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We spend nine to ten hours a day in our workplaces, literally more time than we spend in our homes or with family and friends. At the end of the day, while riding a bus, bike or driving your car, we all feel tired.  If we start feeling that the work is both exhausting and making our life difficult, then that workplace is not the one we were looking for all throughout our life. Most successful enterprises keep a keen eye on the productivity of their employees, company’s profit and loss and a prime focus on the employee satisfaction.
With a rich experience of 20 years, QualiTest is delivering the best-in-class end-to-end management of entire testing solutions to enrich industry with quality. Being the world’s second largest Quality Assurance and Testing Company, QualiTest is leveraging their deep technology, business and industry-specific understanding to deliver solutions that align 100 percent with their clients’ business goals. With expertise in the field, the company guarantees quality improvement and cost reduction.
Success doesn’t come overnight; it takes immense effort and massive hard work. Behind a successful story of any enterprise, there remains the effort of the whole team and the only catalyst taking forward the team towards the path of their destined goal is employee satisfaction. QualiTest reveals the secret behind their successful story of two decades and says, “The culture we drive through QualiTest Happiness Model isEnjoy what you do’. Happy employees lead to delighted customers, increasing engagement with QualiTest, hence ensuring increase in turnover and recognition.”
About the Pillar of QualiTest
With a rich experience of over 20 years in Delivery, Competency Building and Operations, Manoj Chandrappa, Managing Director of QualiTest India division, is leading the team with expertise and excellence. He established TCL India in 2008 at Bengaluru, India, fully acquired by the QualiTest Group nearly five years ago.
Currently, Manoj leads the QualiTest India leadership team in taking the company forward towards achieving its desired goals and vision of being the #1 independent software testing company.
Testing is both an Art and a Science, says QualiTest
The highly experienced QA and testing company asserts that testing is a combination of art and science which only few people are adept at. At QualiTest’s current growth rate, finding a good fit for testing seems is one of the biggest challenges the company is currently facing. The management of the company further states that finding the right people and aligning these tester mindsets to client business goals in a rapidly changing global and local business environment is a challenge. They are addressing this critical concern through their Learning and Development programs.
The industry scenario suggests that QualiTest stays ahead in the industry for the following reasons:

  • QualiTest delivers results by combining customer centric business models, critical thinking and the ability to gain a profound comprehension of customers’ goals and challenges.
  • Aligning with their customers’ business context enables software deployment that their customers can trust.
  • The training focus is on creating QualiTesters who deliver efficient and innovative solutions.
  • Focused effort towards knowledge and innovation.

Encourages Team Play and Employee Loyalty to Increase Performance and Establish Perfection
QualiTest implements the ‘QualiTest Happiness Model’ in line with GCH and GNH models. Every employee is encouraged to participate and bring change at the workspace within the logical framework, combining the core values “Strive to understand the big picture”, “Think about what’s best for the QualiTest family” and “Be proactive”. Their main core values also to ‘Become the best in the world’, ‘Be a team Player’ and ‘Show Leadership’. QualiTest says that this is what lays the foundation for their team unity and employee loyalty.
80 per cent of our management team started out as Junior Testers!” – proudly asserts QualiTest.
QualiTest is focused on employee engagement, their satisfaction and their happiness alongside their performance and company’s output. To ensure employees enjoy their work, the now second largest QA and Testing Company invests heavily in measuring employee engagement using the Happiness Index. The Managing Director of the company further defines their Happiness Model and states that it consists of nine different elements and each of them has further objectives which are measured and then utilized to arrive at the engagement of the employee, resulting in a happiness index which provides an insight into each and every employees’ engagement.
The Goals QualiTest is Aiming to achieve in the Near Future
Currently, QualiTest is building competencies in niche skills in data science, cloud storage, bitcoin, blockchain, network, cloud testing and AI. By creating Community of Practices (COP) internally, the company is coming up with innovative solutions to fulfill their clients’ business objectives. “By way of mergers and acquisition we inherit the best of work cultures that enrich our way of work,” asserts Manoj.
QualiTest proudly celebrates 20 years of growth and success and continues to thrive and expand while employing “the best testers in the world”.
In addition to their organic growth, QualiTest is looking at mergers and acquisitions as a mechanism to infuse domain, technological skills and the wealth of experience that will enrich the company and their services.

Source :- The 30 Most Preferred Tech Workplaces

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