ACPL: Creating Benchmarks in the Cyber Security Area with Creativity and Innovation

Choosing the right cyber security services partner is very critical for any organization. The organization needs a well-rounded cyber-security services provider with broader experience to fill the gaps that exist in their security capabilities. This enables them to put together the perfect mix of defenses for growing security challenges. With the right combination of cyber security services and information security technology, the organization can operate more successfully in the world where everything is increasingly linked together.
ACPL Systems is among the largest Cyber Security Company in India. ACPL Systems provide end-to-end cyber security services to Large Enterprises as well as Government organizations. The Company is focusing on developing their IP in the area of Cyber Security. They have invested heavily in incubating ‘Klassify’, which is a data classification tool, along with AI and deep learning based Security Systems. The organization have used their experience in providing Security Solutions to large enterprises and used that learning to improve cyber Security solutions. They have handpicked the team of experts and given them free hand in Research & Development.
About the Pioneer behind the Organization
An exceptionally competent person in the industry, Mrs. Aarti Bindra, is the Managing Director of ACPL Systems. She is the dynamic and talented force behind the success of ACPL Systems. She is a multi-facet personality, who is taking care of numerous functions like HR, Finance, Operations, Compliance and Business Management for ACPL Systems. Aarti has successfully managed to ensure that ACPL Systems emerges as the top choice security partner for enterprises. Her efforts have helped ACPL Systems to scale to what they call as the largest group of Security Professionals in one company. The company has constantly scaled better heights with better trainings and certifications which results in better customer retention. ACPL’s employee retention has improved by 76% over previous years. Under her leadership, ACPL Systems has been able to expand in new locations nationally and internationally.
ACPL Systems work culture & management system policies
ACPL Systems gives a lot of space and learning opportunities to their employees. There are no limitations for the employees to pick an area and achieve high in that and then decide to switch to a completely new vertical. People can work on their yearly goal plans with HR and get 360 Degree support to ensure they can finish it in stipulated time and take their career to the new heights.
Distinct believes that makes them Innovative
Company provides Flexible and learning work environment to their employees, along with high level of empowerment and accountability.  Each employee owns his/her area of domain/function which allows him/her to be involved in company’s business decisions. Leadership development, career planning along with career growth promoted through mentoring and coaching which involves skills/competency development initiatives. Multi-Cultural exposure through onsite work opportunities are the big takeaways at ACPL Systems, making it one of the most Employee friendly organizations to work with. As said by Aarti Bindra “we make sure that we provide best of the Compensation and Benefits to our employees.”
ACPL’s Management System Policies and Procedures help all the Departments to evaluate, access and work towards ONE mission –to be the best cyber security company in India.
The Compensation and Benefits for Employees
Apart from providing open and flexible working environment to their team, ACPL Systems also give importance to the welfare of every employee and their family. The company also focuses and invests heavily in trainings and certifications of their employees to give them an opportunity to grow. As well as, at ACPL, there are lot of motivational programs like Mentor and Buddy Program, Fun Fridays and other events which takes place to boost the morale of the team and to give them a sense of belonging and a stress free work environment. ACPL makes sure that all the Human Resource/ Labor compliances are given the topmost priority and should be strictly followed. As said by Aarti Bindra, “We make sure that we provide best of the Compensation and Benefits to our employees.”
Challenges assisting them to grasp the Opportunities
Aarti acclaims, “We are in the high growth area, where there is a large demand for trained manpower. To retain our manpower and continue to grow will be our biggest challenge. Opening newer markets is becoming difficult because of low manpower availability for niche technology where we work. Long credit cycle is also a big issue.” But today Cyber Security has become paramount for all businesses; there is a very large market scope available for ACPL Systems to address almost to the value of $1 Billion, in such a niche market. This gives the tremendous opportunity for ACPL Systems to grow worldwide.
Attributing the Organizational Success to the Tenacious Team
At ACPL Systems, they ensure to induct the best of the professionals and train them further on the latest Technology. The company strongly believes “A happy Employee will be more Productive and will be a better Performer.” Better Performance automatically leads to Higher Customer Satisfaction. It is their continuous effort and approach to have strong Communication Channels between the Team and the Management to resolve issues and maintain the happy atmosphere.
Elucidating the Future
ACPL is moving towards the Managed Security Service (MSS), to prepare for this they are working on all the aspects of People, Process, and Technology. Since this function requires high skills, so special efforts are being made to ensure they have some of the best analysts in the Business.

Source :- The 30 Most Preferred Tech Workplaces

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