Tesseract Global: Revolutionizing Cyber-World with Advanced Threat Detection Facilities

Tesseract Global

To ensure positive work culture and ignite productivity, Tesseract Global, a global cyber intelligence agency, is implementing the power of being insightful and passionate while achieving the targeted goal and a mindset to never give-up. Their mindset, their achievements and their appreciating nature makes Tesseract Global one among the top most preferred tech workplaces. “We feel our team has got everything needed to boost the growth and level of excellence every year.” –Tesseract Global, an Inc. based in San Francisco, CA.
Tesseract Global is having a revolutionary advance threat detection platform powered by Machine learning model. The company built this platform with a motive to disrupt the way legacy Signature based Antivirus or IDS works. Their extraordinary product “Peerlox” has been proven by various independent bodies and the trusted customers of the company and given extraordinary results in combating advance and trending ransomware and sophisticated data breaches.
Transforming the World of IT
The recent world witnesses the transformation of the IT world where most of the businesses are still dependent on legacy signature-based threat detection. As per the recent report, average cost of advanced data breaches reached $4 million and ironically, all the victims were having anti-virus in place. With the revolutionary product “Peerlox” and with its unique machine learning capability, Tesseract Global can detect each data breach and ransom ware attempt at any stage of Cyber Kill chain and respond promptly to defeat.
Tesseract Global have been very specific about their workforce as a result, the company have been well-known for fastest growing cyber Security Company specifically in the field of machine learning based threat detection. The cyber intelligence agency has defined specifically their corporate and human resource policy about hiring Cyber Security experts. Getting the right candidate takes much longer time than expected and that is what the company considers to be a critical challenge. With an extraordinary management team and a skillful leader, Tesseract Global easily overcomes any problem with ease and perfection.
About the Men behind this Revolutionary Organization
Rajneesh Gupta, CEO at Tesseract Global, is the leading man behind this company providing extraordinary cyber intelligence. Rajneesh plays a critical role in innovating and developing products like Peerlox that creates value to customers, delivered with in-depth focus on excellence, by a team of highly passionate security practitioners and extensively experienced Data Scientists.
Before joining Tesseract Global as the CEO, Rajneesh was a Senior Security Architect at HP;  he held the responsibility for delivering managed security to premium accounts worldwide. Earlier, he has worked in various reputed organizations like Alcatel-Lucent and was charged with security innovation for major telecom service providers of various countries and to facilitate resilient security transport functions globally.
The CEO of Tesseract Global, Rajneesh is a recognized expert in the field of eGovernance, IoT Security, Threat Intelligence and Risk Management with appearances in various media publications like International Archivers Conference and DNA among many others. Within a very short span, Rajneesh has been recognized by numerous well-known organizations as one of the top CEOs in the industry.
Vinay Pandey, CTO, is responsible for developing the company’s technology strategy and conveying it to the executives, investors and partners. He is also responsible for maintaining the information about technology standards and regulations successfully.
He is the brain behind the company product- Peerlox. Mr Pandey Screens new ideas, creates Proof of Concepts, scrutinize the relevance of the product and manages the research and development cell of Peerlox.
Mr Pandey has served as Security Evangelist, Security architect and Vice President -IT in top companies. He has a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. He is also an active member of International system security standard, Silicon Valley chapter and Internet Society for San-Francisco Chapter.
Bindu Gupta, Chief People Officer, Bindu plays a very vital role in establishing HR system at Tesseract Global. She believes in the power of listening, simplicity and excellence in design and execution, and bringing her passion for organization, personal growth and resilience into each and every part of her position. Bindu ensure’s that the Tesseract Globals culture continues to grow and thrive throughout every aspect of the business.
Helping Businesses Reduce Risks through Intelligence Systems
The team at Tesseract Global works on various projects for numerous companies, some of which remains confidential and undisclosed. Tesseract Global is revolutionizing the IT world and helping organizations with revolutionary business risk intelligence systems to ensure their clients to work in a negligible risk environment. The company deals projects of plenty of independent security researchers and communities which are the major factors contributing in the growth of expertise of the team in the industry.
Appreciates Innovative Ideas and Maintains a Healthy Work Culture
The management of the Tesseract Global ensures that each department and team members are open to put their thoughts on weekly meetings. The company openly appreciates every innovations and ideas to encourage new inventions and maintain the wave of innovative energy among all team members. They say that they just do not serve security, but uses it extensively. With their own team collaboration system with military grade security, the company offers extraordinary security.
Innovating Exclusive Workplace Facilities
The company strongly believes in ensuring right office environment and set employees up with right situation and motivation as that is what helps them to tackle huge challenges. They say that in every quarter, at least one admin comes up with a workplace innovation idea such Hot-Desking (No assigned seating), plant and greenery. Their efforts clearly say that the company is in the way to build a military-grade cyber defense grid with the power of artificial intelligence to protect businesses. While talking with the CEO about their strength, Rajneesh said, “The power of being Insightful and passionate while achieving the right goal and mindset of never give-up makes us apart in the crowd.

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