Stackup Technology Solutions: Optimizing IT Infrastructure with Innovative Solutions

Stackup Technology Solutions

According to Gartner, Indian IT infrastructure spending will rise to US$ 2.2 Billion by the end of 2017, a 1.5% increase from 2016. This IT infrastructure market includes server, storage and networking equipment. The report further says that with growing technological adoption across the business verticals, there is a dire need of an IT Infrastructure solution which is agile, contemporary, lean, and secure.  Stackup Technology Solutions has designed such innovative solution to optimize IT operation and improve overall efficiency.
Stackup Technology Solutions is an emerging IT startup firm, which came into existence in 2014. Stackup Technology Solutions is a Hyperconverged IT infrastructure product company that spearheads innovation in software defined infrastructure components. Stackup Tech offers products that are intended at simplifying IT infrastructure, untangling IT operations and increasing IT operational efficiency.
The Torch Bearer of Stackup Technology
Mr. Shankar R, CEO & founder, is the leading light of Stackup Technology Solutions Private Limited. He is a tech savvy person & his forte lies in IT Infrastructure optimization, Convergence, NFV & IP Networking. Mr. Shankar has successfully completed B.E from Electronics and Communication Stream. Later, he had been conferred with MS (Research) on Neural networks based routing in satellite communication by prestigious Anna university.
Mr. Shankar has a vast experience of over 15 years in IT infrastructure solutions. He has worked with many multinational giants like Bharti Airtel, Tata Teleservices & Riverbed technology. He has proven track record of high technical expertise in IT infrastructure solutions. He has delivered diverse range of services like solution architect, Product sales specialist, Pre sales consultant & consultant in many prominent organizations.  His coworkers admired him for his integrity, honesty & quick problem solving skills with a razor sharp attention to even a minuscule problem. Mr. Shankar’s vision & great business acumen has led Stackup technology to complete 150 IT infrastructure deployments in a very short span of time.
Mr. Karthik is another eminent person of Stackup Technology who has also contributed immensely for the growth of this organization. He has served at Hughes, Tulip and Bharti Airtel holding key business development roles. His exposure in Enterprise account management and high value tuen key projects aides Stackup to grow well. He has been leading the business development operations since the inception and has added many customer jewels in the crown of Stackup Technology.
Cutting Edge IT Products and Services
The idea of crafting an optimized, quick & simple IT infrastructure for all businesses types, led to the inception of Stackup Technology.  “Stacbloc” is the flagship product of Stackup Technology that amalgamates Server, Storage, Networking and Security, all in a single efficient solution. Stacbloc simplifies the IT operation, avoids hardware sprawl and provides an agile infrastructure. Stacbloc solution caters the need of Enterprise Data Centre, remote offices, SMB to consume holistic IT services in a flexible, customized way and reduces TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by 50%. With “Stacbloc”, IT infrastructure support operations like cloning, migration, backup, patching or up gradation can be smoothly executed with near “zero downtime”, thus providing application and server availability 24/7 for all 365 days in a year. Apart from the premier product “Stacbloc”, Stackup Technology provides many distinguished business tools like Ticketing engine, E mail services, Infrastructure Monitoring engine, Virtual Desktop engines as virtual machines.
Key Ingredients of Stackup Success
Innovation and agility is the key ingredient which makes Stackup Technology better than its peers.
Innovation: Stackup technology provides radical trainings to its valued employees from highly knowledgeable external consultants. The training is designed to enhance an employee’s technical skills and out of box thinking process in order to create sustainable and innovative solutions for varied IT problems.
Agility: Stackup technology believes that listening to customer’s problems and tailoring a customized solution in a quick time is also an important facet required for success.
The company is gaining prominence in the industry due to its cutting edge, highly innovative and cost effective products. Customer acquisition rate, operational scalability, process deployments are some of the current challenges which Stackup Technology sees as an opportunity to grow further.
Dynamic and Open Work Culture
In today’s highly competitive business environment, transparency and open work culture plays an eminent role in an organization’s success. Transparency and open work culture always gives birth to a new business idea and helps an organization to achieve overall productivity, and employee satisfaction as well.  Every employee of Stackup Technology has been given full liberty to present & share their ideas, which can leverage efficiency, productivity and profitability of the organization.  The management always mentors employees to transform any good idea into real action. Various departments of Stackup Technology work in tandem to achieve a unified goal.
Facets of Stackup Technology which makes it a favorable workplace

  • Few or no levels of middle management between staff and executives (Flat structure or no hierarchy).
  • Common workplace or no closed cabins.
  • Instant recognition to employees for their eminent contribution towards organization’s growth.
  • Full liberty for presenting & experimenting new ideas.

Future Goals
Innovating new products, refining customer service & capturing new market/clients across the verticals is the immediate future goal of Stackup Technology. Stackup Technology is enhancing their products for private cloud and business continuity planning areas using ‘sustained innovation’. With a group of experts with great business acumen on its advisory board, Stackup Technology is all set to expand their footprint even in untested waters.

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