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Research & Ranking| Manish Goel
Manish Goel | Founder | Director | Research & Ranking

The global economic upheaval initiated by the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in widespread job losses and a sharp decline in business activity worldwide. Stock markets too have seen steep corrections in early 2020, although some made an equally rapid recovery in the second quarter.

Indian markets have been no exception to this pattern. The S&P BSE Sensex, which has been tracking India’s 30 largest and most actively traded stocks, fell as much as 29% from early February through the end of March. Then the index recovered 20% of its value between late March and the end of June.

“High levels of market volatility bring both big risks and big rewards.” is what Research and Ranking would advise you.

Incorporated in the year 2016, Research & Ranking is India’s leading technology-enabled equity advisory company with a team strength of 150+ professionals across 4 locations in India. The company is dedicated to making equity investing a hassle-free, rewarding and easy process for the investors and have helped over 12000+ investors to achieve their financial goals.

As part of Equentis group, the team has had the advantage of being full time into the world of investments, with primary focus on equity markets in India since 2009.

Delivering Excellence

Research and Ranking has a dedicated in-house research team comprising of professionals having a combined experience of several decades and multiple customer support platforms. The company offers complete handholding to investors in their journey of wealth creation right from onboarding.

Their flagship product, the 5 in 5 Wealth Creation Strategy helps investors to invest in a well-diversified portfolio of 15-18 stocks with the potential to multiply their wealth by 4 to 5 times in 5 years. The company’s second offering, the Mispriced Opportunities strategy helps investors to capitalize on the market volatility by investing in stocks trading below their intrinsic value, thereby having the potential to generate 25-50% returns in 6-12 months.

They also offer two premium advisory services for HNI and Ultra-HNI clients named Dhanwaan and EWA Exclusive which aims to create huge wealth by investing in high growth businesses that shall grow at a rapid rate with India’s growth trajectory, thereby compounding investor wealth at CAGR rate of 35%.

The company’s investment recommendations have been backed by detailed research reports and they also offer timely rebalancing strategies as and when required.

The Brilliance behind it all

The company’s FounderDirector, Manish Goel is a qualified Company Secretary, a Law Graduate and holds a Masters in International Trade and Finance from UK. He was associated with ICCON Limited, UK as Finance Director – a London based company advising clients on real estate investments in UK and Europe.

He returned to India in 2009 and set up Equentis Capital Pvt. Ltd. to pursue his vision of providing high quality equity advisory services in India. His motivation to enter the equity advisory space was mainly driven by the fact that despite outperforming all other asset classes, equity as an asset class is not looked at in the right way in India by investors mainly due to lack of knowledge or investing based on advice of ill-informed acquaintances.

 Investment Philosophy

The team states, “Our investment philosophy is focussed on value investing by purchasing stocks of sound businesses run by competent management at a price that represents a material discount to their long-term intrinsic value. This proven investing strategy helps an investor to create significant wealth over time through investment discipline and the power of compounding.”

Obstacles and Digitization

One of the greatest challenges the company has come across is that despite the tremendous potential equity holds to create wealth in the long run, many investors expect quick results, rather than investing in companies with an owner’s mindset. Equity, as an asset class, is very volatile in nature and despite claiming to be long term investment, many investors panic at the first signs of correction.

The team also states, “Having recognized at an early stage that digital is the future, we offer a robust and latest technology-based app and website platform for a seamless user experience. Over 300+ algorithms are used to curate a customized portfolio as per the investor’s risk appetite and goals. Investors can access research reports, market/ research updates, and track the health of their portfolio through a smart dashboard anytime, anywhere instantly.”

A word of Advice

In challenging times like these, the company’s advice to investors is to consider every correction as an opportunity to buy good stocks in a staggered approach. It is also important for investors to stay away from the day-to-day news and look at the big picture.

Future Prospects

The team states that, “We are planning to launch an Elearning platform for investors as we believe knowledge is the key to success in equity investing. Over the next few years, we are also planning to go global and cater to international investors. We intend to replicate the success of our technology-based investment advisory model in markets such as UK, USA and the Gulf region.”

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