Advantage One Tax Consulting: A Leading Tax Service Provider for Indians in the USA

Sumit Panjabi | Founder, President & CEO | Advantage One Tax Consulting INC - Insights Success

Success comes when one delivers the right product and solution with the right configuration to the end user in the right context. The high levels of reliability which are added to the performance of the product with the presence of dedicated services, deliver a distinct completeness to an organization’s initiatives. Advantage One Tax Consulting ( is an IRS recognized Tax Consulting Firm with Qualified Tax professional and Registered Tax Return Preparers. AO Tax has its Corporate Head Quarters in Sterling, Virginia and Global Delivery Center in Hyderabad, India. Taxation and Book Keeping services are the foundation of the business and the firm has filed over 89,878 Tax Returns in last 15 years of their dedicated services. It provides quality, value-added taxation and book keeping services, while adhering to the highest moral, ethical and professional standards required in the profession.


Sumit Panjabi is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Advantage One Tax Consulting, Inc. He is a proactive leader, who challenges the “status quo” to identify hidden profit opportunities impacting the top and bottom-line. He has been running AO Tax since 2003 with A+ Rating on the “Better Business Bureau”. Sumit’s professional experience spans over 15 years in starting and growing business across various industries including Finance (Taxation), Human Resource (Recruiting and Vendor Management), and Automotive (Motorsport). His expertise includes preparing income tax issues for businesses and individual clients, book-keeping and preparing financial statements, preparing periodic sales tax returns and payroll reports. In short, he is a Racer by Passion and entrepreneur by Profession.

Cultivating Partnership with the Clients

The organization is able to nurture any partnership whether it is a business partnership, a joint venture or a short-term alliance as it is very important for continued financial success in an ever-changing and highly competitive environment. As qualified Tax Professionals, the consultancy serves the clients with the highest quality professional services including book keeping, taxation and payroll services. The clients of Advantage One Tax Consulting include individuals, partnerships, not-for-profit entities, small businesses, and few corporations across a variety of industries as well. AO Tax is sensitive towards their customer concerns and ensures absolute confidentiality and privacy of any information that is given by the organization.

AO Tax provides individualized services customized to meet the unique needs of each of their clients. The products are geared towards small to medium sized businesses that are generating between $100,000 and $10 million annually in gross revenues. AO Tax’s service allows companies to reduce bookkeeping and financial operating cost, but still improve the administrative and reporting capabilities.

Strategies that Enable to Differ from the Competitors

Industry competition requires the organization to constantly present new and better products and services to keep up with changes in consumer demand. Every company’s situation is unique, and the world is changing so fast, that unique, creative, “out-of- the-box” thinking is more important than ever. AO Tax finds its own way to come out of this and emerges as a winner with its constant innovation and process improvements. It has good infrastructure and security as it is commanding to the businesses and understands the usage of tools to protect their investment and optimize the data which is enabling their employees and improving their workflows, with minimal risk. AO Tax has support teams that help ensure that the sufficient security measures which are put in place to protect the corporate data which the employees will be accessing with the new workflow application solutions. AO Tax focuses on how to build a competitive advantage by fostering a creative culture that sparks inspiration, collaboration, and innovation.

Identifying and Overcoming the Obstacles to Achieve Enterprise Excellence

Whether deploying, securing or managing products in a professional environment, people in this organization go to great lengths to ensure that their investments are effective and easily assimilated into their existing workflows. In order to overcome the challenges, AO Tax leverages services that can help them to instill strategic best practices across the entire spectrum, including security and data protection, installation and integration, training, maintenance and warranties, and proper disposal of old assets. AO Tax offers business services like Business Incorporation, Book keeping service, Payroll service, Corporate Tax Return Preparation & Filing.

In order to stay ahead, the company delivers reliable taxation, book keeping and payroll services to thousands of its individual clientele, and to a host of small and medium enterprises through its simplified service model and filing process. The commitment to helping individuals and small and medium enterprises in reducing their tax liabilities has resulted in long lasting client relationships and the client base has shown rapid growth of at least 200% every year. AO Tax’s secure and reliable solutions help customers to achieve their business objectives and drive innovation.

Gearing Up for an Optimistic Future

AO Tax collaborates with its clients to help stretch and sharpen their ambition – grounded firmly in the realities of their marketplace and organization. A company’s historical growth and returns on capital—not its future performance—can be measured directly; the potential for future growth and returns is always conditional. AO Tax has a vision to be one of the top ten globally recognized knowledge practice organizations in US, UK, Australia, Canada, and other countries. Besides, it has signed on to endorse the Employee Tax Program to their esteemed workforce in the last few tax years with Infosys, Wipro, HCL, L&T, KPIT, Oracle, ITC InfoTech, and much more.

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