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The technological landscape is evolving faster than ever. The utility of mobile devices has surpassed all legendary predictions and has penetrated into almost every avenue of the world. Indian as well as global consumers are increasingly spending more time and money on digital data consumption. With the advent of new software tools and platforms with advanced connectivity capabilities, accessing digital content has become convenient. An eminent customer centric solution provider, MiracleCartes efficaciously helps build small and medium business houses to identify and nurture their profitable and loyal customers. MiracleCartes regd. as Miracle Smart Card Pvt. Ltd
MiracleCartes’s iGainspark Platform is presaging an innovative era in Customer Engagement and Retention. iGainSpark’s unique Gamification and Location Based notifications ensure that the Customers get hooked on with the Merchants. MiracleCartes Solution platform “iGainSpark” nurtures  their ‘lifetime customers’ like any regular SMB’s need by deploying  these following building block.

  • An End to End solution with the right mix of specialized and complementary features
  • Create, manage and implement programs easily without any overheads
  • Providing it’s customers with relevant , contextual and timely experience
  • And finally , is Affordable!

Also, their CLOUD based Loyalty Platform with an option to use – either on SaaS or On-premise – empowers the Business & Merchants to Engage & Enhance their relationship with their customers.
About the Creative Leader of MiracleCartes
An Engineer from Mumbai University and an MBA graduate from S.P Jain Institute of Mgmt & Research, Mumbai, Rakesh S. Jadhav,  Founder & Director of MiracleCartes has worked for more than 14+  years in the IT industry in different areas and capacities, i.e. right from Product development, Project Management, Solutions Architect, Consulting , Contract Negotiation , Account Management, and Alliance & Partner Development.  He later decided to start his own venture to aid businesses with customer acquisition and retention strategies. Rakesh noticed that , in most of the business houses, especially SMB businesses, there was a big gap in Understanding Customer Retention vis-a-vis Customer Attraction. The concept of Lifetime Customers was absolutely alien too. This elicited the thread for building something simple, affordable and aligned and woven around new technology.
Dedicatedly working towards Client Satisfaction
MiracleCartes knows that, for businesses of any size, it is those 20% of customers that bring in 80%  of the business. These 20% customers are the lifetime customers which are the ‘Lifeline of Business’. However, the sad story is that they are not identified and nurtured properly. Well, large businesses can afford the processes and technologies to achieve the same, however the SMBs, most of the time, are clueless and confused and in an effort to increase their business, the sales department spend most of their resources in ‘customer acquisition’ and none in ‘customer nurturing’.
Rakesh Shares his initial experience of MiracleCartes by articulating, “At start the company was not very different from others as well. We too had intial hiccups with the trial and errors they did. We spent around 1.5 to 2  years figuring the different permutations and combinations in the product we built, till they struck with “Our Why”! This gave us the confidence to build the right solution they wanted which addressed “Our How” and “Our What”!”
MiracleCartes has been blessed with some good Business Partner Organizations who have bestowed confidence in them and their product. Their first International Business partner is based in West Africa and they selected their standalone product for a few local implementations and very soon they partnered together for a very large custom product development project spanning for 1.5 years. Now, they are in the 4th year of their business partnership and are currently involved in multiple implementations, one which is the largest retail bank in that region with 1.3 Million Customers!
Healthy and Wealthy Working Enviroment 
“Success is a concoction of the values you believe, your team ( employees), your customers and partners,” Rakesh asserts.  MiracleCartes have a small and unified team and has cultivated their culture on the three support columns viz. Purpose , Potential and Play. ‘Purpose’ helps them know their ‘Why’ and it helps them Value the work too.
Having the right values in place, Rakesh puts more emphasis on motivating the team towards company’s success by saying, “I encourage new ideas and perspective from all the team members in building and enhancing our core product and try to build the sense of belongingness and trust in whatever things they do. This releases their true ‘Potential’ and perform better. And finally , ‘Play’ is linked to learning instinct , experimentation and exploring. This I believe keeps them motivated!”
Future Panorama
MiracleCartes is looking forward to ripen the preferred solution partner for the client’s customer engagement journey and making its presence in over 20 countries in the next 7-8 years. Currently, their team is focusing on three new areas like Content Collaboration , Predictive Analytics and Language Internalization . Well they do exist in some basic form now in the baseline version. However, the company plans to make it more exciting and relevant for business of different regions and language, and to marque more informed decisions related to Loyalty Programs and Content Communication.

Source :- The 30 Most Preferred Tech Workplaces

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