AGM INVESTMENT: Guiding Clients with Value Based Investment

AGM CAPITAL| Navneet Maheshwari
Navneet Maheshwari | Founder | CEO | AGM CAPITAL

Money will always remain a constraint in everyone’s life and in uncertain times like today, savings is what has kept many people going. Many have lost jobs and still others are getting paid partial salaries. One way of saving money is by investing or keeping the some amount from every month’s income separately in bank. However, the wise way is to invest in some shares, mutual funds or any other means where the value of money increases over time.

Investing is essential to good money management because it ensures both present and future financial security. It is a way grow one’s wealth as well as receive passive income. One may think investing is difficult and might also have several questions in their mind which stops them from investing. All these questions can be answered by the investment experts who guide people with the right investment decisions. One such expert company in this field is AGM INVESTMENT.

AGM INVESTMENT is an NSE Registered stock advisory firm. Recently AGM GROUP was nominated by Indian Achievers Forum for Young Entrepreneur category.

Company Offerings

AGM INVESTMENT provides services in Portfolio Management, Strategic Planning and Analysis of Financial Performance. Portfolio Building is the basic step that every investor needs to consider. This work is simplified for the customers by the company. It builds portfolios for short and long term with investment picks. It also provides intraday signals for Equity Cash, Future and Options, and Commodities, with entry & exit strategy and risk management.

Apart from the above mentioned services, AGM Investment also provides training about stock market. These are tailormade sessions from basic to advanced levels with in-depth chart analysis. More than 20 strategies specialized for Nifty, Bank Nifty and Stock Options are taught. The company offers different kinds of membership plans according to client budget and needs.

Face Behind Success

Navneet Maheshwari, is the Founder and CEO of AGM CAPITAL. In late 2015, he established AGM Capital with zero capital in hand. The company provides services like, Business & Financial Advisory, Debt Syndication, Mergers & Acquisition, Private Equity, Fund Raising, Venture Capital, Finance & Revenue Modeling, Corporate Budgeting & Restructuring, Projection Analysis and so on.

Thereafter, he invested some of his income from AGM Capital in the stock market and faced losses. After this loss, he started learning about stock markets and started doing daily intraday trading. It took rigorous involvement of 12- 15 months in the process of trading & investing and learning from various sources. This is when he incorporated AGM Investment.

The Hurdles Race

After the loss of his father, Navneet was left without any liquid funds and faced cash crunch several times. Such difficulties made him choose a service based industry where not much investment was needed and the expenses were also minimal. In the beginning stage of the business, he did not have any face value in the market either, however with the consistent determination and hard work he build his portfolio of more than 500+ clients. In a span of 4 years, he has developed clients in more than 12 countries including some of India’s Top 100 and Top 500 companies.

The Digital Approach

Nowadays, with the digital media platform, people can gain maximum benefits with minimal resources. The traditional process had brokers, that people would reach out to, in order to buy or sell stocks. However, with the modern process, people can do trading on their phones at any time and anywhere. Discount brokers make it feasible and flexible too. It is known that people can invest in the stock market by themselves, but if they need any help, AGM Investment is at their service. They also give advice on the right investment options and provide training to people to make profitable decisions.

Advice to Clients

The company believes in developing a long term financial portfolio in diversified assets of different industries. This helps the clients gain the entire Return on Investment (ROI). The philosophy that the company follows is that one should invest in stocks of companies with strong fundamentals, continued future growth potential, and value based investment models.

In the recent COVID-19 situation, it is advisable that investors and traders do not rush for quicker profits and have patience. In the stiff market valuations, buying stable stocks for long term investment is a better option. Another good option can be considered are mid-caps and small-caps.

The recent Intraday Signals Accuracy statistics of the company in the COVID-19 times is given below:

Month Total Signals Total Targets Hit Total Stop Loss Hit Accuracy Level
July’2020 131 125 6 95.42%
Aug’2020 151 146 5 96.69%
Sep’2020 197 191 6 96.95%

The Road Ahead

In the coming years, AGM Investment plans to launch a discount broking company. This will facilitate people to be able to trade not only in domestic stocks but also can trade in foreign stock as well. It also plans to provide news feeds to the clients along with that. Client expansion and service diversification is also on top of the list for AGM Investment.

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