24/7 with zero down time.
Our experienced and well trained Security Officers stationed at the Zicom Command Centre operate with agility as soon as they detect any faults or failures in the system or any kind of security and safety breach. As a user you receive alerts on your mobile if anything seems wrong.
Apart from the above mentioned benefits, Zicom provides you 30 days recording, remote monitoring, and broadband connectivity. As a customer, you also get free replacement, free maintenance, free software upgrades, failure notifications, hard disc alerts, video loss, camera masking, illegal camera tampering, power cable disconnection and other such services to cater to all your security needs.
Mission “Make Your City Safe” aims to provide a secured environment to citizens by equipping them with high-quality CCTV systems and security services with 24/7 surveillance and technical support.
7. What can be expected from your company in the upcoming years? Brief us about the future and vision of the company?
Being in the industry for two decades and the first Indian Electronic Security Systems company to have gained a number of achievements and won multiple awards in such a small span of time, the company is set to bring up more innovations. Zicom intend to spread their security span Pan India and support their initiatives with better technology and innovations to help the society. With MYCS, Zicom also touches the social aspect; the thought is to make your city and the surroundings safe. Although the company already has its presence all over India via its distribution channel, MYCS is currently present in 4 cities Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad & Ahmedabad with a vision to expand across the country as well.
In the 6 years of “Make Your City Safe”, the service has helped to safeguard more than 4500 buildings in 4 different cities. Their aim is to provide the best and unique security solutions for the safety of the citizens.

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