Siam Computing: Forwarding Technology to Shape the Business World

Logical work signifies effective and innovative acumen in building tech which not only generates higher standards in market but also creates loyal customers for the company too. A leading organization, Siam Computing, is well-known for deploying this kind of latest tech work that helps startups to build their own products. The key difference is in the word, “Product”. Having built their clients products, Siam knows how involving product development gets. Unlike typical IT projects, product development is much more intensive. Technology is only a subset of the whole scope.
“The joy of seeing the end product in the hands of hundreds of thousands of users is priceless”, by keeping this in mind, Siam works with founders/clients to understand what their idea is, shape their product screen by screen, module by module based on what the end user wants. They understand and analyze the pain points their clients are facing, and then they go on a journey with the founder to comprehend the entire scope which will further get transformed into final product.
The Stupendous Persona of Siam Computing
An entrepreneur from Chennai, India, Khuzema Siam, CEO of Siam Computing, was started his passion towards using technology as enabler to build better businesses led him to start Siam Computing. He works with companies from across the world and has helped build technology products for both startups and enterprises alike. A stickler for details, nothing pleases him more than a solution that’s well-designed and crafted with the end user in mind.
In 2015, he started building Hisabing, with a mission to bring technology to the grassroot small and medium businesses of India. He also helped co-found Startups Club, a premier destination for early stage startups.
A graduate of Crescent Engineering College, his other passions include playing table tennis, taking care of his terrace garden and watching at least one movie per week. His long term passion is to see India becoming a superpower in his lifetimes.
Superior Formulation of Business to Rule the Tech World
While describing the initial challenges of the company Khuzema assert- “The biggest challenge remains to have the right set of folks work with you. Being a young organization ourselves, the team that you build at the growth stage defines what kind of organization you are building. There is an old adage: People are your most valuable assets. The truth actually is that it’s the Right people that are your most valuable assets. Just the way it’s important to onboard the right people, it’s also equally important to keep an eye out and be surgical in removing the folks that don’t.”
As a creative leader Khuzema believes “it’s because we are pretty tough on ourselves on what we accept as good. One of the values that we hold in the organization is that good enough is not great. From the way we communicate, to how we build a team, to the kind of work we deliver. The other key element would be that we are as invested in our client’s product as much as they are themselves. Working with several startup founders, we are aware of the fact that a lot of their dreams and aspirations ride out on how the tech is handled and we take the trust that they have placed in us very seriously.”
Creative and Positive Work Culture
The characteristic that Siam is working towards is that of collective ownership. Everyone is equally responsible for the growth and future of the organization and taking ownership in what you do brings in far better results than any number of policies.
Khuzema says about his team that, “At Siam, we are a flat team. No one has closed cabins, including myself. We all work together on the same floor; we share victories together as much as we brood over upsets. The culture is of getting things done, one of competing with yourselves before competing with others.”
The company knows that for them, it’s a sensational time to stand as a tech company. There are several advancements happening in and around in Siam, both market wise as well as technology wise that creates a ton of opportunities for them to take advantage of. Right from Machine learning to blockchain, these technologies are opening widens area for the Siam.
Boosting Goals for Future Advancements
At present, Siam are looking to implement a concept called ‘traffic lights’. They have divided several activities of the organization into multiple line items with individual points for each. For example, on time work has 25 points, taking part in meetups, conferences have 10 points, taking part in our CSR activities have 10 points, etc. leading to a total score of 100. Based on the score a person gets, they get their traffic light accordingly. 75 – 100 are green, 50 – 75 is amber, 25 – 50 is red and less than 25 is grey. The traffic lights are implemented for everyone, right from the CEO to the Admin. This helps each one see individually where they are.
For future, Siam is continuing the goal of building products for themself that is constructing an ecommerce Chatbot. Their aim is to make discovery of products easier and more natural on ecommerce sites. With the bulk majority of shopping having moved online, an AI powered Chatbot can make shopping a personal and enjoyable experience again.

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