9pax Restaurant Consultants: A Pioneer in Providing Solutions to Hospitality Industry

The forerunner in the hospitality world, 9Pax Restaurant Consultants Private Limited, was incorporated in 2013, with an aim to help their clients in achieving their business goals by carefully guiding & portraying their dream into reality. From Menu Engineering to Menu Design, Menu Training to Menu Promotions, Interior Design Implementation to Turnkey Consultation, Creating SOP’s to Menu Plating Details, Human Resource Recruitment to HR Policy Training, Kitchen Equipment to Exhaust Solutions, Restoring work store brand position for any hotel, café, resort, theme or specialty restaurants, QSR and fast food restaurants. 9Pax provide satellite consultation services for clients across the globe.

Since a decade, 9Pax has been working as a leader by providing solutions to hospitality industry. They have an assorted team of experts having decades of business knowledge with a vast experience. The team includes,

  • Top Retail and Marketing Expert.
  • Connoisseur in World Cuisine.
  • Franchise Guru.
  • Energetic & Innovative Architects.
  • Experienced Legal Advisors.
  • Exhaust & Fresh Air Engineers.
  • Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers & Consultants.
  • Certified IT Experts.
  • Experienced Business Mentors from the Hospitality Industry

9pax employs a collaborative new concept development approach that connects the client’s vision with vast experience, expertise and deep knowledge of the competitive restaurant landscape. Whether their clients are developing a scalable concept for growth or a single-unit operation, 9pax’s goal is to fully understand required objectives in order to help clients to create a viable brand that connects with companies. They have a competitive point of difference and boast a practicable monetary model.

9pax experts skillfully resolve the issues that are holding their clients back preventing profitability. They then, define strategies and implement proven solutions to reduce food, beverage, and labor and operating costs while maximizing productivity and client’s satisfaction. They have extensive experience virtually in every aspect of operating a restaurant, from brand ideation to menu development to on-site training and support. Thus, 9pax help clients to raise big ideas that will outwit the competition and drive all-important cash flow.

An Ingenious Leader of 9Pax Restaurant Consultants

Chef Abdul (Shajahan M ABDUL) is the CEO & Founder of 9Pax Restaurant Consultants Pvt. Ltd. He has done a Master’s Degree in Hotel Management from University of Perpignan, France. He has traveled across the Globe & worked in Michelin*** Star Restaurants as Chef de Cuisine &***** International Hotel Chains as Master Chef & Director for F&B Operations. Chef Abdul is a dynamic person with a distinguished personality in the Planning, development, Procurement and Management of Hotels in India and abroad.

Deploying Easy, Adaptable Methodologies to Enrich the Client’s Base

9pax believes that their customers are leaders for the world today & tomorrow. With persistence, they have tackled many challenges to maintain their position in the present world. As a well-established and highly patronized company in India and in Global Market, the company has head office in Mysore and Branch Offices in all major cities of India and Overseas. 9pax has fully-equipped R&D kitchen with chefs and experts from the food and beverage industry, experimenting day-in and day-out in identifying various cuisines and interesting food products.

  • Their Expert Analysts will understand client’s requirement and provide best advices.
  • The services that their clients avail will have inputs from top leaders from various hospitality connected backgrounds.
  • The company has thousands of case studies to understand their client’s requirements with reports based on past experience and analysis on future challenges.
  • They are strongly centric to product, followed by place, price & Promotion.
  • Their business value is based on long term growth and development and not limited to one time solution and benefits.
  • Their systematic disciplinary business approach will reduce the time, process and efforts in delivering unmatched quality of services.
  • They are more than number crunchers. As business owners, 9pax is business savvy too.
  • The company knows how to maximize every opportunity to realize savings and growth for their clients.
  • Their staff stays serves assured of continuity and consistency to their clients
  • They are inspired by challenges and will find innovative solutions for their clients because 9pax care about their success.

Future Transformations

9pax strongly have faith in their core values- integrity, client satisfaction, innovation and intellect abilities which differentiate them from their competitors. Their focus is on mounting and maintaining a measurable client satisfaction which has molded 9pax’s culture where each of them delivers world-class services, everyday!

By delivering, maximum usage, minimum investment, durable setup and reliable solutions, 9pax has designed restaurant beyond imagination. With Outstanding People, Plan, Training & Implementation strategies, the company delivers the best industry resource to their clients. They have explored, innovated, franchised & created their identity through Digital Branding to reach to the target Clients. In future, 9pax is going to set new benchmarks and constantly stimulate themselves to reach new heights in hospitality industry giving them more confidence in making impossible possible.

Source :-The 50 Most Prominent Consulting Companies